Through Savage Progress Cuts The Jungle Line


Brooklyn, NY – 9.19.2010

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Colin Delaney, Chuck Taylor, Leonard F. Chikarason, and UltraMantis Black.

F.I.S.T. come out for their match. Soldier Ant comes out as well with Fire Ant and Solider Ant. Green Ant says that his arm was broken during Young Lions Cup weekend and that Fire Ant has three broken bones in his face. Green Ant says that Soldier Ant has found partners for tonight, and out come 3.0.

Soldier Ant {C}, Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0}, & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F}, & Johnny Gargano {F}

A brawl between both teams kicks things off. 3.0 and Soldier Ant throw F.I.S.T. into each other and “rowboat” with their legs. Matthews puts Taylor in a Boston Crab. Icarus comes in, and Matthews puts him in the Boston Crab. Gargano comes in and, you guessed it, he gets put in the Boston Crab. Soldier Ant comes in, and Matthews instinctively looks for the Boston Crab. Jagged sets him straight, and Soldier Ant gives Taylor some strikes in the corner. Soldier Ant applies an armbar and tags in Jagged. Jagged hits a back elbow for two. 3.0 hit a double Russian leg sweep on Taylor for two. Soldier Ant tags in and headbutts Taylor in the shoulder. Soldier Ant rolls into a saluting armdrag. Icarus comes in as Taylor hits the floor. Icarus goes to the floor and Gargano nails Soldier Ant with a slingshot spear. Taylor follows up with an Asai moonsault for two. F.I.S.T. bully Soldier Ant in their corner. Soldier Ant escapes their grasp with a rolling saluting forearm to Icarus’ face. Taylor tries to stop him, but Soldier Ant tags in Matthews. He and Jagged hit all of F.I.S.T. with headscissors. 3.0 hit both Taylor and Gargano with a flurry of offense. Icarus sends 3.0 to the floor. Soldier Ant pops Icarus on Taylor’s shoulders and knocks them both down. Soldier Ant pushes Gargano to the floor, and Matthews turn over all three members of F.I.S.T. in a Boston Crab chain. Soldier Ant grabs a Camel Clutch on Icarus in front while Jagged poses on the chain. F.I.S.T. nail Soldier Ant with a trifecta of kicks in the corner. Icarus and Taylor hit a big boot/back cracker combo, and Gargano follows up with a superkick. Soldier Ant kicks out! Taylor misses a pescado on Soldier Ant. Jagged and Icarus come in. Jagged hits a leg lariat. Icarus looks for the pedigree. Jagged hits a Samoan Drop and Matthews hits a powerbomb. Gargano comes in and Jagged pops him up into a spear from Matthews. Soldier Ant flies in with a flying headbutt to Gargano, and Taylor breaks the pin. Taylor sends 3.0 to the floor. Taylor gives Soldier Ant Sole Food. Soldier Ant drops Taylor with a TKO. Jagged pescado’s onto Gargano and Icarus. Taylor trips Soldier Ant on the top rope and drops him with the Awful Waffle for the pin at 14:51. This match flew by and the fans were loud for the entire thing. This was a great surprise match-up and it set the pace for the night in a very good direction. There was a never a dull moment, and this new F.I.S.T incarnation has proved to be a worthy upgrade. ***1/4

UltraMantis Black is backstage. He says few have remained since CHIKARA’s opening days, but he and Hallowicked are two that have survived. Mantis says tonight is not a fight between the two of them, but rather a fight for something that they helped grow and gave them what they both have today. Mantis says he knows Hallowicked has no reason to trust him, but wants him on his Cibernetico team to help him vanquish the BDK once and for all. Mantis says Hallowicked has ignored his pleas, but tonight Mantis will set him straight.

