JAPW: Notorious Thunder

Rahway, NJ – 5.22.2010

Eddie Kingston vs. Steve Corino

Corino boots Kingston and tosses him to the floor. Corino throws Kingston into the guardrail and stomps on him. In the ring, Kingston pokes Corino in the eyes. Kingston hits a corner clothesline and goes back to Corino’s eyes. Corino hits the ropes and Kingston knees him in the gut for a one count. Kingston dumps Corino to the floor. Kingston teases throwing Corino into the crowd but instead throws him back in the ring. Corino kicks the ropes against Kingston’s nuts as Kingston comes back in the ring. Corino hits a running chop. Corino misses a knee strike. Kingston and Corino trade strikes. Kingston headbutts Corino down for two. Corino hits a short-arm lariat and a Sliding D for two. Kingston blocks a lariat and nails Corino with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 5:56. Well that was short, and an overall nothing match. Though the finish was pretty nifty. *


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