DGUSA: Untouchable 2010

Chicago, IL – 9.25.2010

BxB Hulk comes out for his pre-match dance. Once his dance finishes, the female dancer that accompanied him gives him a low blow. Akira Tozawa attacks Hulk from behind. Jon Moxley comes and takes the dancer with him, clearly showing that the attack was a set-up. Mike Quackenbush runs in to make the save, and the match is on.

BxB Hulk vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Akira Tozawa

Quack takes the early lead over Tozawa. Hulk and Quack go back and forth in the ring as Tozawa bides his time on the floor. Hulk elbows Quack in kicks him in the side of the head. As Hulk goes to make a dive, Tozawa cuts him off with a back elbow. Tozawa stomps on Hulk’s chest and chops him in the corner. Quack pitches Tozawa to the floor and brings Hulk down with a dragonscrew leg whip. He locks Hulk’s leg and bridges back to apply additional pressure. Hulk breaks free, but Quack puts on a bow and arrow variation. Tozawa stomps on Quack’s face to break it. Tozawa cranks on Hulk’s leg and dropkicks it in the ropes. Tozawa cranks on the ankle until Hulk forces him to break it with a transition into a cross armbreaker. Quack kicks Tozawa to the floor. Quack applies a grapevine ankle lock on Hulk. Quack hits a shin breaker and reapplies the hold. Tozawa gives Quack a senton splash to break. Hulk hits Tozawa with Mouse. Hulk throws Quack into Tozawa. Tozawa accidentally knocks Quack off the apron and Hulk hits Tozawa with a springboard dropkick. Hulk sweeps the legs and hits a flip senton for two. Hulk blocks a German suplex and hits an enzuigiri. Tozawa comes down with double knees and Quack breaks the pin. Tozawa hits Quack with a bicycle kick. Tozawa ducks a palm strike and drops Quack with a side suplex for two. Quack comes back with a top rope senton for two. Quack hits the Quackendriver III and Hulk breaks the pin. Hulk hits a running shooting star press for two. Quack puts Hulk in a Figure Seven stretch. Hulk kicks Quack in the head from the mat. He hits the FTX and goes up top. Tozawa kicks him to break and German suplexes Hulk off the top rope for two. Hulk blocks a German suplex on the mat. Hulk hits First Flash and the EVO for the pin at 11:25. The three of these guys never really did much together, one guy usually hit the floor while the other two fought. It was fine for an opener, but really not what you’d hope for. **3/4

Read my review of the entire show here.


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