Young Lions Cup VIII Night 2


Reading, PA – 8.28.2010

Commentary is provided by UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Sugar Dunkerton.

Gavin Loudspeaker is about to present tonight’s Young Lions Cup competitors, but before he can, BDK ring announcer Jakob Hammermeier grabs the microphone and introduces Lince Dorado. Gavin then announces the other 10 of the 11 participants for tonight. Sindarin from Lucha Lords was set to be in the tournament, but did not make it. Lince Dorado’s new opponent will be drawn later tonight to bring the field back to 12 competitors. Speaking of Lince, he poses for the picture by holding the YLC trophy above his head.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Ophidian {OP} vs. Skull

Skull is a Maryland local who competes for Real Championship Wrestling. Ophidian does a new dance called The Osirian Swag. Skull attacks him. Ophidian headstands in the corner and comes down into a snapmare. Ophidian applies a legged full nelson on the mat. Ophidian leans back on Skull’s neck and back. Skull escapes and Ophidian shoves Skull into the corner. Ophidian hits a modified Thesz Press in the corner and backdrops Skull out. Skull hits a sole butt and a spinning enzuigiri for two. Skull slams Ophidian and then hits a stomp for two. Ophidian hits a flying elbow strike and a spinwheel kick. Ophidian hits a fisherman’s suplex for two. Skull avoids a moonsault and spikes Ophidian with a low reverse STO for two. Skull hits a standing shooting star press to Ophidian’s back for two. Ophidian hits an enzuigiri. Skull hits one as well. Ophidian hits a flying boot. Ophidian locks in the Ophidian Death Grip and Skull taps out at 6:22. Skull showed nothing here. Ophidian did what he could but Skull just doesn’t seem to have what it takes to hang in CHIKARA. At least it was short. *½

Eric Ryan is backstage. He says he drove all the way out for Cleveland to win the YLC to prove himself as a great singles competitor since he’s known for being a tag team. He says he’ll do what Lebron James was unable to do; bring home a trophy to Cleveland.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Eric Ryan vs. Cameron Skyy

Eric Ryan won a qualifying match against Greg Iron at AIW’s “Youth Gone Wild” event show to get this spot. Likewise, Cameron Skyy won a qualifying match at CLASH Wrestling’s 2010 NCPI tournament against J. Miller to earn this spot. A test of strength sees Ryan twist into a wristlock. Skyy and Ryan go back and forth and Ryan dropkicks Skyy to the floor. Ryan slingshots to the floor with a double stomp onto Skyy’s back. Ryan goes back into the ring and hits a tope. Skyy regains control back in the ring and chokes Ryan in the corner. Skyy elbows Ryan down to the mat as he dangles on the second rope. Ryan elbows Skyy and hits a blockbuster for two. Skyy hits a clothesline/backbreaker combo for two. Skyy throws Ryan in the corner and slaps Ryan around. Ryan hops over Skyy and hits a release German suplex. Ryan hits a boot in the corner and a triple Nothern Lights suplex. Skyy small packages Ryan for two. Skyy hits a side Russian legsweep. Skyy hits the “Deal Me In” for two. Ryan drops Skyy with a Death Valley Driver in the corner. Skyy hits the Sin City Sparkling (a spin into a bulldog) for two. Skyy rolls Ryan into a Grapevine Oklahoma Roll for the pin at 11:03. This was solid work from both guys. Ryan looked better than usual and Skyy really did good work in terms of conveying his character to the fans. A pleasant surprise. **¾

Dustin Rayz backstage says he had nobody to look up to or guide him while he was growing up. He says he made a decision a long time ago to make a mark in this business, and says he will make himself his own hero by the end of this weekend.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Dustin Rayz vs. Obariyon

Obariyon slips to the floor and frightens a few fans. In the ring both guys exchange wristlocks. Obariyon pushes Rayz away and slips to the floor again. Rayz hops over Obariyon and then headbutts him. Rayz sends Obariyon to the floor with a dropkick. Rayz chases Obariyon around the ring. In the ring Rayz throws Obariyon face first into the corner, but Obariyon clotheslines Rayz inside out on the apron and to the floor. Obariyon throws Rayz back into the ring and lays in some shots. Obariyon chokes Rayz on the bottom rope. Obariyon back body drops Rayz to the floor as Rayz tries to make a comeback. Both guys trade shots on the floor. Obariyon hits a snap suplex back in the ring and applies a chinlock. Obariyon applies an Octopus Stretch, and cradles Rayz for two. Obariyon hops over Rayz into a back cracker. Obariyon heads up top and misses a flying headbutt. Rayz hits a few back elbows and throws Obariyon over with a back body drop. Rayz rams Obariyon into the corner and comes off the second rope with a spin kick for two. Obariyon is placed on the second rope. Obariyon kicks Rayz and comes off the top rope with a flying DDT for the pin at 9:02. Obariyon looked great in his debut match (he looks to be sticking around). Rayz pulled his weight too busting out some pretty cool moves. This was a lot of fun, and Obariyon certainly made a name for himself in this match. **¾

