CZW: Lines in the Sand

Philadelphia, PA – 6.12.2010

CZW Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger (Champions) vs. Brain Damage & Masada

Chris Hero is leaving from his match when Younger and Kingston make their entrance. Kingston and Hero stare at one another as they pass but Younger makes sure no fighting occurs. All four men brawl in the ring to start. Younger and Kingston send Masada and Damage to the floor. Younger somersualt sentons off the apron onto both of them. Billy Gram (the heels manager) is chased around the ring by Younger and Kingston. Masada suicide dives onto them to stop them in their tracks. Damage lights up Kingston with strikes while Younger whips Masada into the barricade. Younger throws a chair into Damage’s face. Younger sets up two chairs in the ring. He and Kingston double backdrop Damage through them. Kingston launches Younger off the top rope onto Damage and Masada on the floor. Younger holds them so that Kingston can suicide dive onto them. Kingston kicks Damage in the groin back in the ring. Masada bulldogs Younger on a chair while Kingston puts Damage through a table in the corner with a spinebuster. Kingston boots Masada when he comes back in the ring. Damage throws a chair at Younger’s head. Kingston Saito suplexes Masada. Younger throws a chair at Damage’s head. Masada German suplexes Kingston on his head, but Younger then suplexes a table onto Masada. Younger sets up a table on the top rope. He whips Masada into it and drops him with a neckbreaker for two. Kingston and Damage lay into each other on the floor. Damage whips him into the barricade. Younger sets up a table next to the one on the ropes. Masada Death Valley Driver’s Younger off the corner table through the table on the mat. Younger somehow kicks out at two. Kingston sets Masada on the top rope. Damage takes Kingston down and punches Younger. Masada gives Kingston a missile dropkick. Masada smacks two chair into Kingston’s head. Masada and Damage bring in a barbed wire and wood net. Despite his best efforts, Kingston gets double suplexed onto it (sort of, it was botched). Masada makes up for it by powerbombing Kingston through it. Younger breaks the pin. Masada misses a backfist. Damage blasts Younger with a haymaker for two. Younger evades double knees through the chair. Younger Magistral cradles Damage for the pin at 14:01. This was a lot better than Younger and Kingston’s defense against the Cult Fiction duo from the last show, though the finish was also underwhelming and out of nowhere. They built to a lot just to end up with a roll-up which made me feel a little cheated. That finish aside however, this was solid hardcore action throughout. **3/4

Shortly after this match, Eddie Kingston would leave CZW. It’s a shame because he and Younger had excellent chemistry but only had two defenses against lame opponents. The tag titles were vacated and were put up in an eight team tournament. That tournament would see the CZW debut of a CHIKARA tag team looking for gold.


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