We Must Eat Michigan’s Brain


Taylor, MI – 6.26.2010

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Gavin Loudspeaker, Mike Quackenbush, Steve “The Turtle” Weiner, and UltraMantis Black.

The show opens with Gavin Loudspeaker playing acoustic guitar and singing a song about the upcoming “Chikarasaurus Rex” event.

Mike Quackenbush vs. Green Ant {C}

Green Ant and Quack begin by trading holds in this teacher vs. student battle. Green Ant holds more of his own than you would imagine. Quack tries a pin with Green Ant grabbing a bodyscissors. Quack turns over so he’s on guard and tries to hold Green Ant’s shoulders to the mat. Green Ant grabs an armbar variation. Quack turns it into a modified bow and arrow stretch. Green Ant turns into a horse collar. Quack locks Green Ant’s arm with his leg, then twists the hand and fingers on Green Ant’s other arm. Green Ant looks for the cloverleaf, but Quack twists Green Ant to the mat into a vice grip variation. Quack works back to the feet, but Green Ant takes the match back to the mat. Green Ant finally grabs the cloverleaf. He grabs the ropes to escape. Quack side steps a flying headbutt and applies a half crab with his knee on the back of Green Ant’s head. Green Ant submits at 6:09. This was a really good hold-for-hold mat based match that really showed that Green Ant has what it takes to hang with the more seasoned wrestlers. For only 6 minutes, this really packed a punch and got the crowd off right. **1/4

Sanchez says that he and Lince Dorado have the Osirian Portal’s number tonight in a crazed manner. Lince calms him down and says that it’s just the Osirian Portal they have to deal with, and that the BDK is the most dominant faction in the world.

Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP} vs. Lince Dorado {BDK} & Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}

Sanchez tries to get the early lead, but Ophidian is able to use his agility to come back. Amasis tags in and the Portal get in a double team corner attack. Sanchez pokes Amasis in the eyes and tags in Dorado. Amasis forces Dorado to do some dancing and tags in Ophidian who drops Dorado with a crucifix. Ophidian tries a few pinfall attempts and stretches out Dorado’s neck on the mat. Sanchez comes in with a running knee strike to Ophidian’s head to cut him off. Dorado and Sanchez keep on Ophidian, including the ulitization of illegal tactics, to keep Ophidian out of Amasis’ reach. Ophidian is able to wheelbarrow Sanchez into a facebuster and tag in Amasis finally. Amasis takes out Sanchez with a flurry of offense. Sanchez dropkicks Amasis to the floor and springboard onto him with a tope con hilo. Ophidian follows with a corkscrew senton, and Dorado hits a tornado lynxsault onto the pile. Amasis is now the one getting bullied by the BDK, as they cut Amasis off as they reenter the ring. Amasis is able to side step and superkick by Dorado, and Dorado kicks Sanchez. Amasis pescado’s onto Sanchez, and Ophidian comes in legally with a missile dive onto Dorado. Ophidian rolls onto Dorado’s shoulders into a headscissors. Ophidian monkey flips into another headscissors for two. Dorado gets a crescent kick in. Ophidian swats a second one with his own kick and reverse prawn holds Dorado for two. Ophidian throws Dorado to the floor with another headscissors. Sanchez dragonscrews Ophidian down then hits a bodyscissors implant DDT for two. Amasis hits a discuss forearm and a running STO on Sanchez. Ophidian rolls to the floor and gives Sanchez a headscissors. Dorado comes in with two crossbodys on Amasis. He hits a superkick. Amasis kicks him in the gut as Ophidian comes in the ring. Dorado drops both guys with a flipping spike DDT. Amasis gives Dorado a hard forearm for two. Amasis looks for the Twist of Funk, but Dorado spikes Amasis on his head with a prawn hold piledriver for the pin at 15:32. This was a very fun tag team match that showed the roles each team play as Rudos and Tecnicos very well. They both played their parts well, pulled off some real cool looking stuff, and the BDK get one point before their tag match tomorrow. ***

Dorado and Sanchez continue to beat on Amasis and Ophidian post-match, but Vin Gerard and STIGMA make the save. These two teams will battle tomorrow night in Cleveland.

