Chikarasaurus Rex: King of Show

Philadelphia, PA – 7.25.2010

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, UltraMantis Black, Colin Delaney, Gavin Loudspeaker, and Leonard F. Chikarason. Jakob Hammermeier is back from injury and announces the members of the BDK. Gavin Loudspeaker announces everyone else.

UltraMantis Black does commentary for every match. It’s stated on commentary (though not shown) that two hooded figures are with him for the entirety of the show. Mantis has stated he is watching his back and attempting to rebuild the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple, so there you have it.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, Green Ant {C}, & Frightmare {I} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Lince Dorado {BDK}, Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}, & Tursas {BDK}

Green Ant takes down Sanchez with a dropkick and headbutt. He splashes Sanchez in the corner and looks for the Cloverleaf. Sanchez escapes, and Green Ant hits a bulldog for two. Sanchez slaps Green Ant, so Green Ant slaps him back. Sanchez bites Green Ant’s arm to break from a submission. Sanchez dragonscrews Green Ant down. Green Ant applies a half crab. Sanchez sends Green Ant to the apron. Green Ant misses a senton, but also evades attacks from Sanchez and Donst. All three Colony members hit a splash or senton variation on Donst. Donst tries to stop Soldier Ant from saluting and gets slapped for his troubles. Soldier Ant dropkicks Donst a few times, then armdrags Donst down. Donst sends Soldier Ant to the apron, then belly-to-belly suplexes him back in. Both teams form a headlock chain, except Tursas who knocks the chain down with a shoulder tackle. Tursas brings Frightmare to his corner, allowing Dorado to get in some shots. Frightmare hops off Dorado’s back into a hurricanrana, and sends Dorado to the floor with a slap. Frightmare follows up with a tope con hilo and runs through the audience. Fire Ant and Sanchez go back and forth, and Fire Ant takes Sanchez down with a springboard armdrag and wheelbarrow headscissors. Fire Ant takes down Donst and Sanchez with fireman’s carry’s. He tries one on Tursas, but Tursas pumphandles him into a slam. A splash from Tursas gets him two. The BDK isolate Fire Ant from the rest of his team. Fire Ant escapes the grasps of the BDK and tags in Green Ant and Soldier Ant. The Colony hit a triple dropkick on Tursas, and Frightmare sends him to the floor with a yakuza kick. Fire Ant is sent onto Tursas with an Antapult. Soldier Ant and Green Ant dive onto Donst and Sanchez. Dorado superkicks Frightmare and drops him with a Michinoku Driver. Frightmare gets his knees up to block a shooting star press and gives Dorado a jump-up neckbreaker. Frightmare hits the kneecolepsy but Sanchez breaks the pin. Sanchez drops Frightmare with the Burning Snicklefritz for the pin at 14:31. Another great Atomicos match from CHIKARA opens the show. This was a nice Young Lions Cup build-up match, and this makes it seem more likely that Frightmare will indeed win the Cup. ***

As the BDK are celebrating, we see Vökoder standing in the aisleway. The fans chant his name as Sanchez freaks out. The other BDK members don’t see him, and a confused Tim Donst celebrates thinking the fans are cheering for him. Sanchez runs around frantically, while the other BDK members look like he is crazy.

Backstage, Donst is celebrating with his team. Sanchez tries to convince them he actually saw Vökoder. Donst and Dorado calm him down, and Dorado says his craziness is why Dorado, not Sanchez was picked for the Young Lions Cup tournament. Sanchez still looks shaken as the promo closes.

Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen {TFN} vs. Shingo Takagi {K}

Equinox jumps Shingo as he enters the ring. Shingo pops Equinox up into a death valley driver and clotheslines Equinox to the floor. Shingo throws Equinox into the guardrails and chops him up as well. In the ring, Shingo pops up Equinox. Equinox hits a rana, but Shingo takes Equinox right back down with a clothesline. Equinox hits some forearms and chops, but it takes one right hand from Shingo to knock him down. Shingo drops a knee for two. Shingo maintains the upper hand for awhile. Equinox drops Shingo throat first on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick to send Shingo to the floor. Equinox follows out with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Equinox hits a few punches and an enzugiri. He hits his big right hand and a brainbuster for two. Shingo catches Equinox and drops him with a TKO for two. Equinox blocks the Blood Fall and kicks Shingo down. Equinox hits a low hurricanrana and a standing shooting star press for two. Shingo blocks the overbomb and hits a waterwheel slam in the corner. Shingo nails Equinox with a lariat for two. Shingo looks to remove Equinox’s mask but is stopped by referee Bryce Remsburg. Shingo drops Equinox with Made in Japan for two. Shingo follows up with the Pumping Bomber for the pin at 10:02. Shingo absolutely destroyed Equinox in a fun match. Maybe it would have been better for CHIKARA’s home star to go over, but I think it would have been completely unbelievable. This was a really fun showcase, and I would love to see Shingo come back in the future. **3/4