Hallowicked {I} vs. UltraMantis Black

Mantis is accompanied by two druids. The bell rings, and Mantis says he does not want to fight Hallowicked. Before he can finish, Hallowicked boots Mantis. Hallowicked hits him with a step-up Frankensteiner and a step-up enzuigiri. Hallowicked hits a super snapmare and Mantis rolls to the floor. Hallowicked dives out onto him. Mantis and Hallowicked fight on the floor. Hallowicked slams Mantis on the entrance ramp. Mantis blocks a big boot in the ring and hits a diving clothesline. Mantis tells Hallowicked he wants him to his team. Mantis looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb. Hallowicked escapes and both he and Mantis hit a yakuza kick at the same time. Hallowicked gives Mantis a Rydeen Bomb for two. Hallowicked looks for the Graveyard Smash. Mantis trips Hallowicked and applies an arm-capture ankle lock. Mantis turns into a half crab. Black hits a Death Valley Driver and Hallowicked kicks out at one. Mantis follows up with the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 5:40. This was too short to be anything notable, but they did a lot of cool stuff in the allotted time. Mantis winning was the right call and helped effectively advanced the story of Mantis trying to recruit Hallowicked for his Cibernetico team. **1/2

Mantis gets on the microphone, asking Hallowicked if he has his attention now. Mantis reiterates that he wants them to fight together for CHIKARA at the Cibernetico. Mantis says he wants Hallowicked’s answer now. Unfortunately for Mantis, Hallowicked leaves without saying anything. Mantis and his druids head to the back with Mantis being audibly displeased.

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Delirious {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

Delirious and Ophidian start. They circle the ring, and Haze attacks Ophidian as he approaches the BDK corner. Delirious and Haze double team Ophidian with strikes. Ophidian clotheslines Delirious and he and Haze bail to the floor. Ophidian gets Delirious in a front facelock back in the ring. Amasis tags in and helps Ophidian hit a suplex. Amasis evades a Panic Attack but Haze kicks him in the side of the head. This gives Haze and Delirious the opening to isolate Amasis in their corner and wear him down. Amasis does a little dancing and hits Haze with a back elbow to tag in Ophidian. He gives Delirious a spin kick and applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Ophidian rolls Delirious into a prawn hold for two. Ophidian hits a flying boot and goes up top. He gives Delirious double knees for two. Amasis tags in. Ophidian wheelbarrows Amasis into Delirious with a shoulder block. Amasis hits a spinebuster and Ophidian flies in with a quebrada. Haze breaks the pin. Haze chops Ophidian. The Portal miss a clothesline on Haze but knock down Delirious. Haze hits both of them with a top rope dropkick. Haze trips Ophidian for two. Haze hits the Heart Punch. Ophidian ducks a yakuza kick. He slams Haze and goes up top. Delirious crotches Ophidian and then dropkicks Amasis to the floor. Haze hits a superplex and Delirious follows up with Shadows Over Hell for two. Amasis forces Delirious to give Haze a DDT, trapping her and then hitting Delirious with a shoulder tackle. Delirious applies the Cobra Stretch on Ophidian. The Portal drop Delirious with a tandem flip slam. Haze breaks the pin. Amasis gives her a chinbreaker. Delirious brings Ophidian to the floor. Amasis blocks a German suplex from Haze. Delirious grabs Amasis’ leg, and Haze hits a German suplex. Ophidian breaks the pin and spin kicks Delirious off the apron. Ophidian throws Haze into a rolling forearm from Amasis. The Portal hit Haze with the Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 11:49. The Portal now have three points and will receive a shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas on October 24th in Hamden, CT. Suprisingly good stuff here with both teams putting on a good back-and-forth match. The ending stretch was the best part with a seemingly near finish at every turn. The Portal will have a great match with Claudio and Ares, and I am very much looking forward to that match. ***

Tim Donst is talking to Tursas backstage. Donst says he knows Turas is mad at Lince since he dropped the ball at the Young Lions Cup tournament, but he promises Tursas that Lince will pick up the win tonight.