UltraMantis Black vs. Delirious {BDK}

Mantis tells Delirious that he stabbed him in the back and that he wants answers. Ares, who is ringside, blows the dog whistle and Delirious tries a dropkick. Mantis is able to hang with the deranged Delirious for a bit, going tit-for-tat with strikes and reversals. Delirious throws Mantis to the floor, and Mantis brings him out. Mantis throws Delirious face first into a beam. Mantis gives Delirious some chops, and Delirious fires back with some shots of his own. In the ring, Delirious gets an abdominal stretch, and Mantis reverses. Mantis hip tosses Delirious and drops him with a neckbreaker. Back on the floor, Delirious throws Mantis shoulder first into the ring post. In the ring Delirious gives Mantis a divorce court DDT. Delirious keeps on the arm until Mantis drops Delirious on his head with a release suplex. Mantis hip tosses Delirious out of the corner. Mantis brings Delirious corner-to-corner hitting a new strike each time. He fakes out Delirious with a clothesline out of a whip. Mantis looks for the Praying Mantis Bomb and Ares throws Delirious’s chain in the ring. Behind the officials back, Ares gets on the apron. Mantis throws Delirious into Ares and rolls up Delirious with an O’Conner Roll for the pin at 6:07. The fans give Mantis a big ovation for his major victory. This was so much fun to watch, and I loved these two just laying into each other. Mantis winning was a refreshing surprise and really adds more to the story than if Delirious were just able to win right away. **1/2

Ares brings Delirious out of the ring and takes him to the back.

The Super Smash Bros. are backstage, and Uno says that the Super Smash Bros. and The Colony have never faced one another in a tag match. Dos pulls out of list of how the Colony and SSB are similar; some true, some joke reasons. Uno says they will be getting their first point tonight.

Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} vs. Player Uno {SSB} & Player Dos {SSB}

Fire Ant wrenches on a headlock. Uno sends Fire Ant to the floor with a shoulder tackle, and does the same to Soldier Ant. We get some fast action between all four combatants going back and forth. The Colony cut off Player Dos and wear him down in their corner. Dos comes back with a double moonsault kick to both Soldier Ant and Fire Ant. Uno tags in and takes down Fire Ant with a backbreaker. The Super Smash Bros. now isolate Fire Ant, targeting his mid-section and neck. Fire Ant comes off Uno’s shoulders with a bulldog and a dropkick. Soldier Ant comes off top over Dos and onto Uno with a crossbody. He drops Dos with a flapjack and Uno with a Samoan Drop. Soldier Ant nails him with a saluting elbow and Fire Ant cracks him with an Antzugiri. The Colony give Uno the Ants Marching dropkick. Soldier Ant hits a flying saluting headbutt for two. Dos spins Soldier Ant into a facebuster. Dos ducks the Heat of the Moment and gives Fire Ant a superkick. Uno drops Fire Ant with a flatliner for two. The Smash Bros. hit a sidewalk slam/inverted DDT combo and Soldier Ant breaks the pin. Each time evades attacks in the corner, till Fire Ant and Soldier Ant attack Dos with an Antzugiri and diving saluting headbutt. Dos blocks the Super Beach Break and Uno gives Fire Ant the M. Bison Stomp. Soldier Ant takes Uno over with a German suplex, and as he lands Dos crashes onto him with a frog splash. Dos and Fire Ant trade strikes in the middle of the ring. Fire Ant connects with a brainbuster for two. Dos hops out of the corner and gives Fire Ant a headscissors. Dos drops Fire Ant with a Dragon Suplex and a standing B13 for two. Uno waterwheel slams Fire Ant into a back cracker from Dos, and Soldier Ant breaks the pin. Soldier Ant lands a chinbreaker on Uno and knocks down Dos with a clothesline. Uno clotheslines Soldier Ant out to the floor and sends Fire Ant to the apron. Fire Ant gives him an antzugiri, and Dos flies over both of them with a tope con hilo onto Soldier Ant. Uno schoolboys Fire Ant for two. Fire Ant gives him the Yahtzee Kick for the pin at 11:55. This was a really great tag team match that really showed off the skills of both teams. I love that Fire Ant’s Yahtzee Kick was used a finish, cuz it always looks so cool and deadly. The Super Smash Bros. looked like gold here and meshed real well with the Colony as expected. Very good outing from both teams. ***1/4