Tommy Dreamer Hall of Fame Induction

Eddie Kingston comes out. He points to the Hall of Fame banners in the Arena, saying they are what made Philadelphia a wrestling town. Kingston says one of those wrestlers is from his hometown, and introduces Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer puts over CHIKARA comparing its passion to the original ECW. He tells a tale of wrestling in the Arena for the first time and how the Arena has changed over time. He says he was truly born in the Arena and thanks the fans. They then reveal the Arena banner for Tommy Dreamer as he exits.

Amazing Kong & Raisha Saeed vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

Haze ducks and taunts Saeed. Saeed hits Haze with forearms. Haze gets a headlock, and Saeed shoots her off the ropes for a shoulder block. Saeed stalls on a slam for too long, allowing Haze to slip out. Saeed hits a slam and a few elbows. Kong and Sara tag in. Sara kicks Kong with no effect. Sara’s shoulder blocks have no effect either. Sara kicks Kong in the head, and Kong knocks Sara down with a body block. Saeed comes in and Kong wheelbarrows her into a splash on Sara. Saeed hits a suplex for two. Saeed turns Sara over in a modified Indian Death Lock. Kong tags in, giving Sara a barrage of chops. Haze blind tags in. Kong catches Haze off the top rope and throws her chest first into the mat. Kong gives Haze the Giant Swing. Kong wheelbarrows Saeed again, but Haze gets her knees up to block the splash. Sara kicks Kong off the apron, allowing Sara and Haze to double team Saeed. Saeed is able to escape to the floor to tag in Kong. Kong splashes Sara in the corner and hits a chokeslam for two. Kong hits a butterfly slam. Haze jumps on Kong’s back, and Kong throws Haze onto Sara. Kong looks for a wheelbarrow slam. Saeed accidentally hits Kong with a backfist. Sara hits a rolling heel kick, allowing Haze to give Kong a bridging German suplex for the pin at 11:31. This was a vey fun women’s tag match to help Sara and Daizee get over as an even stronger tag team. Kong was so awesome in her role and the fans absolutely loved her. Solid stuff from both teams, and Kong should comeback and fight some of the guys as well. **3/4

F.I.S.T. is backstage. Icarus says the team has agreed that they will put aside their animosity to take on some of Dragon Gate’s finest. Johnny Gargano approaches them, saying he’s here tonight for some moral support. He says he wants to make sure that Chuck Taylor getting pinned at King of Trios doesn’t happen again. F.I.S.T. begin to point fingers at one another, and they all break apart to avoid a tussle of sorts.

CIMA {W5}, Masaaki Mochizuki {Z}, & Super Shenlong {DG} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, & Chuck Taylor {F}

