Faded Scars and Lines


Cleveland, OH – 6.27.2010

Commentary is provided by Gavin Loudspeaker, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, Leonard F. Chikarason, and Colin Delaney.

Gavin Loudspeaker opens the show with another song based on the title of this show. The opening reminded me a lot of “Interstellar Overdrive” by the Melvins.

Player Dos {SSB} vs. Tursas {BDK}

Dos jumps on Tursas right off the back. His strikes have no effect whatsoever. Tursas knocks down Dos. Tursas misses a splash in the corner, but knocks Dos down with a hard shoulder block and a suplex. Dos gets a chinbreaker, and Tursas bowls him over with a body block. Dos reverses a slam into a guillotine choke. Tursas throws Dos off. Tursas pops up Dos and Dos dropkicks him. Dos hits a few superkicks to Tursas’ jaw and legs. Tursas catches Dos with a mid-air slam but only gets two. Tursas goes to the second rope. Dos hits him with an enzugiri and follows him up. Dos backflips off the ropes, and Tursas comes off the second turnbuckle with a major crossbody for the pin at 4:22. Short, effective, and fun. No problem with this at all. *

Tursas gives Player Dos a big splash just for good measure before heading to the back.

Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Marshe Rockett {ST}, Acid Jaz {ST}, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST}

The Soul Touchaz convince Soldier Ant to do a little bit of the Soulja Boy dance, and that was pretty great. Jaz and Rockett take down Green Ant. Fire Ant tags in and a fast-paced back and forth occurs between him and Rockett. Richardson gives Fire Ant some Dusty punches and the bionic elbow. Soldier Ant stops Richardson from pouncing Fire Ant with a salute. Richardson’s power allows him to take down Soldier Ant with ease. Soldier Ant avoids a body block and takes Richardson down with a headscissors. Rockett tags in and The Colony each get an attack in while Rockett’s in the corner. All three members give Rockett the Ants Marching dropkick in the corner. Jaz tags in and Fire Ant takes him down with a fireman’s carry. Fire Ant and Jaz trade some hard shots. The Colony isolate Jaz from his partners. The Soul Touchaz turn the tables, and shoot Green Ant into a second rope Rydeen Bomb from Richardson. Soldier Ant breaks the count, but eats a pair of legdrops and a breakdance fist drop from Jaz for two. Fire Ant hops in with a crossbody on Jaz, and dropkicks Rockett to the floor. He throws Jaz out and Richardson checks on them. Fire Ant is launched by his partners in the Ant Hill onto the Soul Touchaz. Solider Ant drops Jaz with a TKO. He looks for a saluting headbutt, and Rockett catches him with a jump-up ace crusher. Fire Ant clocks him with the Heat of the Moment and a wheelbarrow stunner. Richardson pounces Fire Ant, and Fire Ant bounces off the ropes! Richardson goes up top and Green Ant catches him. Rockett and Jaz dispose of Fire Ant and Soldier Ant. Richardson headbutts Green Ant down, and gives him a top rope legdrop for the pin at 9:15. This was hot action all throughout and made the fans hot. I really loved the pairing of these teams, and am very curious to see how The Soul Touchaz will be used in CHIKARA now that they beat both the King of Trios 2010 finalists in one single weekend. I’m excited that they will be at the Baltimore/Brooklyn doubleshot. The Colony did a great job making them look good, and all the wrestling here was absolutely crisp. ***

3.0 are standing outside the arena. Matthews is wearing a denim vest saying he feels real “Badd”. Matthews says he needs all their fans to unite so they can fight for their freedom. What kind of freedom? They don’t know. Jagged says F.I.S.T. was the team that pushed them against the wall and forced them to fight out. A plane also interupted them during this promo, but Jagged handled it much better than Kevin Steen did in PWG. Why is this so hard to find on Youtube?!

Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0} & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Icarus {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

Jagged starts a wave with the fans before the bell and Icarus verbally berates him. Icarus backs Matthews into a corner, but Matthews gets in a punch. They roll around to the floor where Matthews lights up Icarus with chops. Taylor and Jagged come in. Matthews comes back and Taylor eats some offense for two. Matthews crotches Taylor in the ropes, and side steps Icarus who rams his knees into Taylor’s back by accident. Jagged tags in and takes down Icarus with Matthews with a double clothesline and a double legsweep for two. Taylor grabs Jagged by his feet, and Icarus throws him face down to the mat. F.I.S.T double team Jagged in their corner, and Matthews fails at intervening. Jagged is able to come back with a flying elbow at Taylor. F.I.S.T. cut him off, but Jagged flips out of a suplex and tags in Matthews. Matthews takes down Icarus with his world famous headscissors, and gives one to Taylor for good measure. Matthews gives them each another headscissors. He picks up Jagged, and Icarus hits a jump-up neckbreaker. Taylor boots Jagged into a backcracker from Icarus for two. Taylor puts Matthews on his shoulders while Icarus goes up. Jagged hits Icarus with a cartwheel enzugiri. Matthews disposes of Taylor. Jagged throws Icarus off the top rope into a spear by Matthews for two. Jagged drops Icarus with a fireman’s flapjack. Taylor comes in and knocks down Matthews with a savate kick and Kentucky rolls Jagged for two. Taylor applies the half crab. Johnny Gargano is standing in the entrance way. At that time, 3.0 give Taylor the Sweet Taste of Professionalism for the pin at 8:52. This was a very fun tag match that was the establishment point at 3.0 being a completely different, more successful entity. At the same time it continued teasing the split between F.I.S.T., and was quite a fun match to boot. **3/4

Johnny Gargano is backstage. He’s going to show everyone why’s he great and proclaims he won’t choke like Chuck Taylor did.

Player Uno {SSB} vs. Johnny Gargano

Uno controls the arm of Gargano to start. Gargano escapes with a forearm and backs to the corner. Uno knocks down Gargano with a trifecta of shoulderblocks. Uno throws Gargano’s leg to referee John Barber and hits a neckbreaker. Gargano comes back with a slingshot spear from the apron. Gargano strikes Uno to keep him grounded. Uno comes off the ropes with a kick to the shoulder. Gargano blocks a backslide with a low flying ace crusher. A back senton gets Gargano two. Uno powers Gargano into a suplex. Uno hadoukens Gargano down for two. Gargano looks for a hurricanrana and Uno changes into a Manhattan drop, and an arm breaker. Uno calls for the Joystick, but Gargano kicks Uno in the face before he can cinch it in. Uno drops Gargano with an arm-capture stunner for two. Gargano takes Uno to the apron with a series of hard strikes. He handsprings to the ropes so that Uno goes to the floor, then follows with a suicide dive. Uno rolls through a dive and gives Gargano a catapult flatliner for two. Uno transitions into an arm capture crossface. Gargano escapes so Uno puts him in the corner. Gargano gives him double knees then lawn darts Uno into the corner. Gargano cracks him with a superkick and the Hurt’s Donut for the pin at 11:29. This was a great win for Gargano in his hometown, and very cool considering it seems like Gargano is about to join the CHIKARA roster full time. This was a very effective match that flew by. Uno was a great choice for this role and did his part in helping Gargano look strong. **3/4

Mike Quackenbush & Frightmare {I} vs. Lince Dorado {BDK} & Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}