Mike Sydal is backstage and says he has been waiting Keita Yano ever since he knew that he was facing him tonight. He says he knows Yano is dangerous, but he’s a Sydal. He makes it known he is going to die trying to beat Yano tonight.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Mike Sydal vs. Keita Yano {BA}

Sydal is replacing All Japan wrestler Manabu Soya, originally scheduled for the tournament. Yano trips Sydal and wrenches on his arm. Yano rolls around to keep pressure on Sydal’s arm. Yano traps Sydal’s arm on the ropes and kicks the ropes to inflict pain. Yano keeps on Sydal’s arm, ramming his shoulder into it and uppercutting Sydal in the shoulders. Sydal hits a crossbody and Yano scrapes Sydal’s face. Yano kicks Sydal’s arm on the ropes again. Yano grabs a cravate and turns to apply more pressure on Sydal’s neck. Sydal goes for a kick. Yano grabs his leg and throws Sydal down to the mat in a manner that forces Sydal to do the splits. Yano then splashes onto Sydal while he is doing the splits. Ouch! Yano gets a two count. Yano puts his feet around Sydal’s neck and twists. Sydal takes Yano down with a headscissors and hits him with a dropkick. Sydal hits a clothesline in the corner. He comes off the top rope with a leg lariat for two. Yano blocks a superkick and bridges Sydal for two. Sydal blocks a clothesline. Yano crotches Sydal on the top rope. Yano drops Sydal in a neckbreaker into a tree of woe. Yano wraps Sydal’s leg behind his head as he’s trapped in the corner and drops a fist on his face. Yano drives his knee into the back of Sydal’s head into the mat. Sydal hits the Bananarama and a standing moonsault. Yano got his knees up a bit on that. Yano hits an arm-capture short-arm lariat. Yano locks Sydal in a bridging front facelock with his bad shoulder, causing Sydal to tap out at 9:23. Yano impressed the crap out of me in this match. He twisted Sydal around like he had his eyes on the prize and never let up for a second. Sydal did a fine job as well as the babyface in peril. This was just a fun watch and both guys have a bright future. ***

Jakob Hammermeier introduces Lince Dorado for his match. As I mentioned, a drawing needs to be done for Dorado’s opponent. Director of Fun Dieter VonSteigerwalt is out to do the drawing out a hat that BDK official Derek Sabato has brought out. They draw the name Greg Iron, who was the guy that Eric Ryan beat to qualify for the tournament and is legitimately handicapped with cerebral palsy. Dorado mocks his handicap, and Iron says after this match Dorado will have a disability.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Greg Iron vs. Lince Dorado {BDK}

Iron attacks Dorado right away with forearms and a tornado headscissors. Dorado is thrown to the floor and Iron follows with a tope. Dorado stomps on Iron’s bad hand on the apron. Dorado suplexes Iron and steps on his arm. Dorado hits a rolling thunder double stomp and applies a sleeper while throwing Iron’s bad hand around. Dorado puts Iron in a tree of woe and gives him a baseball slide dropkick. Dorado twists on Iron’s bad hand. Dorado hits a Dragon suplex for two. Iron and Dorado collide head first as they come off the ropes. Iron catches Dorado with a reverse DDT for two. Iron hits a back elbow in the corner. Dorado boots Iron in the face. Iron catches Dorado off the ropes and hits an arm-capture facebuster for two. Iron comes off the top rope with an elbow drop for two. Iron applies an armbar. Dorado kicks Iron in the side of the head but misses a lynxsault. Iron nails Dorado with a clothesline. Iron gives Dorado a shiranui bulldog for two. Iron gives Dorado a flatliner for two. Dorado sweeps Iron’s leg and pins him with his feet on the ropes at 9:38. I thought at times some of the stuff with Iron’s inflicted hand was borderline tasteless. However, Iron came off a true hero in this match and the fans got behind him in a big way. Dorado was an effective piece of the puzzle as well, and it’s neat how much offense Iron got in this match. Iron got a big time round of applause afterwards, and he deserved it. **¾

Kyle O’Reilly is backstage. He says he wants to prove himself in this tournament as he faces Adam Cole once more. O’Reilly says the stakes are higher, but the result will be the same with himself as the victor.

