CLASH Wrestling: 2010 NCPI Tag Team Tournament

Taylor, MI – 7.17.2010

CHIKARA Young Lions Cup VIII Tournament Qualifying Match
J. Miller vs. Cameron Skyy

They feel each other out. Miller grabs the ropes the moment Skyy goes for his leg. Miller nails a shoulder block an armdrag. Skyy crucifix pins him for two. Skyy grabs a front facelock. Miller rolls up and delivers a chop. Skyy blocks an armdrag with a forearm. Skyy elbows Miller in the small of his back for two. Miller brings Skyy to his knees with multiple chest kicks. Miller hits a slingshot elbow for two. They trade strikes mid-ring. Skyy delivers the Sling Blade. Skyy gets in a few more elbows before pinning Miller for one. Skyy delivers the Golden Gate Swing for two. Miller hits a springboard dropkick for two. Miller sends Skyy to the floor with a single leg dropkick. Miller goes for the Bermuda Triangle, but Skyy throws him off the top. Miller rolls through. Skyy hits a half-nelson suplex and a hard clothesline. Skyy blocks a boot. He hits a back elbow and a Side Russian leg sweep. He calls for the Deal Me In elbow. Miller trips him. Miller misses a springboard lionsault. Skyy hits the Ace of Spades (a shiranui) for two. Both men trade forearms mid-ring. Miller hits a boot and Skyy responds with a forearm strike. Miller rams Skyy’s face into the middle turnbuckle. Miller blasts him with a corner sick kick for two. Skyy evades Miller’s double stomp. Skyy rolls up Miller for two. Skyy small packages him for the win at 10:59. Pretty good, basic encounter. Although Miller showed more proficiency, Skyy has much more personality and was a better fit for the YLC. **1/4

Skyy would go on to beat Eric Ryan in the first round of the Young Lions Cup tournament, but fall to Ophidian in the semi-finals.


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