CZW: Tangled Web III

Philadelphia, PA – 8.14.2010

CZW Tag Team Championship Tournament Quarter-Final Round
Amasis & Ophidian vs. TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell

Robby Mireno accompanies Cannon and Maxwell. Maxwell’s face reminds me of Jim Gaffigan. I wonder what his feelings are on Hot Pockets. Amasis hits with a flurry of offense, causing him to tag in Cannon. Cannon drop toe holds him into the corner. Maxwell tags in and curbstomps him into the corner for two. Cannon and Maxwell hit a Russian Leg Sweep/elbow drop combo for two. Cannon takes Amasis over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Ophidian comes in with a Déjà Vu. Ophidian does a handstand in the corner. He falls back and gets Cannon in a legged full-nelson. Ophidian breaks it and snapmares Cannon into a crucifix pin for two. He then rolls up into a submission and Maxwell breaks it. Cannon and Maxwell double team Ophidian and get a two count. Ophidian takes them down with a double hurricanrana. Ophidian rolls to the floor and headscissors Cannon. Amasis leaps in with a crossbody on Maxwell. Maxwell and Cannon retreat to the floor. Amasis dances to taunt and distract them, and Ophidian hits a tope con hilo onto Cannon. In the ring Amasis does some more dancing, and Ophidian hits a crucifix bomb on Maxwell. The Portal hit a wheelbarrow shoulder tackle, and Amasis hits a spinebuster on Maxwell for two. Mireno trips Amasis, allowing Maxwell to hit a delayed dropkick on Amasis. Cannon and Maxwell now team up on Amasis for a bit. Amasis is able to throw Cannon into Mazwell and dive onto Maxwell on the floor. Ophidian comes in with a slingshot hurricanrana and a double knee drop for two. Ophidian hits a slingshot senton and a standing moonsault for two. Maxwell gives Ophidian a lungblower and Cannon slams Ophidian onto Maxwell’s knees for two. Maxwell drops him with an STO and Cannon hits a senton. Amasis breaks the pin. Maxwell and Cannon hit a stunner/German suplex combo for two. Mireno gets on the aprorn to distract the referee. He accidentally crotches Cannon and Ophidian gives Maxwell a spinning heel kick. The Portal give Cannon a Pyramid suplex and the Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 13:23. This was pretty sloppy and disjointed, and I blame this mostly on the Best Around. CZW has a pretty solid foundation of tag teams so I hope the Portal get a better chance to show off as the tournament progresses. *1/2


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