For the next match, Eddie Kingston emerges. Then, “Wild & Young”, the WWE NXT theme hits the speakers. It transitions into “The Final Countdown” by Europe and Bryan Danielson emerges to an enormous reaction. Danielson looks so happy as he goes around the ring to embrace the fans. As he enters, the ring is showered with ties (as a call back to him being released from WWE for kayfabe choking out ring announcer Justin Roberts). We get the ring introductions for both competitors, and this first time independent dream match is on.

Bryan Danielson vs. Eddie Kingston

Kingston grabs a hard wrist lock and Danielson breaks cleanly. Kingston breaks a lock-up the same way. Danielson goes back to the arm and puts Kingston in a headscissors on the mat. Kingston escapes and invites Danielson to bring it. Danielson brings Kingston back to the match, hyperextending Kingston’s arm to the mat by stepping on it. Danielson escapes a wristlock and dropkicks Kingston to the floor. When he comes in, Danielson kicks away at Kingston’s legs as they look to lace fingers. Kingston asks for it, so Danielson kicks him more frequently till he is on the mat. Danielson applies a modified Camel Clutch. Kingston escapes, but Danielson takes him down and applies an ankle lock. Danielson looks for the surf board, but instead pulls at Kingston’s face. He then stomps on Kingston’s legs. Back on their feet, Kingston evades a hip toss with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston gets in some chops, and then Danielson and Kingston trade slaps. Danielson lays in some knees to Kingston’s face before kicking him in the shoulder. Kingston begs for more as he try to fight up from his knees. Danielson twits on Kingston’s ankles, then grapevines the legs. Danielson drops down to apply more pressure. Danielson rolls Kingston into an odd pinning combination for two. Kingston lights up Danielson with chops, and Danielson fires up asking for more. Danielson boots Kingston, but Kingston takes him over with a urinage suplex. Kingston lands a yakuza kick and a bridging Northern Lights suplex for two. Danielson turns over into a front chancery, and then the Cattle Mutilation. Kingston gets his foot on the bottom rope to break. Danielson kicks Kingston multiple times in the chest. Danielson catches him in the jaw with another. Danielson lands a forearm in the corner and comes off the top rope with a dropkick. Kingston catches a clothesline and drops Danielson with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston turns Danielson inside out with a lariat. Danielson locks Kingston in a triangle choke. Kingston rolls Danielson over into a prawn hold variation for two. Claudio Castagnoli emerges from the back, saying he’s keeping his eyes on the match. Danielson and Kingston trade headbutts while on their knees. They get to their feet and trade slaps. Danielson kicks away at Kingston’s arm, and he retaliates with chops. Danielson ducks the backfist and hits a couple forearms. Kingston drops Danielson with a low backdrop for two. Claudio grabs Kingston’s ankle as he hits the ropes. Kingston baseball slides him. Danielson catches Kingston with a small package for the pin at 15:19. This was a very good match, and these two gave the crowd what they wanted for the most part. It kind of stinks that Claudio had to interfere to taint the match somewhat, but it worked for what they did. It did seem to deflate the crowd near the end, but I still enjoyed this. Both guys really worked quite hard to put on a great match and I think they both did very well. ***3/4