Marshe Rockett {ST}, Acid Jaz {ST}, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} vs. Tursas {BDK}, Tim Donst {BDK}, & Lince Dorado {BDK}

Donst backs Rockett to the corner and slaps him. Rockett responds with some hard chops and punches. Rockett comes off the top with a crossbody. He hits a legdrop for two. Jaz tags in and is wheelbarrowed by Rockett into a slam. Jaz hits a pair of legdrops and a spinaroonie fist drop. Richardson tags in and asks for Tursas. Dorado comes in instead. Richardson grabs Dorado’s fists. Dorado stomps on his foot, but Richardson hits a bionic elbow and a hip toss. Richardson hits a dropkick and tags in Rockett. Dorado gets popped up into a Rydeen Bomb off the second rope from Richardson. Tursas and Donst run in, attack the Soul Touchaz, and purposefully trap Rockett in their corner. Rockett escapes their grasps by hitting Donst with a back cracker. Dorado and Jaz tag in. Jaz gives Donst a back breaker/flatliner combo. Jaz hits a fallaway slam then dives onto Tursas on the floor. Donst dives with an axe handle onto Jaz. Rockett dives onto everyone on the floor. Dorado follows with a twisting lynxsault. Richardson looks to dive, but Tursas cuts him off with some punches. Richardson hits some of his own. He shoulder tackles Tursas to the floor and Richardson finally suicide dives onto the pile of men on the floor. In the ring, Donst hits Jaz with a bulldog. Donst powerbombs Jaz, but Jaz spits Swiss Miss into his face. Rockett gives him an ace crusher, and Dorado hops in with a shooting star press onto Rockett. Richardson comes in and blasts Dorado with a pounce for the pin at 10:27. This wasn’t nearly as good as the first BDK/Soul Touchaz trios match, but still had its shining moments near the end. Before that, there wasn’t much to write home about. **1/4

Kingston is backstage talking about his match with Ares. He says Ares was the one who brought the war to CHIKARA and is the closest to his enemy Claudio Castagnoli. He says that we’re in his hometown, and begs Claudio to watch the match tonight.

Eddie Kingston vs. Ares {BDK}

Ares brings Delirious with him, as usual. Delirious and Kingston get in a scuffle on the floor, allowing Ares to attack from behind. Kingston backdrops Ares on the floor. Kingston throw Delirious and Ares into each other, and flies out onto them from inside the ring. Delirious grabs Kingston’s leg as he tries to enter the ring, allowing Ares to knock Kingston off the apron and to the floor. Ares backs Kingston into the ring apron and the ring post. Ares suplexes Kingston on the floor. The bell officially rings as Ares puts Kingston in a rear chinlock. Ares chokes Kingston on the middle rope, as does Delirious. Kingston slaps Ares, and Ares rakes his eyes. Ares backdrops Kingston across his knee for two. Kingston gives Ares a Dragon suplex. Kingston peppers Ares with chops. Kingston hits a yakuza kick and a Falcon Arrow for two. Ares ducks the Backfist. Kingston blocks the Tiger Driver and hits a urinage suplex and a lariat. Delirious hops on the apron and Kingston yakuza kicks him down. Ares gives Kingston a Blue Thunder Driver for two. Ares lands a top rope senton for two. Kingston hits Ares with some strikes. Delirious grabs Kingston’s foot, and Ares drops Kingston with a Death Valley Driver for two. Kingston blasts Ares with the Backfist to the Future. Claudio Castagnoli distracts the referee, allowing Delirious to run in and nail Kingston in the back of the neck with a chain. Ares rolls up Kingston for the pin at 6:58. Kingston’s war continues, and I hope this leads to him going ballistic in the Cibernetico and destroying everybody. I like how they have handled his portion of the BDK feud thus far and it should lead to a great pay off. The match itself was alright, but it’s blatantly obvious that Ares is dependent on Claudio in their matches. **1/2

Ares and Delirious look to beat down Kingston afterwards, but it backfires as Kingston takes them both out. Kingston grabs a chair to inflict more damage, but is held back by Bryce Remsburg. Ares and Delirious bail, leaving Kingston unsatisfied.

The UnStable are backstage. Gerard says it’s been a long year for them. Gerard disagrees with the fans that the UnStable have an issue. Delaney almost said he agreed with the fans, but instead says that they’ll show the fans tonight that they are one of the elite trios.

