Aniversario Zehn


Tyngsboro, MA – 5.22.2010

The arena is in a big sports complex, very reminiscent of the Rexplex ROH used to run when they went to Elizabeth, NJ. It’s also reminiscent of the Manassas ROH venue. This should make for a fun atmosphere. This is also the first ever CHIKARA show to take place on Astroturf.

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Gavin Loudspeaker, UltraMantis Black, Bryce Remsburg, and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner.

Green Ant {C} vs. Amasis {OP}

Amasis dances out of a wristlock and into a headlock. Green Ant reverses back into the wristlock, and Amasis dances to escape again. Amasis and Green Ant switch in and out of front face locks on the mat. Amasis rolls up Green Ant for two. Green Ant armdrags Amasis into a pinning combination for two. Green Ant trips Amasis, but Amasis comes up and powerslams Green Ant for two. Amasis suplexes Green Ant into a two count. Green Ant rolls up Amasis for two. Amasis applies an armbar which Green Ant rolls into a cradle for two. Amasis goes back to the arm. Amasis applies a pendulum body stretch on the mat. Amasis hits a shoulder tackle. Amasis takes Green Ant over with a double underhook suplex for two. Green Ant applies an ankle lock, and Amasis rolls into a pin. He knocks Green Ant in the neck. Green Ant looks for a splash, but Amasis rams him head first into the ring post. Green Ant fires himself up and headbutts Amasis a few times. Green Ant knocks Amasis down with a dropkick and a flying headbutt. Green Ant hits a splash for two. Green Ant drops Amasis with a fireman’s carry slam. Green Ant locks Amasis in the Clover Leaf. We’re told Vin Gerard is sitting in the front row watching this match, as he has a singles match with Amasis tomorrow night. Amasis escapes and goes for a discuss elbow. Green Ant rolls through into a pin for two. Green Ant lays in some chops to Amasis, and Amasis hits the discuss elbow for the pin at 7:48. This was a solid opener to get the show going. Both guys didn’t do anything too fancy, but had a good match nonetheless. *3/4

The Throwbacks are backstage, mentioning how they lost to the BDK before, but tonight is all seriousness. Dunkerton says he doesn’t want to fight Daizee, but he wants to get with her. Dasher leaves in protest, and Dunkerton says he wants to melt Daizee’s icy heart with some hot chocolate.

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Tursas {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

Dunkerton stands up to Tursas, saying he takes his Flintstone vitamins. Those things are so delicious. Turssas shoves Dunkerton away as he trash talks his chest. Daizee tags in and Dunkerton checks her out. Hatfield discourages Dunkerton from making any further flattering comments. He gives Dunkerton his basketball. Daizee throws it at Dunkerton, and he wants to hug it out. She takes Dunkerton to the mat in a side headlock. They two trade holds. Dunkerton asks her to go to the movies while she’s in an overhand wristlock. She slams him down and goes to the floor with Tursas to refocus. She comes in and Dunkerton asks to lace fingers. Daizee agrees and misses a clothesline. Dunkerton picks her up and sings while spinning her around. Tursas tags in, and Dunkerton says he’s jealous cuz he’s macking on his girl. Dunkerton tries some running forearms, but Tursas mows him down with a shoulder tackle. Tursas misses a corner splash and Dunkerton lays in five punches in the corner. Tursas stops in, but Hatfield comes in and dropkicks Tursas in the gut. Hatfield puts Dunkerton on his shoulders so that Dunkerton can forearm Tursas in the head. Daizee clips Hatfieldss knee. Tursas clotheslines him and Daizee clotheslines Hatfield. The BDK isolate Dunkerton from Hatfield and beat him down. Dunkerton finally leapfrogs over Daizee and tags in Hatfield. Hatfield rocks Tursas with hard offense, but Tursas can’t get taken down. Hatfield throws Dunkerton into Tursas and Tursas is tied into the ropes ala Andre the Giant. The Throwbacks hit tandem dropkicks on Tursas. They go for it again, but Daizee distracts Dunkerton. Hatfield tries to get him back in the match. Tursas hits a flying crossbody off the ropes onto Hatfield for the pin at 11:21 as Daizee holds Dunkerton back. This was a fun match and Dunkerton played his part to a tee. The small amount of time Hatfield was in the ring he also looked good. This was a fun match, but I wish The Throwbacks could have won to give something to CHIKARA. **

Tursas gives Dunkerton a big splash after the match for good measure. Daizee smiles at the gesture.

