DGUSA: Enter The Dragon 2010

Philadelphia, PA – 7.25.2010

Full Confrontation Elimination Match
CHIKARA Sekigun (Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw, & Hallowicked) and Masato Yoshino vs. Kamikaze USA (YAMATO, Akira Tozawa, Jon Moxley, & Gran Akuma)

An all out brawl between all eight men kicks things off. YAMATO chokes Quack in the ring while the others brawl on the floor. Quack and YAMATO trade strikes mid-ring. Moxley attacks Quack from behind with a forearm. Moxley gets in a few strikes. Quack knocks Moxley and YAMATO to the floor and dives out with a moonsault onto them. Yoshino and Tozawa end up in the ring. Yoshino sprints off the ropes and sends Tozawa out with a knee strike. Hallowicked and Akuma tag in. Hallowicked takes Akuma down with a courting hold armdrag and an electric chair armdrag. Hallowicked hits a super snapmare for two. Jigsaw doublestomps Akuma on Hallowicked’s shoulders. Hallowicked drops him with Go Too Sleepy Hollow and Jigsaw hits a 2k1 Bomb for two. Akuma slides to the floor and Tozawa hits Jigsaw with a butt butt. Kamikaze USA beat down Jigsaw in their corner. Jigsaw escapes an avalanche Rubix Cube from Akuma and tags in Hallowicked. He hits Moxley with a yakuza kick, Akuma with a step-up enzuigiri, and Tozawa with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Tozawa blocks the Graveyard Smash and hits a butt butt. Hallowicked nails a yakuza kick for two. Tozawa hits a Saito suplex. YAMATO and Moxley knock all of Hallowicked’s teammates off the apron. Kamikaze each hit a strike to Hallowicked in the corner. YAMATO drops him with Galleria for the elimination at 8:00. Jigsaw fights Tozawa and Akuma by himself with success. Moxley breaks a pin. Quack and Jigsaw take down Moxley with some double team offense. Quack, Jigsaw, and Yoshino each hit Moxley with a strike in the corner. Yoshino comes off the top with a dropkick to to YAMATO into a senton on Moxley. Yoshino dives to the floor. Jigsaw drops Moxley with a brainbuster for two. Moxley dumps Jigsaw with a crossface German suplex. Jigsaw refuses to stay down, so Moxley grabs a chair. He nails Jigsaw and Quack with the chair and gets disqualified at 10:40. Jimmy Jacobs spears Moxley and fights him to the back. YAMATO meanwhile drops Jigsaw with the Galleria for the elimination at 11:08.

Quack tries a few roll-up variations on YAMATO, but only gets two. Tozawa trips Quack to block a palm strike. Yoshino trips YAMATO to stop a dive. Yoshino drops Tozawa with the Sling Blade for two. Tozawa avoids a missile dropkick. He knocks Yoshino down. He misses the Apron Kara Tozawa but lands a senton splash. Yoshino blocks a series of kicks but Tozawa drops him on his face. Quack breaks the pin. He palm strikes Akuma. Akuma drops Quack chest first onto his knees for two. Akuma hits a Falcon Arrow. He follows with a frogsplash for two. Quack palm strikes Akuma again. Akuma hits a modified shin breaker and goes for the Yoshi Tonic. Quack counters into a powerbomb for the elimination at 14:20. Yoshino and YAMATO trade strikes and kicks at a fast pace. Yoshino drops YAMATO with the Ude Yoshino for two. YAMATO blocks the Lightning Spiral. Yoshino hits it on the second try. Tozawa boots Quack. Quack accidentally forearms Yoshino. Tozawa drops Quack with double knees for two. Tozawa and YAMATO pummel Quack in the corner. Quack drops YAMATO with the Black Tornado Slam for two. YAMATO gives Quack a brainbuster for two. YAMATO hits a sleeper suplex. Tozawa hits a deadlift German suplex and Yoshino breaks the pin. Yoshino goes for Ude Yoshino, but YAMATO turns it into the Galleria for two. YAMATO goes for a second one. Yoshino slips out, so YAMATO kicks Yoshino low behind the referee’s back. Yoshino hits the Torbellino and puts YAMATO in Sol Naciente. Meanwhile, Quack puts Tozawa in the CHIKARA Special. YAMATO and Tozawa quit simultaneously at 18:32. Akuma really looked timid and awkward throughout the entirety of the match. That aside, the frenetic pace made the 18 minutes fly by. They kept me captivated the entire time, especially when Yoshino and YAMATO were in the ring. This was an excellent match to cap off the feud, at the right time in the right building. ***1/2

Bonus Disc

Super Shenlong vs. Lince Dorado

Shenlong and Dorado fight for control on the mat. Dorado kicks Shenlong’s legs out. Shenlong and Dorado trade armdrags. Dorado grabs Shenlong’s leg and transitions into a headlock. Both men square off after Shenlong escapes. Shenlong runs the ropes and takes Dorado down with a toreador. He dropkicks Dorado to the floor. Shenlong stomps Dorado in the corner. Dorado comes off the second rope with a twisting plancha. He kicks Shenlong in the back before reapplying a headlock. Dorado digs his feet into Shenlong’s shoulder blades as he pulls back on the arms. Dorado hits a back senton for two. Dorado hits a dropkick and elbow drop for two. He puts on a seated abdominal stretch. Shenlong takes Dorado down with a headscissors. Shenlong hits a missile dropkick for two. Shenlong hits a half-nelson slam for two. Dorado hits a springboard crossbody for two. Dorado rolls through a sunset flip with an enzuigiri. He hits a lynxsault for two. Dorado takes Shenlong of the top rope with a jump-up huracanrana for two. Shenlong drope toe holds Dorado in the corner and hits an enzuigiri. He hits a running dropkick and a swinging DDT for two. Shenlong misses a shooting star press. Dorado hits one of his own for two. Shenlong and Dorado are trading forearms as the 10:00 time limit expires. This was shockingly pedestrian and grounded for two agile high-fliers. There was no story to this, hence nothing much to say. *1/2

Read my review of the entire show here.


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