Jigsaw {TFN}, Helios {TFN}, & Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen {TFN} vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U}, & Colin Delaney {U}

Gerard and Jigsaw kick things off. Jigsaw trips Gerard and puts him in a dragon sleeper variation. Gerard blocks a superkick, but Jigsaw takes him over with a hurricanrana. Jigsaw sends Gerard to the floor with a toreador and dives right onto him. Helios looks for the Sasuke Special, but Delaney trips him. Helios rolls into an armdrag on Delaney. Helios springboards into an armdrag and takes Delaney down with a headscissors. Helios rolls into a Pele kick. Equinox tags in. He blocks Equinox’s attack and kicks him in the stomach. Equinox blocks Delaney’s attacks. They go back and forth with armdrags and pinning combinations, reaching a stalemate. STIGMA attacks Equinox from behind. Equinox takes him over with a hurricanrana. STIGMA sends Equinox face first into the middle turnbuckle and gives him a running kick to the face. Equinox gets trapped in the UnStable’s corner. Equinox is able to give STIGMA a jawbreaker and tags in Helios. Helios hits STIGMA with The Sky Is Falling, and Jigsaw hits Gerard with a crossbody. Jigsaw hits Delaneey with a springboard ace crusher, and Helios hits him with a standing shooting star press for two. STIGMA and Gerard hit a double hip toss on Helios. They follow up with a double suplex for two. Jigsaw nails Gerard with an enzuigiri and a superkick. Helios gives Gerard a leg-capture suplex. Equinox spikes Gerard with a low hurricanrana and STIGMA breaks the pin. STIGMA drops Jigsaw with a German suplex, and gives one to Helios as Helios misses a standing shooting star press. Gerard gives Equinox to Delaney to finish him off. Delaney instead places Equinox onto Gerard. Equinox gives Gerard the Overbomb. Delaney allows Equinox to nail STIGMA with a right hand. Gerard low blows Equinox, giving The Future is Now the win via disqualification at 10:52. This was fun while it lasted, and the pay off angle was pretty neat to see. Helios and Jigsaw were on fire as a duo, and Colin and Equinox’s back and forth was awesome. While the match didn’t set the world on fire, the ending was surprising and cool. **3/4

Gerard low blows Colin and beats him down. Helios makes the save, so Gerard and STIGMA bail to the back. Helios and Jigsaw also head to the back, leaving Equinox and Colin in the ring. The fans chant “Hug It Out!”, but Equinox heads up the ramp. Colin stops him and asks for “Toxic” by Brittany Spears to play over the PA (his and Jimmy’s old music). Colin takes off his UnStable wrist bands, and Equinox heads back to the ring. He takes off his mask and elbow drops it. Jimmy and Colin hug, and The Olsen Twins have reunited in CHIKARA! I for one am jazzed about it. I think Jimmy’s had a breakout year, but his run as Equinox had somewhat run its course. Colin was DYING in the UnStable. It seems like this could be the big revival his CHIKARA run has needed. I guess we’ll see, but I for one am optimistic.

Young Lions Cup Match
Frightmare {I} (Champion) vs. Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}