This was supposed to happen back at AIW’s Jack of All Trios tournament, but an injury from Quack and Lince being replaced forced it to be cancelled. We now get the match here, and points are in play in this one (as opposed to AIW where they would not be). Dorado shows off and doesn’t take Frightmare seriously at the get-go. Dorado bails to the ropes to show his true fear in Frightmare. Dorado cartwheels through two armdrag attempts. Doardo hits a springboard crossbody. Quack and Sanchez tag in. Quack takes Sanchez to the mat and gets an ankle pick. Sanchez escapes and takes things back to their feet. Quack brings him back down with a modified headscissors. Quack knocks Sanchez down with a hard back elbow when they get to their feet. Dorado comes in and Quack gets him in a headlock. Sanchez comes in, and Quack takes them to the corner with a double armdrag. Quack pops Dorado to the corner and gives Sanchez a quebradora. Frightmare tags in and wheelbarrows to an armdrag, which Dorado cartwheels out of it. Frightmare pops off Dorado’s back into a hurricanarana. Dorado goes to the floor and Frightmare follows with a tope con hilo. Frightmare throws Dorado back in the ring. Sanchez pushes Frightmare off the top rope. Doardo evades a step-up Frankensteiner and hits a shooting star dropkick on Frightmare. The BDK team trap Frightmare in their corner. Frightmare is able to slide to the floor, allowing Quack to legally come in. He fires away with chops on both guys. Sanchez accidentally punches Dorado. Quack dropkicks Dorado while spinning into a bulldog onto Sanchez. Dorado sends Quack to the floor and Sanchez follows with a dive. Dorado bring Frightmare back in to continue the beat down. Dorado gives Frightmare an enzugiri. Frightmare evades a lynxsault and drops Dorado with a DDT. Quack tags back in a takes down Sanchez. He backdrops Sanchez and then looks for the Black Tornado Slam. Sanchez takes Quack down with a modified polish hammer. Quack boots Sanchez and clotheslines him down. He hits a spin-out slam for two. Frightmare and Quack hit a combination yakuza kick/palm strike. Dorado breaks the pin. Tursas emerges in the crowd, then to ringside. Frightmare misses the kneecolepsy and Dorado hits a spinwheel kick and lynxsault for two. Sanchez assists Dorado into a slam on Frightmare and Quack breaks the pin. Quack sends Dorado to the floor and drops Sanchez with a brainbuster for two. Dorado checks on Sanchez and asks the referee to assist him. Quack lights up Dorado with shots. Tursas grabs Quack’s leg. Quack dives onto him, but Tursas catches him and slams Quack back first onto the ring apron. Dorado pops up Frightmare and low blows him behind the referee’s back. this allows Dorado to get the pin at 15:10. This was another really fun match, and it looks like Sanchez and Dorado are on their way to three points (just in case Claudio and Ares lose them). A strong showing from all four participants, and I really hope Sanchez and Dorado team on a permanent basis even when the BDK dissolves. ***

Tursas looks to do more damage, but UltraMantis Black clears the ring with steel chair in hand.

Eddie Kingston says after taking a break from “the war” and beating Christopher Daniels and Tommy Dreamer, he goes back to business with Delirious. He says Delirious is going to be a casualty, and sooner or later Claudio Castagnoli is going to get his.

Eddie Kingston vs. Delirious {BDK}

Ares blows the whistle and Delirious and Kingston brawl in the aisle and around ringside before the bell. Delirious front facelocks a fan to suplex him, but Kingston stops him. Delirious gets in some shots and bites Kingston on the forehead. The bell rings once they hit the ring, and Kingston whips Delirious corner to corner. Kingston cracks Delirious with a mafia kick. Kingston’s leg is still bugging from his match with Bryan Danielson the night before. Delirious headbutts Kingston from the second rope. Delirious dropkicks Kingston’s leg out and drops some elbows on it. Delirious keeps on Kingston’s leg. Kingston turns over a figure four leg lock to force Delirious to let go. Delirious however just goes right back to Kingston’s knee. Kingston chops Delirious in the corner and whips him across. Delirious dropkicks Kingston’s leg out and hits the Panic Attack. Kingston clobbers Delirious with a punch as he heads up top. Kingston brings Delirious off the second rope with an ace crusher. Kingston lands a belly-to-belly suplex. Delirious blocks a clothesline and chop blocks Kingston down into a half crab. Kingston grabs the bottom rope to escape. Kingston front facelocks Delirious into a DDT for two. Delirious blocks the backfist with a headbutt to the gut. Delirious takes Kingston down with a clothesline and low flatliner for two. Kingston small packages Delirious for two. Kingston catches Delirious with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 9:27. This was a good match to be sure, but it left something to be desired. It seemed like it lacked the intensity you would expect from these two. Maybe my expectations were too high or something. Don’t get me wrong; this was still a good match. Hopefully we get something a little longer and more intense somewhere down the line. **1/2