Eddie Kingston grabs the microphone and puts him over as one of the best wrestlers now. Kingston recalls watching Danielson as a fan in the Super 8 tournament and making Philadelphia a city about on-the-mat professional wrestling. Kingston says it was an honor and a pleasure to share the canvas with him. Danielson has the fans give Kingston a round of applause as he heads to the back. Danielson says he can’t say a lot about what’s going on at the moment, but the feeling of the fans caring enough to come out and see him made him feel good. He says he doesn’t know where his career will take him, but for now his goal is tor bring more people to independent wrestling. He says CHIKARA does PG wrestling at its very best. He mentions his merchandise table in the back and then thanks the fans before leaving.

The Soul Touchaz are backstage and welcome Acid Jaz back into the fold. C. Red (their manager) says they’ve heard all the rumors about the BDK and that tonight they are going to touch their souls.

Marshe Rockett {ST}, Acid Jaz {ST}, & Willie “da Bomb” Richardson {ST} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK}, Ares {BDK}, & Tursas {BDK}

Jaz takes Ares down with a headscissors and some armdrags. Ares takes a powder and in comes Tursas. The fans chant for Richardson, so Jaz tags him in. Tursas tags in Claudio to spoil the fans’ dream. Claudio chops Richardson in the corner, but he comes out with a bionic elbow. Rockett tags in and Claudio takes out his legs. Claudio misses an uppercut, and Rockett takes down Claudio with a few kicks. Richardson hits a bionic elbow, but Claudio evades a dropkick. Tursas tags in. Claudio cheap shots him, and Tursas splashes Richardson in the corner. Richardson ducks a double clothesline, and sends Ares and Claudio to the floor with clotheslines. Jaz looks for a dive, but Tursas knocks him down with a body block. The BDK trio trap Jaz for a bit, but Jaz makes a semi-quick comeback on Ares. Rockett tags in and eats a wheelbarrow assisted spear from Ares and a gutwrench suplex from Claudio. Rockett gets worn down by the BDK trio, until Rockett turns a suplex from Claudio into a neckbreaker. Richardson tags in and knocks Claudio to the floor with a big shoulder tackle. Ares gets pounced to the floor by Richardson. Tursas and Richardson trade chops. Richardson blocks a splash with a forearm. Richardson hits the ropes, but Claudio low bridges them and Richardson comes to the mat. Claudio and Tursas beat on Richardson on the floor, but Jaz comes off the top with a splash onto both men. In the ring Jaz drops Ares with a side Russian leg sweep. Jaz hits a couple legdrops before breakdancing into a fist drop for two. Rockett and Jaz get some hard kicks on Ares for two. Tursas hits a standing crossbody onto Rockett for two. Jaz gives Tursas a missile dropkick. Richardson looks for a pounce and Ares grabs his ankle. Richardson gives Ares a bionic elbow, and Tursas clobbers Ares to the floor. Jaz and Rockett push Tursas to the floor, and Rockett comes at them with a huge dive. Claudio hits Jaz with a European uppercut and the Swiss Chin Music in the ring. Eddie Kingston emerges from the entrance ramp and eggs Claudio on. Claudio accidentally crotches himself looking for a baseball slide. Jaz rolls up Claudio to score a major upset at 10:58. This was a huge win for the Soul Touchaz and the first trios loss for Claudio, Ares, and Tursas. They put on a very fun match and I am hoping this means we got more Soul Touchaz in CHIKARA. If not, it’s very odd they gave this big win to a non-regular team. But I am not complaining. ***

Tim Donst is backstage. He says Frightmare reminds Donst of himself when he first started because the people look at him the same way. Donst tells Frightmare that the fans don’t care about the wrestlers but rather that they have something to do on a Saturday night. Donst says he doesn’t want Frightmare to show up, and if he does, Donst won’t give Frightmare the chance for the people to turn on him.