Dragon Kid was originally in this match, but Super Shenlong replaces him due to an injury. Icarus slaps Mochizuki as he brings him to the ropes. Mochizuki nails Icarus with a kick in the ribs. Icarus ducks a couple kicks and dropkicks Mochizuki down. Mochizuki sweeps Icarus’ legs on the apron and kicks Icarus off the apron and into the crowd. Shenlong tags in with Taylor. They go back and forth quickly, and Shenlong dropkicks Taylor to the floor. Akuma and CIMA tag in. Akuma mocks CIMA’s WARIORS cry, so CIMA dropkicks him down and does it himself. CIMA hits a slingshot senton and kicks Akuma in the lower back. Shenlong and CIMA hit a double dropkick. Mochizuki kicks away at Akuma on the mat. Mochizuki sits down on a half crab. The Dragon Gate team ties Akuma up in the apron, and CIMA and Mochizuki lay in kicks to Akuma’s chest. Shenlong pins him for two. Akuma rolls through a splash and Cheetah swipes Shenlong. F.I.S.T. takes over for awhile, trapping Shenlong in their corner. Shenlong sends Taylor to the floor with a headscissors and tags in Mochizuki. He comes in with a springboard dropkick to Akuma. Taylor and Icarus attack, but Mochizuki attacks them both with hard kicks. Akuma brings Mochizuki to the floor and CIMA comes in. CIMA locks Taylor’s legs, and suplexes Icarus to snap Taylor’s legs. Shenlong hits chops on Akuma in the corner. Shenlong goes up and over Akuma and hits a twisting senton for two. Akuma drops Shenlong with double knees to the chest for two. F.I.S.T. hit a double enzugiri/dropkick combo and Mochizuki breaks the pin on Shenlong. Mochizuki springboards into an enzugiri on Taylor. Icarus drops Mochizuki with the pedigree and CIMA breaks the pin. Icarus ecapes from Schwein. Mochizuki slams Icarus and then kicks him in the balls while CIMA and Shenlong split his legs. CIMA and Shenlong dive onto Taylor and Icarus on the floor. Mochizuki and Akuma trade kicks in the center of the ring. Akuma hits a sole butt and fallaway kick. Mochizuki responds with the Saikyou High Kick and the Shin Saikyou High Kick. They collide with stereo kicks, knocking both guys down. CIMA comes in and hits Akuma with Venus. Taylor gives CIMA the Awful Waffle and Icarus hits the Shiranui. Akuma follows up with a frog splash for two. Akuma eats a series of attacks from the Dragon Gate team. Mochizuki hits Twister and Taylor breaks the pin. CIMA drops Akuma with the Schwein. He then hits Akuma with Meteora for the pin at 15:17. A very fun trios match that delivered in terms of what the fans wanted. We got the epic kick battle between Akuma and Mochizuki, Icarus and CIMA interacting, and F.I.S.T. showing off what they got on the smaller Shenlong. This was a good time from start to end and played really well into F.I.S.T’s dissension. ***1/4

Johnny Gargano comes into the ring wearing a F.I.S.T. shirt. Taylor and Icarus look at Akuma, who’s recovering from being pinned. Icarus hands him a bottled water. Icarus picks up Akuma and gives him the pedigree. Icarus and Akuma then remove Akuma’s F.I.S.T. gauntlets and hands them over to Gargano. Taylor, Icarus, and Gagano stomp Akuma to the floor. The new incarnation of F.I.S.T. pose to boos and chants of “Gran Akuma” from the crowd.

Amasis {OP}, Ophidian {OP}, & Drake Younger vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U}, & Colin Delaney {U}

Delaney comes out wearing a tie, I guess to mock Bryan Danielson. Younger and The Portal charge the UnStable. Ophidian hits a twisting suicide dive onto Gerard, and Amasis dives onto The UnStable and Ophidian. Delaney cuts off Younger from making a dive, but Younger throws Delaney back out onto everyone. Younger comes off the top rope with a somersault senton onto everyone. The Portal and Younger throw the UnStable into the guardrails. STIGMA throws Amasis headfirst into the ring steps as Gerard and Ophidian roll into the ring. Younger and Delaney trade chops on the floor. The Portal look for the Osirian Sacrament, but Amasis dives onto STIGMA instead. Gerard eats an enzugiri and headscissors takedown from Ophidian. Gerard gives Ophidian a huricanrana. Ophidian headstands into a lungblower on Gerard. Ophidian rolls to the floor and gives Gerard a headscissors on the floor. Ophidian moonsaults off the guardrail into an armdrag. STIGMA brings Amasis back into the ring. They block each others shoulder blocks, and Amasis and STIGMA trade punches on the mat. Delaney throws Younger back in as Amasis and STIGMA go to the floor. Delaney lays in many punches and Younge headbutts Delaney to stop him. Younger gives Delaney a delayed vertical suplex. Younger throws Gerard to the floor, and Ophidian hits a running dropkick on STIGMA and Gerard into the guardrails. Younger lands with a flipping senton off the apron onto Delaney. Everyone ends up in the ring brawling with one another. Younger baseball slides Delaney into the guardrail. Ophidian gets sent to the apron and Gerard handsprings Ophidian to the floor. Younger stops Gerard from diving to the floor and lays in multiple punches in the corner. Gerard sends Younger into the turnbuckles and misses a knee strike. Younger looks for the Drake’s Landing on STIGMA, but STIGMA dumps him with a German suplex. Ophidian wheelbarrows into a face buster on STIGMA, then takes Delaney and himself to the floor with a crossbody over the top rope. Gerard comes off the apron with a headscissors to Ophidian. Ophidian blocks a 2k1 Bomb and STIGMA sends Amasis face first into the ring apron. Younger drops Delaney with the Drake’s Landing but Gerard brings Younger to the floor. STIGMA and Amasis trade strikes in the ring. STIGMA ducks a flying knee and hits a flying kick on Amasis. Gerard misses a dive to Younger on the floor, so Younger places Gerard in a trash can. Younger baseball slides Gerard in the trashcan. STIGMA comes in and gives Younge the Stigmata on the ring steps. STIGMA knocks down Amasis with a big boot. STIGMA looks for the Stigmata on Amasis, but Ophidian flies in with double knees. The Portal hit STIGMA with the Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 13:57. For a match that would have probably been “good, but not great” as a wrestling match, it was the right call to make this one a wild brawl instead. There was so much cool brawling and fighting and happening at all times that it made this a frenetic and super fun watch. Younger was the perfect trio mate for the Portal in this match, and everyone else put on a fine show as well. This one surprised me, and in a very good way. ***1/2

