AIW: Ascension

Lakewood, OH – 9.17.2010

Tim Donst vs. Marion Fontaine

Fontaine does a hip swivel to infuriate Donst. They trade headlocks. Donst grabs Fontaine by his mustache. Donst gets him in a hammerlock, which Fontaine reverses. Donst puts on a full nelson, which Fontaine reverses with a hip swivel. Fontaine blocks a back elbow and applies an abdominal stretch. Donst reverses. Fontaine steps out while placing the referee into the abdominal position. Donst shoves the referee off and Fontaine gives him a crossbody. Fontaine snapmares Donst into a springboard corssbody. Fontaine goes for a splash, but Donst gets his knees up to counter. Donst gives Fontaine a knee to the gut for two. Donst shoulder blocks Fontaine in the corner. Donst whips Fontaine chest first into the corner for two. Fontaine schoolboys Donst for two. He superkicks Donst twice. Donst hits a bulldog. Fontaine blocks a belly-to-belly suplex. Donst rolls to the floor. Fontaine tries a crossbody, but Donst catches him and military press slams Fontaine on the ring apron. Donst drops Fontaine off the apron onto his knee on the floor. Donst brings Fontaine in from the apron with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Donst drops Fontaine with the Gator Roll for two. Fontaine blocks a bulldog and superkicks Donst to the floor. Fontaine springboards onto Donst with a senton. Fontaine brings Donst back into the ring. He hits a frog splash for the pin at 8:56. Fontaine really has gotten over, and I’m surprised he isn’t higher up the cards. Donst has been a good addition to the roster over the past few shows and I am glad he seems to be sticking around. **1/2

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