Young Lions Cup
Tim Donst {BDK} (Champion) vs. Frightmare {I}

Frightmare gets the early lead with a few armdrags and a satellite headscissors. Donst tries a test of strength, but Frightmare uses the ropes to take him down with a hurricanrana. Frightmare brings Donst to the floor and hits a tope con hilo. Frightmare holds Donst so that the fans can chop him in the chest. A smaller fan headbutts Donst in the chest. In the ring Frightmare hits a few chops and takes Donst over with a hurricanrana. Donst kicks away at Frightmare on the mat. Frightmare backflips to avoid a clothesline, and Donst comes back with a chop block. Donst targets Frightmare’s knees while on offense. Frightmare misses a kneecolepsy in a moment of desperation, giving Donst an even bigger offense. He informs the crowd he has till five when breaking a submission, clearly an homage to his match tomorrow night with Bryan Danielson. Frightmare drops Donst on his head with a DDT. Frightmare drops Donst with a crucifix bomb for two. Donst powerbombs Frightmare off the top rope for two, and then turns over into a Boston crab. Donst gives Frightmare a Gator roll for two. Donst dumps Frightmare into the crowd, but the fans help him up and bring him back to the ring. Donst takes off the top turnbuckle, and Frightmare schoolboys Donst for two. Donst throws Frightmare to the floor and continues to take off the top turnbuckle behind the referee’s back. Donst tries a schoolboy and Frightmare kicks Donst in the head. He hits the kneecolepsy and Donst kicks out. Frightmare transitions into the CHIKARA Special. Donst turns over into a horse collar. Frightmare kicks him off and Donst tries to throw Frightmare into the corner. Bryce notices the turnbuckle and fixes it. While distracted, Donst pulls out a tie and chokes Frightmare out with it. His arm is covering the tie so Bryce can’t see it. Frightmare’s arm drops three times, giving Donst the win at 11:45. While this was an effectively sound match, the problem with taking Frightmare’s leg out is that a lot of his cool and exciting is taken out for the majority of the match. The parts they played worked out well, but there was some intangible that was missing. It felt like they were more concentrated on building up to Donst vs. Danielson the next night than making Frightmare seem like a believable YLC contender. **3/4

Jimmy “Equinox” Olsen {TFN}, Helios {TFN}, Scott “Jagged” Parker {3.0}, & Shane Matthews {3.0} vs. Icarus {F}, Chuck Taylor {F}, Vin Gerard {U}, & STIGMA {U}