Young Lions Cup VIII Quarter-Final Match
Kyle O’Reilly vs. Adam Cole {CZW}

Cole is playing heel in this match, and he’s awesome at it. O’Reilly throws Cole to his corner and Cole claims he pulled his hair. O’Reilly brings Cole down into a front facelock. Cole brings O’Reilly to the ropes and slaps him in the face. Cole knocks O’Reilly down with a couple shoulder blocks. O’Reilly trips Cole and then takes him dowin with a shoulder block. Cole O’Conner rolls O’Reilly and O’Reilly turns into an armbar. Each guy evades kicks and reach a stalemate. O’Reilly grapevines Cole’s legs and stretches Cole out across his legs. O’Reilly kicks away at Cole’s legs and chest, and sweeps out Cole’s legs. O’Reilly hits a pair of butterfly DDT’s and applies an armbar for two. Cole sends O’Reilly to the apron. O’Reilly forearms him. O’Reilly comes off the top and Cole catches him with a dropkick for two. Cole applies a chinlock. Cole dropkicks O’Reilly in the shoulder blades for two. Cole hits a suplex for two. Cole blocks a hip toss so O’Reilly rolls into a leg submission which Cole escapes by grabbing the ropes. O’Reilly hits a sole butt. Cole nails O’Reilly with a flying boot for two. Cole pushes his boot into O’Reilly’s face. O’Reilly hits some uppercuts and kicks. O’Reilly hits a superkick and rolling lariat. O’Reilly traps Cole’s leg in the ropes, and dragonscrews the other. O’Reilly rolls into an ankle lock. O’Reilly knees Cole’s leg and Cole hits an enzuigiri. Cole fireman’s carries O’Reilly into a knee strike for two. O’Reilly prawnholds Cole for two. Cole brings O’Reilly over in a wheelbarrow suplex for two. O’Reilly pulls Cole off the ropes and boots him in the chest. O’Reilly runs of the ropes and kicks Cole in the head. O’Reilly hits a brainbuster for two. O’Reilly turns Cole into an ankle lock. O’Reilly and Cole trade strikes on the ring apron. Cole hits the Snow Plow onto O’Reilly on the apron. Both guys make it in the ring just in time to beat the 20 count on the floor. Both guys trade hard and fast forearms from the knees to their feet. Each guy hits a big boot. O’Reilly snapmares Cole and kicks him three times in the back. Cole superkicks O’Reilly for two. O’Reilly O’Conner rolls Cole into an ankle lock. Cole kicks him away and rolls O’Reilly up with a small package for the pin at 17:37. This is the kind of match you want these guys to have. They built up to the point where both guys are throwing real hard strikes and getting the crowd going. This was a great showcase for both guys and I’m glad they’re both climbing the ranks of the U.S. indies. By far the best first round match. ***½

Player Uno {SSB} & Player Dos {SSB} vs. Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0}

The Super Smash Bros. are going for their first point while 3.0 are going for their second. Uno backs Matthews to the corner. Matthews gets a headlock and takes Uno to the mat. Matthews and Uno each fail at a shoulder block so they tag out to Jagged and Dos. Dos takes Jagged down with a headscissors. Jagged hits a leg lariat. Dos stretches Jagged down to his shoulders. Jagged reverses and does the same. Dos dropkicks Jagged’s leg out and kicks him in the back of the head for two. Uno tags in and gets speared by Jagged. Matthews tags in and hits a double back elbow with Jagged on Uno. Dos comes in and gets double teamed by 3.0. Matthews hits a suplex for two. Dos hits an enzuigiri. Dos snapmares into a legdrop for two. The Smash Bros. take turns pounding on Matthews. Matthews tags in Jagged and he hits an elbow. Uno hits a neckbreaker and tags in Dos. The Smash Bros. now wear down Jagged in their corner. Jagged escapes and tags in Matthews. Matthews takes Dos down with a headscissors and does the same with Uno. Matthews then sends Dos to the floor with another one. 3.0 drop Uno with a tandem STO. Dos comes in and Jagged pops him into a spear from Matthews for two. Dos backflips into a double backflip kick on 3.0. Uno drops Jagged with a delayed STO for two. Uno and Dos hit Jagged with a waterwheel slam/back cracker combo for two. Uno drops Matthews with a Death Valley Driver across his knee. Jagged hits Dos with an enzuigiri on Dos. Uno takes Jagged off the top with a superplex, and Dos misses a frog splash off the top rope. Dos ducks a clotheslines and superkicks Matthews. Dos misses a cancun tornado splash. 3.0 hit Dos with two Sweet Taste of Professionalism’s for the pin at 13:51. A very fun match between two wacky Canadian teams. 3.0 have gotten a great revitalization this year and its fun to see the push they finally deserve come to fruition. The Smash Bros. performed up to snuff as usual. ***