Frightmare and Sanchez fight for control on the mat. Sanchez cranks on Frightmare’s arm. Frightmare flips out and hits a shoulder block, which doesn’t phase Sanchez. Frightmare scares Sanchez. Frightmare and Sanchez go back and forth until Frightmare hits a step-up hurricanrana and a pop-up clothesline. Sanchez goes to the floor, and Sanchez kicks Frightmare as he goes for a dive. Sanchez rams Frightmare back first on the ring apron. Sanchez throws Frightmare into a door and then back into the ring. Sanchez gives Frightmare some slaps in the ring. Frightmare trips Sanchez. He goes for the Kneecolepsy, but Sanchez gets his feet up to kick Frightmare out of the air. Sanchez suplexes Frightmare from the apron into the ring. Sanchez applies a chinlock. Sanchez hits a double underhook suplex for two. Sanchez nails Frightmare with a back elbow for two. Frightmare rolls up Sanchez for two. Frightmare and Sanchez exchange forearms. Sanchez boots Frightmare and Frightmare comes back with another forearm. Frightmare hits a jump-up neckbreaker for two. Sanchez dumps Frightmare to the floor. Sanchez goes for a dive, but Frightmare moves and Sanchez hits the entrance ramp. Frightmare hits a tope con hilo on Sanchez. Sanchez hits a step-up knee strike to Frightmare back in the ring. Frightmare hits a yakuza kick and a release German suplex. Frightmare hits a pumphandle driver for two. Sanchez throws Frightmare into the corner. Frightmare blocks the Burning Snicklefritz, but Sanchez drops him with a bodyscissors DDT for two. Sanchez goes for the Burning Snicklefritz, but Frightmare slips onto the ring apron. Sanchez kicks Frightmare and tries again. Frightmare hits an enzuigiri and the Kneecolepsy for the pin at 11:36. Frightmare had a solid first defense of the Cup, but in retrospect it’s weird that Sanchez lost his match last night and wasn’t the worse for wear after being beaten down by Kingston. The fans who were red hot earlier cooled off during this match. It’s not there was a lot wrong here, I just feel like something was missing. **3/4

Mike Quackenbush & Manami Toyota vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK} & Sara Del Rey {BDK}

Quack and Claudio start off with a fierce lock-up. Claudio grabs a cravate. Quack turns into an armlock. Claudio knees Quack in the mid-section and clubs him on the back. Quack side steps an attack in the corner and monkey flips Claudio onto his stomach. Quack cartwheels into an armdrag, which sends Claudio to the floor. Sara tags in, and Quack tags in Toyota much to the fans delight. Toyota kicks Sara and runs the ropes into an armdrag. Sara dumps her with a back suplex and stomps away. Sara kicks away at Toyota’s back and head. Toyota fires up and kicks Sara in the head and face. Toyota snapmares Sara into a headscissors. Quack tags in and twists on Sara’s arm. He sweeps her leg and applies a modified Muta Lock. Claudio breaks the hold. Toyota tags in and puts Sara in a grapevine stretch. She then applies a Muta Lock. Sara claws Toyota’s face to escape and throws her down to the mat. Sara hits a succession of legdrops for two. Toyota sunset flips Sara for two. Quack and Claudio tag in. Quack takes Claudio down into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Claudio nails Quack with an uppercut. Quack pops up and armdrags Claudio to the corner. Claudio stomps on Quack repeatedly. Quack takes Claudio down with a headscissors. Sara tags in and dropkicks Quack to his corner. Toyota tags in and traps Sara in the ropes. Toyota dropkicks Sara in the back and pins her for two. Toyota pulls on Sara’s hair as she has her in a Camel Clutch. Claudio kicks Toyota, so Toyota turns Sara towards Claudio and reapplies the hold while grabbing Sara’s face. Claudio comes in, and Quack pounds on Claudio in his corner. Toyota dropkicks Sara while Claudio gives Quack a gutwrench suplex. Toyota chokes Sara in the corner. Toyota drops Sara with a butterfly suplex. Claudio and Quack tag in. Claudio catches Quack with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Claudio pays Toyota back by applying the Camel Clutch on Quack in her face. Quack backslides Sara for two, but Claudio picks him up with a gutwrench suplex for two. Claudio and Sara beat on Quack while mocking Toyota on the apron. Quack eventually rolls to the floor, so that Toyota can fly in with a dropkick to both Claudio and Sara. They go to the floor and Toyota leaps onto them with a top rope crossbody. Toyota hits Sara with a top rope dropkick in the ring. Sara elbows Toyota on the top rope, but Toyota gives her another dropkick to the back for two. Toyota calls for the Ocean Cyclone. Sara resists. Claudio accidentally clotheslines Sara, and Quack and Toyota hit Claudio with palm strikes to send him to the floor. Quack hits Claudio with a tope con hilo while Toyota gives Sara a bridging German suplex for two. Sara powerbombs Toyota for two. Claudio gives Toyota an uppercut while Sara hits her with a rolling kick for two. Quack comes back in. Toyota and Quack superkick Claudio, then take turns attacking their counterparts in the corner. Claudio sends Toyota to the floor. Quack gives Claudio a bulldog while kicking Sara. Quack drops Sara with the Black Tornado Slam for two. Quack gives Claudio a satellite DDT. Sara kicks Quack, Toyota kicks Sara, and Claudio uppercuts Toyota. Claudio gives Toyota the Giant Swing. Toyota gives Claudio rolling inside cradles as the crowd goes wild. She stops, but Sara prevents a pin from being made. Quack comes back in. Quack rolls up Claudio and gets powerbombed. Toyota gives Claudio a Yoshi Tonic and Sara breaks the pin. Sara gives Toyota an axe kick, and Toyota kicks out at one. Sara gives Toyota a piledriver, and Toyota bridges out of a pin. Claudio nails her with the Swiss Chin Music and gives her another Giant Swing. Sara kicks Toyota out of it, and Toyota again kicks out at two. Claudio and Sara give Toyota a spike piledriver. Quack breaks the pin. Quack comes off the top rope with a dragonrana for two. He turns into the CHIKARA Special on Claudio. Sara kicks Quack, and he holds on. Quack and Claudio go to the floor. Toyota hits a top rope moonsault for two. Quack palm strikes Sara out of Toyota’s Ocean Cyclone suplex, and Claudio breaks the pin. Toyota slams Sara and then puts Sara in the CHIKARA Special! Sara taps out at 23:02. Holy cow, what a tag match this was. I had some high expectations going in to it, and by God they were met. These two teams put their best foot forward and put on a fun, hard-hitting, exciting match. You could feel the importance of the match coming through the screen and the fans were going bonkers from almost the start. I loved this match, and Manami Toyota overdelivered in her U.S. debut. This is the best CHIKARA match this year (so far). ****1/4