The Osirian Portal do some dancing to celebrate, and even convince Drake to bust a move. He does the stereotypical white guy dance moves and it rules.

Backstage Ophidian and Amasis mention how it felt good to be a trio once again. Amasis mentions that they can’t bring Younger back for good, but they wish to recruit a new person to make the Osirian Portal a trio once again.

It is announced that Japanese Joshi legend Manami Toyota will be coming to CHIKARA in September for their shows in Baltimore and Brooklyn.

We then go to Eddie Kingston and Tommy Dreamer who are suiting up for their match. Kingston says his and Claudio’s whole brawl started over respect. Kingston says he respects Dreamer and beat the crap out of him at Aniversario Elf. Kingston then asks Claudio to imagine what he’ll do to him, a man he does NOT respect.

Eddie Kingston & Tommy Dreamer vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK} & Ares {BDK}

Delirious accompanies Ares and Claudio to the ring, and BDK referee Derek Sabato is the assigned official for this contest. Kingston and Claudio brawl on the floor before the bell. Dreamer separates them. Claudio baits Kingston in the ring so that Ares can jump him. Kingston takes Ares over with two belly-to-belly suplexes. Dreamer and Claudio tag in. Dreame says Claudio’s in his house. Claudio hits some European uppercuts, but Dreamer takes Claudio down with some punches. Ares tags in and gets in some shots. Dreamer takes him down with a fallaway slam. Kingston and Dreamer hit a side slam/elbow drop combo for two. They then hit a double flapjack. Dreamer locks in a crossface. Claudio breaks it and Kingston sends Claudio to the floor. Claudio applies a single leg crab while Dreamer has the Crossface on. Dreamer suplexes Kingston onto Ares for two. Ares cuts off Dreamer as he goes up top. Ares cuts him off, and Claudio crotches Dreamer on the guardrail outside. Sabato turns a blind eye to the BDK’s cheating ways as they dismantle Dreamer. Dreamer is able to throw Ares and Claudio into each other, and then knock Ares down with a lariat to tag in Kingston. Claudio bails to the floor. Kingston hits a few clotheslines on Ares and lights him up with chops in the corner. Kingston hits a baseball slide as Ares is in the Tree of Woe. Claudio hits Kingston in the back of the head with the Swiss Chin Music. Kingston sends Claudio the floor. Kingston dives onto Claudio through the ropes as Dreamer comes off the apron with a somersault senton to Ares. Kingston yakuza kicks Ares and Dreamer gives him a Rydeen Bomb. Sabato makes a slow count so Ares can kick out. Claudio throws Kingston into the guardrail. Dreamer looks for the Death Valley Driver, but Sabato takes Claudio off his shoulders. Claudio hits the Swiss Chin Music for two. Ares beats on Kingston on the floor. Dreamer drops Claudio with a DDT and again Sabato makes a slow count. Dreame looks to give Sabato the Spicolli Driver but Ares saves him. Claudio small packages Deamer for two. He hits a European uppercut. Claudio hits the Ricola Bomb for the pin at 15:24. This match brought the show to a halt, as is it was so much less brutal and much slower than any of the previous matches. It served its purpose well, and had to be done storyline wise, but the action was very average. The big moves and crowd reaction aided this match in a big way. **1/2

Claudio yells at Kingston to give him respect as the BDK head to the back in victory.