3.0 is now using the Fall Out Boy cover of “Beat It” and I am heartbroken. The Rudo squadron attacks the Tecnicos before the bell. The fight spills to the floor, with Taylor and Matthews brawling in the crowd. Helios and Icarus are back in the ring, and Helios sends Icarus to the floor. Helios gets dragged out to the floor. STIGMA throws Equinox into the ring and pounds on him with forearms. The rest of the gang is brawling as Equinox sends STIGMA to the floor with a hurricanrana then takes him out with an armdrag. Jagged and Gerard trade pins. Jagged gets in the Dusty punches and a bionic elbow. Jagged sends Gerard to the floor and follows with a pescado onto the UnStable. Matthews gives Taylor a headscissors, sending him back to the floor. Matthews does the same with Gerard, Icarus, and STIGMA. Matthews goes up top, but Helios beats him to the punch by hitting the Rudos with the Sasuke Special. Finally things become orderly, and the Rudos isolate Jagged in their corner. Jagged side steps a spear from Icarus. He hits Taylor, and Jagged gives Taylor an enzugiri before hitting the floor. Helios tags in and takes down F.I.S.T. Gerard then pops up Helios into a clothesline from STIGMA. Now the Rudos beat down Helios in their corner. Helios drops Taylor with a headscissors into a DDT, but STIGMA cuts off Helios from the tag. Helio moonsaults onto Taylor and Equinox tags in. STIGMA dropkicks Equinox into his corner and tags in Icarus. Equinox gets cut off pretty quickly but is able to come back with a reverse DDT on Gerard.Matthews tags in and takes down the Rudos with clotheslines. He picks up Jagged and has him give dropkicks to Taylor and Icarus, and then throws him into Taylor. 3.0 double team STIGMA and Icarus, getting a two count before Gerard breaks it. Jagged forearms Gerard and drops him with the Gory Special. F.I.S.T. hit their big boot/back cracker combo on Jagged for two. Equinox spikes Taylor with a hurricanrana, and Helios hits a standing shooting star press for two. The UnStable hit a neck breaker and DDT on Equinox for two. Taylor dives onto The Future Is Now and STIGMA while Gerard dives onto Icarus and 3.0. Gerard gives Matthews a 2k1 Bomb for two. Helios flies in with Chocolate Rain to Gerard, and STIGMA takes Helios down with a German suplex. Equinox takes down STIGMA, but Equinox eats the Sole Food from Taylor and a spear and pedigree from Icarus. Matthews breaks the pin. Taylor brings Gerard off the top rope with a fireman’s carry, and Matthews hits a top rope elbow smash. Taylor breaks the pin. F.I.S.T. and 3.0 are in the ring together. Jagged brings Taylor to the floor. Matthews german suplexes Icarus. Icarus looks for the Shiranui on helios, but Equinox blasts him with the right hand. Helios lands with the 630 splash on Icarus for the pin at 15:47. Yet again, the Atomicos match proves to be a damn fine outing for all men involved. This was a lot of fast and furious fun, and goes to show why team wrestling is more showcased in CHIKARA than singles wrestling. This also leads nicely into the Future Is Now’s tag title shot tomorrow night, and 3.0. and F.I.S.T.’s tag match tomorrow night as well. ***1/2

As a bonus, Smart Mark Video has included the pre-show match featuring CLASH Wrestling roster members. Even though this is a tag team match, points are NOT in play.

CLASH Wrestling Showcase Match
Cameron Skyy & J. Miller vs. GQ Gallo & Tommy Treznik

From a distance Skyy looks like Mac from It’s Always Sunny. Gallo and Skyy go back and forth to start. Gallo rolls to the floor, and Treznik forearms Skyy in the side of the head. Skyy and Treznik trade irish whips and Skyy back eblows Treznik to the floor. Skyy sends Gallo out with him. Miller tags in and Treznik brings him to the corner. Miller springboards into an armdrag. Treznik forearms Miller in the back and backdrops Miller into a fist drop. Gallo and Treznik double team Miller until he moonsaults onto Treznik on the floor. Miller blasts Gallo with a right hand and chops him in the corner. Skyy gives Gallo a European uppercut to the back of his neck for two. Miller tags in and continues the attack on Gallo. Gallo gets an O’Conner Roll then messes up a springboard. Miller kicks him in the back for two. Treznik tags in and drops Miller on his back while his own arm is clutching his throat. Treznik and Gallo keep on top of Miller, but Miller rams Treznik’s face into the turnbuckles while his knees are wrapped around his head. Skyy tags in and knocks down Treznik and Gallo. They attempt a comeback but Skyy throws them into each other. Skyy throws Gallo into Treznik then lariats Treznik to the mat. Skyy reaches into his crotch and pulls out some playing cards. He throws them while yelling “Deal me in!” then drops a running elbow for two. Gallo hits a knee strike and s uperkick. Miller comes in and dropkicks Gallo down. He heads up top and misses a double stomp. Treznik drops Miller with a bulldog driver which looks awesome. Skyy and Gallo trade forearms. Skyy hits a reverse slingblade for the pin in 9:41. These teams certainly made the most of their showcase match and put on a really fun tag team match with some innovative stuff. Miller and Skyy impressed me most, which is good because they will be facing each other for a spot in the Young Lions Cup tournament at an upcoming CLASH tag team tournament. I was quite impressed with these guys and wouldn’t mind seeing them on the main CHIKARA card if CHIKARA comes back to Michigan. **3/4


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