Gavin Loudspeaker is plugging DVD’s when Christian Abel comes out. He says he lost last night, and he blames the fact that he’s been associated and acquainted with another man for the last two years as a tag team for his loss as a singles competitor. He says tonight is the night that his partner finally returns to CHIKARA for the first time in five years. That of course is his partner in the House of Truth, Josh Raymond. Abel says they have to earn points to get a title shot, so Abel says to send anyone from the locker room so they can get their first point. Mike Quackenbush and Jigsaw run out to accept the challenge. They’re finish putting on their gear as they come up, showing how desperate they are to get three points.

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw {TFN} vs. Josh Raymond {HOT} & Christian Abel {HOT}

Quack sends Abel to the floor. Jigsaw traps Raymond in the ropes and Abel saves him. The House of Truth stall on the floor, so Jigsaw and Quack hit them with baseball slides and throw them into each other. Jigsaw and Quack double team Abel back in the ring. Quack leans back to apply pressure to Abel’s leg and neck. Abel takes Quack over with an arm capture suplex. Raymond lays in some knees and strikes to Quack. The House of Truth arrogantly stay on top of Quack while an angry Jigsaw looks on. Jigsaw finally tags in when Quack heads to the floor. Raymond quickly cuts him off and Abel throws Quack back in so that they can stay on top of him. Quack small packages Raymond for two. Quack comes back by diving over both members of the HoT and tagging in Jigsaw. Jigsaw sends Abel to the floor and missile dropkicks Raymond to his corner. Jigsaw hits a back elbow. Raymond ducks an enzuigiri. Quack hits a somersault senton to Abel on the floor. Jigsaw hits Raymond with a Michinoku Driver for two. Jigsaw hits Raymond with another enzuigiri and hits a springboard ace crusher for two. Raymond blocks a Jig N’ Tonic and Abel clotheslines Jigsaw in the back of the head for one. Abel spears Jigsaw in the corner and Raymond follows up with a double rope assisted dropkick. The House wear down Jigsaw until Jigsaw sends Raymond to the floor and dives onto him. Quack comes in with chops to Abel. Quack avoids an Irish whip and forearms Abel in the face. Quack knocks him down with a back elbow and a dropkick. Quack slams Abel and hits a top rope senton for two. Abel hits Quack with the Reign of Abel and a lariat. Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw superkicks Abel in the back of the head. Raymond goes up top with Jigsaw. Raymond hits a shooting star crossbody and Quack breaks the pin. Quack sunset flips Raymond. Jigsaw hits an enzuigiri and Quack gives him a mule kick. Jigsaw hits a brainbuster and Abel pushes Quack into Jigsaw to break the pin. Abel holds Quack in a bear hug, and Raymond comes off the middle rope with a moonsault. Abel drops Jigsaw with a waterwheel slam. Raymond misses a skytwister press and Quack attacks Abel on the floor. Jigsaw drops Raymond with the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 18:32. I’ve wanted the House of Truth in CHIKARA for a long time because I thought they would fit in well; I was right. These guys got to showcase everything they have against the top team in CHIKARA and I am very happy with the result. The fans didn’t react too much since they didn’t know who the House of Truth were, but I personally liked this a lot and thought both teams did a great job. ***½

Young Lions Cup VIII Semi-Final Elimination Match
Ophidian {OP} vs. Cameron Skyy vs. Obariyon vs. Keita Yano {BA} vs. Lince Dorado {BDK} vs. Adam Cole {CZW}