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Vin Gerard {U} & STIGMA {U}

This is a rematch from Wit, Verve, and a Bit O’ Nerve, and came because of a challenge laid out by Ophidian at Aniversario Elf. Ophidian applies an Octopus stretch variation, and Gerard throws him off. Ophidian locks his legs around Gerard’s arms and sits down on the back of his neck. Gerard turns it over into a pendulum swing. STIGMA and Amasis come in after a stalemate is reached. STIGMA and Amasis feel each other out. STIGMA locks in a bear hug. Amasis dropkicks STIGMA into his corner and tags in Ophidian. Ophidian hits a knee strike then wheelbarrows Amasis into STIGMA. Gerard misses the 2k1 Bomb and then STO, and Ophidian takes him down with a headscissors. Ophidian rolls onto STIGMA’s shoulders and into an armdrag. Ophidian rolls out onto STIGMA and takes him down with a headscissors. Amasis and Gerard engage in an armdragriffic exchange. Each guy goes to a stalemate and they shake hands. Ophidian comes in upset and kicks Gerard in the stomach. Gerard hits Amasis with a forearm, and Ophidian knocks Gerard to the floor with a spinwheel kick. Amasis dives off the apron, but misses the UnStable and lands on Ophidian. STIGMA hits a somersault senton through the middle ropes onto Amasis and Gerard hits a tope con hilo onto Amasis. In the ring, the UnStable maintain control by beating down on Ophidian. Amasis tags in, and STIGMA drops him with a German suplex after Amasis gave Gerard an O’Conner Roll. STIGMA bridges the pin, but Ophidian comes in with double knees to break the pin. Ophidian sends Gerard to the floor. Gerard handstands on the apron into a headscissors on Ophidian. The Portal look for a Pyramid suplex to take STIGMA off the top rope. Gerard stops them and tries Ophidian’s own Ophidian Death Grip on him. Ophidian drops him and they roll to the floor. Amasis brings STIGMA down and hits him with the Stigmata and Gerard breaks the pin. Gerard drops Amasis with his double underhook facebuster, and Ophidian locks Gerard in the STF. He escapes. The Portal try a Pyramid suplex on STIGMA, but STIGMA pushes them and Ophidian so that Amasis gives Ophidian a reverse rana. Gerard lands on Ophidian with a reverse rana, and Ophidian rolls to the floor. Colin Delaney turns Ophidian’s mask around. STIGMA drops Amasis with the Air Raid Crash for two. Amasis kicks STIGMA in the face and gives him an enzugiri. Amasis small packages Gerard for two. Gerard drops Amasis with the 2k1 Bomb for two. Gerard crucifix pins Ophidian for the pin at 14:35. This was a really fun follow up to their previous match, but the crowd was not nearly as into this as they were in Easton. That aside, this was a very good match that showcased some of the best stuff the UnStable has had in awhile. ***

Ophidian pushes Gerard asking what his problem was. Colin Delaney comes into the ring as the Portal lick their wounds on the entrance way. Gerard and STIGMA get in Delaney’s face, forcing him to tell the Portal what he did. Delaney says he owes them nothing, and Gerard shoves Delaney. Delaney grabs the microphone and the Portal reenter the ring. Delaney tells them he turned Ophidian’s mask around and says he’s sorry…for this. Just then, Gerard and STIGMA attack the Portal. Gerard says that they played the Portal for suckers. Delaney adds that he can’t believe that all the fans believed that the UnStable would change after all they have done in CHIKARA. The UnStable leave the Portal in a heap and head to the back more cohesive than ever.

Tim Donst is outside the arena mocking Bryan Danielson’s return to the independents and his speech from last night. Donst says independent wrestling has been doing just fine without him, and they don’t need a savior. He says Danielson will be begging to go back to Tuesday nights after tonight.

Again, Danielson teases the fans with the NXT theme and then leads into “The Final Countdown”. The fans go nuts for Danielson when he emerges Once again, ties get thrown into the ring to welcome him back.