Quack puts over Manami Toyota on the mic as the fans chant her name. Quack says he hopes CHIKARA comes back to New York and thanks the fans for coming out.

Bonus Match

CLASH Championship
J. Miller (Champion) vs. Tommy Treznik

CLASH Wrestling “CLASH To The Future 2” – Dearborn, MI – 6.4.2010

Treznik ducks a kick from Miller and goes to the floor. Treznik knocks Miller to the mat and gives him a forearm. Treznik kicks Miller in the face and gives him a neckbreaker. A fist drop gets Treznik a two count. Treznik gets a headlock to stop Miller from hitting the ropes. Miller hits an armdrag. He comes in from the apron with a cradle armdrag and dropkicks Treznik’s legs out. Treznik rolls to the floor Miller chases him ringside. Miller sweeps Treznik’s legs as he comes back in the rings and pops in with springboard moonsault for two. Treznik gives Miller a sit-out neckbreaker for two. Miller hits a solebutt and snaps Treznik’s arm for two. Treznik throws Miller to the floor, with Miller hitting his face on the apron as he goes out. Treznik knees Miller in the gut for two. Treznik hit a snap neckbreaker for two. Miller sends Treznik to the floor and moonsaults off the second rope onto him. Back in the ring both guys exchange forearms. Treznik boots Miller. Miller gives Treznik the Buddhist Backpack for two. Treznik boots Miller to the corner. Miller hits a top rope dropkick. Treznik catches Miller on the top rope with a superplex. Treznik hits a top rope legdrop for two. Miller gives Treznik a German suplex. Treznik puts the referee in the way so that Miller accidentally kicks him. Treznik gives Miller a Tiger Driver. Treznik hits an arm-capture reverse DDT, and another referee runs out to count two. Miller throws Treznik head first into the corner and hits a dragon suplex. Miller hits a flying kick in the corner for two. Treznik rolls up Miller and grabs the tights for two. Miller hits a big boot and goes up top. He nails double knees on Treznik’s chest for the pin at 13:56. This was really boring and poorly light, not good after coming off such a fun CHIKARA show. Moves with no psychology is just not good. I’ve seen both these guys put in a much superior effort, but this match did nothing for me. **


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