BDK official Derek Sabato will be the referee for this match. Since everyone but Ophidian is a Rudo, they all attack Ophidian. Dorado celebrates but Cole sends him to the floor. Cole and Obariyon fight to the floor as Skyy and Yano fight in the ring. Skyy sends him to the floor leaving Ophidian and Skyy to fight. Ophidian sends Skyy to the floor and follows up with a corkscrew plancha. Obariyon and Cole continue to brawl on the floor, and Yano helps out Obariyon. Dorado hits an Asai moonsault onto all three of them. Skyy beats on Ophidian in the ring while Obariyon and Dorado are pounding on Cole. Skyy hits a back elbow. Cole comes in and Skyy gives him the Sin City Sparkling. Ophidian and Skyy fight for awhile until Ophidian catches Skyy with a Prawn Hold to eliminate him at 6:01. Cole comes in and puts Ophidian on the apron. Cole dropkicks Ophidian to floor. Dorado comes in and punches Cole. Dorado lands on Cole with a corkscrew body press. Dorado drops Cole on his head with a suplex. Cole hits Dorado in the face with a spin kick and hits Dorado with a Saito suplex. Obariyon tags in and Cole slams him for two. Obariyon headbutts Cole off the top rope and connects with a flying DDT to eliminate Cole at 8:51. Yano clotheslines Obariyon to the floor, and Ophidian flies in with double knees to Yano for two. Ophidian locks Yano in the Ophidian Death Grip. Yano reverses the control and throws Ophidian to his back. Yano slaps Ophidian in the face, and Ophidian sends him to the floor. Yano comes back in and applies an abdominal stretch. Yano clenches on Ophidian’s leg. Yano rolls into a prawn hold for two. Ophidian kicks Dorado off the apron and heads up top. Obariyon knocks Ophidian to the floor and goes up top. Obariyon hits Yano with the flying DDT for the pin at 12:38 to eliminate Yano. Dorado crossbody’s onto Obariyon and hits a lynxsault for two. Obariyon clotheslines Dorado and he goes to the floor. Obariyon brings in Ophidian and clobbers him with strikes. Obariyon hits an Air Raid Crash for two. Obariyon goes up top. Ophidian dropkicks his legs out and brings him down with a top rope hurricanrana. Dorado hits Ophidian as he’s on the top rope. Dorado hits a stunner on Ophidian and legdrops Obariyon for two. Obariyon hits Dorado with the Chaos Theory. Ophidian rolls onto Obariyon’s shoulders and back into a Prawn hold for the elimination at 16:11.

Dorado hits Ophidian with a dropsault for two. Dorado chokes Ophidian in the corner. Ophidian and Dorado each hit a superkick at the same time. Ophidian and Dorado trade forearms. Ophidian misses a spin kick and Dorado hits a German suplex for two. Ophidian hits a wheelbarrow face buster. Dorado is sent to the floor. Ophidian flies out and Dorado catches him in a powerbomb position. Ophidian however spikes Dorado on his head with a hurricanrana. Sabato does a slow count to Dorado on the floor, even starting over at one to give Dorado plenty of time. Ophidian has enough and throws Dorado back in the ring. Ophidian comes in with springboard double knees to Dorado. Ophidian spings into the Ophidian Death Grip. Dorado turns a brainbuster into a powerbomb and Ophidian kicks out. Dorado kicks Ophidian in the head. Dorado slaps Ophidian and hits a very ugly backflip facebuster. Ophidian déjà vu’s into the Egyptian Destroyer. Sabato rolls Dorado to the floor so that Ophidian can’t pin him. Ophidian rolls Dorado back in and Sabato makes a very slow count so that Dorado can kick out with ease. Dorado dropkicks Ophidian as he goes up top to crotch him. Dorado hits the Spanish Fly off the top rope and Ophidian kicks out before a one count! Dorado hits a flipping DDT for two. Dorado drops Ophidian with a Michinoku Driver. Dorado goes up top and hits a shooting star press for two. Dorado turns into the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Sabato drops Ophidian’s hand and calls for the bell, giving Dorado the win at 28:29. Man, the home stretch between Ophidian and Dorado was fantastic. The fans went nuts whenever Ophidian kicked out. They also really hated Dorado. The other four guys also did a great job and really put on a good showing; I’d like to see any of them come back in CHIKARA. This was worlds better than the semi-finals match from last night and the Finals have a lot of promise given the two competitors. ***¾

The show ends with Jakob Hammermeier and Derek Sabato raising Dorado’s hands. The fans applause for Ophidian and cheer for Frightmare as well. Ophidian apologizes to CHIKARA as he leaves the ring.


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