Rahway, NJ – 9.11.2010

Mike Quackenbush (0-0) vs. Chuck Taylor (3-0)

Quackenbush takes Taylor down to the mat and grapevines his legs. Taylor transitions into a headscissors. He stretches out Quackenbush’s legs and throws his head to the mat. Quackenbush escapes and puts on a headlock. Taylor turns into a wristlock, but Quackenbush trips him and cranks on his leg. Taylor reverses into his own leg submission. On their feet, Quackenbush avoids a dropkick and takes Taylor down into a Skayde schoolboy for two. Taylor hits a dropkick for one. Taylor traps Quackenbush’s arms around his own legs to put pressure on his neck and shoulders. Taylor releases and gets taken down in another Skayde schoolboy for two. Taylor throws him over with a belly-to-belly suplex. A seated dropkick gets Taylor a two count. Taylor boots Quackenbush and goes for a piledriver. Quackenbush sends him to the floor and follows with an Asai moonsault. In the ring Quackenbush hits a few elbows and a dropkick. Both men brawl on the apron until Quackenbush drops Taylor with a DDT on it. A springboard senton gets Quackenbush two. Taylor drops Quackenbush with a quebradora. Taylor connects with Sole Food. He rolls Quackenbush into a cross crab. Quackenbush grabs the bottom rope to escape. Taylor springboards in and Quackenbush catches Taylor with a seatbelt pin at 9:01. Solid action throughout but I can’t help but feel just a little peeved that Taylor has been built up so much, only to have his streak ended in the opening match. **1/2

Brad Allen (2-1) vs. Johnny Gargano (2-2) vs. Frightmare (0-0) vs. Jon Moxley (0-1) vs. Gran Akuma (1-1) vs. Rich Swann (0-1)

Gargano immediately hits the floor so he doesn’t have to start off. Allen and Moxley quickly trade holds and strikes. They slap each other and Allen unleashes a flurry of punches in the corner. Allen dumps himself on his head trying to go for a springboard crossbody. He recovers and sends Moxley to the floor. Frightmare and Akuma tag in. Frightmare takes Akuma down with a headscissors and an armdrag. Frightmare headscissors Akuma on the floor. Swann and Gargano tag in. Swann takes Gargano down with a headscissors. He rounds off into a German suplex. Swann lands on his feet and hits a dropkick. Moxley knocks him down with a back elbow. Allen sends Moxley to the floor. He boots Gargano and hits a spinebuster. Frightmare flies in with a huracanrana to Allen. He hits a jump-up neckbreaker. Moxley knees him down and dumps him chest first into a kick from Akuma. Moxley lays in some strikes. Akuma hits a fallaway boot and goes for the Rubix Cube. Swann flies in with a knee strike to Moxley. Swann and Frightmare evade a series of moves from each other until Swann superkicks him. Swann rolls into a headscissors on Allen. Allen sends Swann into Gargano’s arm, and Gargano lawn darts him. He then lawn darts Frightmare in the same corner. Allen nails Gargano with a big boot. Gargano hits Allen with a slingshot spear and suicide dives onto Akuma on the floor. Frightmare and Swann send Moxley to the floor. Frightmare and Swann hit tandem moonsaults to the floor. Allen tope con hilo’s onto all five of his opponents. In the ring, Allen drops Moxley with The Deal. Gargano superkicks Allen. Akuma pump handles Gargano into a slam on his knees. Swann gets knocked down with a clothesline. Frightmare gets slammed as he goes for double knees on Akuma. Allen hits a reverse TKO on Akuma. Gargano crotches Allen on the top rope. Akuma brings Allen down with an Spider Exploder suplex. He lands a moonsault and Swann breaks the pin. Swinn connects with an enzuigiri. He hits the standing 450 splash. Frightmare breaks the pin and hits Swann with the Kneecolepsy. Gargano rolls up Frightmare for the pin at 8:36. All six guys worked hard and put on a fun, frenetic match. This probably would have been better off as a trio of singles matches, but what can you do? At least the right guy won. **1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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