Bryan Danielson vs. Tim Donst {BDK}

After a handshake, Donst picks Danielson’s ankle. Danielson rolls through to escape. Donst slaps Danielson when Danielson goes for a second handshake. Danielson sits on Donst’s back and cranks on his arm. Donst and Danielson each switch into leg submissions. Donst says he’s best in the world and Danielson slaps him. On the floor, both guys trade waistlocks and submissions. They wrestle back into the ring where Donst applies a modified abdominal stretch. Danielson gets a hammerlock and Donst grabs the ropes where Danielson waits till four to release. A few drop downs allows Danielson to dropkick Donst to the floor. Donst sweeps Danielson’s feet on the apron, then steps on his chest on the floor. Donst throws Danielson face first into the apron and gets a two count. Donst grabs Danielson’s pec and stretches out his arm. Danielson gets up and blasts Donst with a pair of uppercuts. Donst applies a Camel Clutch with his fingers in Danielson’s mouth. Danielson kicks Donst in the chest, but Donst takes Danielson to the corner to lay in some shoulder blocks and to wrench on Danielson’s nipples. Donst whips Danielson chest first into the corner. Danielson goes under Donst and cracks him in the chest with a high kick. Danielson kicks Donst in the shoulder blades and applies an armbar. Donst goes to the mat where Danielson meets him with a diving knee strike off the apron. Danielson hits a top rope dropkick once Donst comes back in the ring. Danielson locks in the Cattle Mutilation. Donst rolls through and drops Danielson with a gator roll. Donst bridges a German suplex for two. Donst lays in elbows to the side of Danielson’s head, much like Danielson usually does and gets two. Danielson hangs Donst in a tree of woe and nails him with kicks in the arms. Danielson lands a hard baseball slide to fire the crowd up. Danielson suplexes Donst off the top, but Donst transistions into a crossbody for two. Donst applies the Hydralock and rolls Danielson back to bodyscissors him. Danielson prawn holds Donst for two. Danielson and Donst engage in a forearm battle. Donst rolls with one to knock Danielson down. Donst German suplexes Danielson, but Danielson lands on his feet. Danielson turns a sunset flip into a triangle choke. Donst lays in some forearms and Danielson fires up. He hits a headbutt and a dragon suplex which Donst kicks out of. Danielson blasts Donst over and over with elbow strikes to the side of the head. Danielson locks Donst in the Cattle Mutilation. Donst taps out at 18:37. This was really good mat wrestling, and one of the best technical matches CHIKARA has had since King of Trios 2009. Donst has really had a banner year in CHIKARA and is my candidate for CHIKARA wrestler of the year. He went toe-to-toe with Danielson and hand the crowd eating out of his hands. I enjoyed everything about this and is certainly the best match in CHIKARA this year thus far. ****

Donst rolls out of the ring instead of shaking Danielson’s hand, calling him old news. Donst tells Danielson to go back to Tuesdays. Danielson grabs the microphone and says he takes offense to the that and that he plans to go to TNA after 90 days. He tries to start a TNA chant but gets met with boos instead. Danielson puts over the fans and tells them to keep supporting independent companies even if he’s not there.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Claudio Castagnoli {BDK} & Ares {BDK} vs. Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen {TFN} & Helios {TFN}

Ares and Claudio attack Equinox and Helios before they can enter the ring. Claudio and Ares throws Helios on the stage. In the ring, Ares drops Equinox with a Tiger Driver for the pin at 0:09. The BDK is up one fall to zero early on. Claudio goes an immediate second pin and Equinox kicks out. The BDK bully Equinox while Helios recovers on the floor. Ares dropkicks Helios off the apron as he starts to crawl up. Equinox slips to the floor, but Helios is in too bad of shape to tag in. Claudio comes out and drops Equinox face first on the ring apron. The BDK goes back to mauling Equinox, but he won’t give up. Equinox blocks the assisted spears and takes down Claudio with a tornado DDT. Equinox finally tags in Helios who Tiger Walks into a hip toss on Claudio into Ares. Helios flips off Claudio and rana’s Ares for a two count. Helios hits the Deja Vu. Many of the Tecnicos run out to ringside to root on Helios and Equinox. Helios hits a 619 to Claudio’s back in the corner then hits a flying crossbody for two. Helios comes off the top rope with a super hurricanrana, and Ares breaks the pin. Helios rolls into a prawn hold for two. Equinox superkicks Ares for two. Equinox gives Claudio a low hurricanrana, and Helios hits a standing shooting star press for two. Ares accidentally knocks Claudio to the apron and Helios O’Conner rolls him. Ares pushes Helios off, and Helios dives onto Claudio on the floor. Equinox blasts Ares with a hard right punch. Helios hits the 630 splash, and Claudio pulls Helios to the floor. Claudio Swiss Chin Music’s Equinox off the apron. Helios flies in with the Sky Is Falling for two. Helios superkicks Claudio. Tursas comes out of the aisleway, and the Tecnicos and referee send him packing. Claudio turns Helios inside out with a clothesline. Helios small packages Claudio for two. Ares blocks Helios for a swinging DDT on Claudio. Claudio pops-up Helios into a European Uppercut to win the second fall and the match at 12:45. This was an awesome match with the fans going nuts for almost everything in the second fall. Claudio and Ares worked really well with the smaller guys, and you could believe the Future Is Now could come back and take it. I really enjoyed this, and this was a hell of a main event. ***3/4


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