NWA Pro Wrestling Fusion: November Fire Coming


Fort Pierce, FL – 10.6.2010

Lince Dorado vs. Christopher Gray

Dorado uses the flag around Gray’s waist to taunt him as if he were a bullfighter. Gray kicks Dorado and uses the flag to throw him into the mat. Dorado flips out of a snapmare and dropkicks Gray to the floor. He comes back in and jabs Dorado in the throat when Dorado takes him to the corner. Dorado hits a back handspring elbow. He cascades up Gray, sending him to the floor with a Frankensteiner. Dorado follows with an Asai moonsault. In the ring, Gray trips Dorado as Dorado attempts a springboard maneuver. He brings him down with a gutbuster. Gray pops him up in the air, causing Dorado to crash face and chest first on the canvas. He tries to sit down on Dorado, but Dorado gets his feet up into his crotch. Dorado rolls him up for two. Gray nails him with some lifters. Dorado ducks one and looks for a backslide. Gray turns it into a Gory Special which Dorado armdrags out of. Gray boots Dorado in the stomach and knees him in the stomach as he comes off of the ropes. Gray applies a bodyscissors. Dorado escapes, so Gray headbutts him in the stomach twice. Dorado drop toe holds him onto the second rope. Gray avoids a tiger feint kick. Dorado kicks him back to the ropes and hits the kick on his second try. Dorado huracanrana’s Gray for two. He lands a spinwheel kick and the Lynxsault for two. Gray catches Dorado with a lifter off of the second rope. He gives Dorado a twisting brainbuster for two. Gray becomes frustrated after multiple pin attempts. He goes after Dorado’s mask. Dorado kicks him in the head from the apron, then pops up into an enzuigiri. He dropkicks Gray tot he corner. He brings Gray down from the top turnbuckle with a headscissors. A shooting star press gets him the win at 11:27. The crowd was very into Dorado and very against Gray, so while what they did was relatively simple, it was super effective. They made their two diverse styles work together well and played their roles to perfection. **½

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
Mike Quackenbush (Champion) vs. Craig Classic

Quackenbush and Classic trade arm holds out of a lock-up. Classic trips Quackenbush into a bodyscissors. Quackenbush leans back to get a one count but Classic holds on. He turns Classic over onto his shoulders and picks him up into a bodyslam. Classic recoups and grabs a side headlock. When Quackenbush shoots him off, Classic shoulder blocks him down and applies a chinlock. Quackenbush turns it out and tries a latigo. Classic strikes Quackenbush’s arm to stop him. Quackenbush maneuvers Classic into a seatbelt pin for two. Classic tries a chop. Quackenbush blocks it, but Classic drives his arm into the canvas. Classic continues to focus his offense on Quackenbush’s left arm. Quackenbush meanwhile goes after Classic’s right leg. Classic tries a knee strike in the corner. Quackenbush avoids it and takes him down with a dragonscrew leg whip. He drops an elbow on Classic’s leg twice, then puts on a modified figure four. Classic rakes Quackenbush’s left arm to escape. He rakes Quackenbush’s eyes and headbutts him to the mat. Quackenbush rolls him into a half crab while applying pressure to the back. Classic uses his knees to drive Quackenbush’s arm into the mat. Classic puts on an armbar. Quackenbush kicks him away. Classic kicks Quackenbush in the arm. Quackenbush back elbows Classic and ascends the ropes. Classic follows him up and looks for a superplex. Instead, Quackenbush tosses him down with a super Gourd Buster. Quackenbush rolls down and chops Classic to the corner. A back elbow, running forearm, and running basement boot send Classic to the apron. Quackenbush wants to suplex him back in. Instead, Classic brings him to the apron. Quackenbush ends up dropping Classic on the apron with a DDT. Back in the ring, they exchange strikes. Quackenbush takes Classic down with a clothesline. He tries a Magistral Cradle, which leads to a short pinfall exchange. Classic puts on a Fujiwara armbar. He then turns it into a regular armbar. Quackenbush gets his foot on the bottom rope to escape. Quackenbush resists being whipped across the ring and forearms Classic in the chest. Quackenbush blocks a boot and kneeDT’s Classic’s right leg. He then put shim in the Lightning Lock Omega! Classic gets the ropes. Quackenbush goes for a bulldog, but Classic counters with a Blue Thunder Bomb. Classic picks up Quackenbush. Quackenbush small packages him for two. Classic kicks his arm, kicks out his legs, then hits a Sliding D for the pin and the title at 15:13. All the limb work and technical wrestling was good, but it should have been incorporated into the finish more effectively. It wasn’t spectacular, but I sure do wish this title change had more eyes on it just for historical purposes. That’s the NWA in the 21st century in a nutshell for you. ***


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