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw {TFN}, & Hallowicked {I} vs. Masato Yoshino {W1}, Naruki Doi {W1}, & BxB Hulk {W1}

Naruki Doi is wearing a shirt and has his ribs taped up. Hulk wears a wig to the ring as he recently lost his hair to Shingo in Japan. Hallowicked takes Hulk down with a super snapmare, then locks Hulk into a camel clutch. Quack runs in and dropkicks Hulk in the face. Hulk and Quack trade chops. Hulk counters Quack’s moves and tags in Yoshino. Yoshino locks in a bodyscissors. Quack turns into a pin, but to no avail. Quack picks up Yoshino and bodyslams him. Quack knocks Yoshino down with a back elbow and tags in Jigsaw. They double team Yoshino. Yoshino hops over Jigsaw and takes him down with a satellite headscissors. Doi tags in and he and Yoshino hit a tandem drop toe hold/low dropkick. Hallowicked comes in and gets taken down by Doi immediately. World-1 keep Hallowicked in their corner and take turns wearing him down. Hallowicked blocks a splash from Doi and sends Yoshino feet first into him. Jigsaw tags in but eats a springbroad dropkick from Hulk. Jigsaw now takes Hallowicked’s place as the guy being taken apart by World-1. Jigsaw hits a running elbow and dropkick to send Hulk outside. Doi and Yoshino immediately knock Quack and Hallowicked off the apron to keep the advantage. Jigsaw however side steps Doi and evades Yoshino. He hits a fozberry flop on Doi and Hulk. Hallowicked hits a step-up Frankensteiner, step-up enzugiri, and a Rydeen Bomb to get two on Yoshino. Yoshino locks Hallowicked in From Jungle. Quack dropkicks Yoshino off and places Doi up top. Quack takes Doi down with a super hurricanarana for two. Quack hits a palm strike and Quackendriver III for two. Doi gives Quack a Rydeen Bomb for two. Yoshino sets up Quack on the middle rope, and Doi hits a somersault senton on him. Jigsaw breaks the count. He and Hulk trade forearms. Hulk gives him Mouse and Jigsaw gives him an enzugiri. Jigsaw hits a sweet German suplex for two. Hulk hits his own enzugiri. He sweeps Jigsaw’s legs and hits a twist senton for two. World-1 sandwich Jigsaw in the corner. Yoshino dropkicks Quack into a senton on Jigsaw for two. Hulk hits the Flash kick and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked hits Yoshino with Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Quack mule kicks Yoshino into a yakuza kick from Hallowicked for two. Jigsaw wheelbarrows Yoshino into a DDT from Quack. Jigsaw hits the Mad Scientist Bomb for two. Hulk hits Quack with a spinwheel kick, and Doi drops him with Doi 555. Hulk hits the EVO for two. Doi and Yoshino attack Quack in the corner. Yoshino hits the Torbellino and Doi hits the Bakatare Sliding Kick. Jigsaw breaks the count. Hulk hits a moonsault onto Hallowicked on the floor. Yoshino sends Jigsaw to the floor and follows with a suicide dive. Doi hits a frenzy of slaps onto Quack. Quack blocks a Bakatare sliding kick and trades roll ups with Doi. Quack catches Doi with the Quackendriver II for the pin at 16:53. That was a hell of a main event, and is right up there with any of the other Japanese vs. CHIKARA trios matches from King of Trios weekend. Both teams came to play and put on a super-fast, super fun trios contest. This really showed that CHIKARA and Dragon Gate make a great combination, and I hope we get more Dragon Gate/CHIKARA crossover in the future. ***3/4

CHIKARA and World-1 shake one another’s hands in mutual respect. The fans appropriately chant “CHIKARA” as World-1 head to the back.


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