Ophidian {OP} vs. STIGMA {U}

STIGMA drills Ophidian with a forearm. STIGMA lays in some more forearms. Ophidian looks for the Death Grip early, and STIGMA turns him looking for the Stigmata. Forearms and chops and thrown by both guys. STIGMA forearms Ophidian in the back. Ophidian evades a face wash. He toreador’s into a headlock, then gives STIGMA a headscissors. He rolls up STIGMA, who gives Ophidian a back breaker for two. Ophidian tries a few pin attempts after STIGMA hits some more forearms. Ophidian hits him with an enzugiri. He tries for a crucifix bomb. STIGMA blocks, and STIGMA sends Ophidian to the floor with an armdrag. STIGMA looks for a dive. Ophidian runs back into the ring and lands a corkscrew tope. STIGMA catches Ophidian with double knees to the chest as Ophidian comes off the top with a cross body. STIGMA awkwardly brings Ophidian out of the corner and pins him for two, getting sarcastic applause from the audience. STIGMA slaps Ophidian a couple times. Ophidian hops over STIGMA and looks for a headscissors. STIGMA drops Ophidian chest first on the mat, and Ophidian rolls to the floor. STIGMA dropkicks Ophidian in the head as he comes in the ring, getting a two count. STIGMA drops Ophidian with a snake eyes in the corner. He snapmares Ophidian into a pin for two. STIGMA looks for the Stigmata and Ophidian knees STIGMA in the shoulder to escape. STIGMA continues with the forearms. Ophidian cracks STIGMA with a spinning kick to STIGMA’s face. Ophidian gives STIGMA a fisherman’s suplex. Ophidian brings STIGMA out of the corner with double knees into a monkey flip for two. STIGMA avoids the double knees and German suplexes Ophidian. STIGMA facewashes him in the corner for two. STIGMA looks for the Stigmata, and Ophidian rolls into a prawn hold for two. Ophidian cracks STIGMA with a couple kicks to the head. Ophidian hops in from the apron with a quebrada for two. STIGMA German suplexes Ophidian again and hits him with That Japanese Move for the pin at 11:54. Real interesting finish, as STIGMA has not used that move since turning Rudo back in August 2008. STIGMA looked awkward at many moments in the match, hesitating and not making quick decisions. Ophidian on the other hand carried a lot of weight here (literally and figuratively) and looked great. **1/2

Tim Donst and Lince Dorado are backstage. Donst recalls his time in the Neo-Solar Temple and the Sea Donsters, saying he was the backbone of those groups. He says Lince was also the backbone of the Future Is Now that he is ready for tonight. He asks Lince how it will feel beating the Future Is Now. Lince said he’d much rather show Donst than tell him.

Equinox {TFN} & Helios {TFN} vs. Tim Donst {BDK} & Lince Dorado {BDK}

Dorado brings Helios to the corner in a lock-up. He condescendingly pats Helios on the face. Helios backs Dorado to the corner and does the same. They trade wristlocks till Doardo slaps Helios. Donst comes in and attacks Helios from behind. Donst and Helios trade blows. Helios wheelbarrows into an armdrag. Helios toreadors Donst and then gives him a satellite headscissors takedown. Equinox tags in. Donst bails to the floor, but Equinox is able to catch Dorado with chops as he comes in. Equinox backdrops Dorado for two. Dorado pushes Equinox back into the corner where he is double teamed. Equinox fights them both off, and Dorado pops Donst up into a flatliner on Equinox. Dorado hits a Lynxsault for two. Much like Tursas and Daizee did to Dunkerton, The BDK isolate Equinox from his partner and beat him down. Equinox is able to hit the floor finally to tag in Helios. He dropkicks Donst off the apron and headscissors Dorado down twice. Helios elbows Donst to the floor, then flips up into a huricanrana for two. Helios Tiger walks Dorado. He dives over Dorado onto Donst on the floor. Equinox comes in with a missile dropkick and s uperkick to Dorado for two. Dorado superkicks Equinox’s ankle out so that he crotches himself in the corner. Dorado double stomps Equinox in a tree of woe, and Helios breaks the pin. Dorado hits Helios with the Doomsday Device as Helios is standing on Dorado’s shoulders. Dorado misses a Lynxsault to the floor while Donst locks Helios in the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Equinox punches Dorado then spikes Donst with a low hurricanarana. Equinox locks on the CHIKARA Special on Donst. Dorado breaks it and crothces Helios on the top rope. Helios hits the Sky is Falling off the top rope. He then lands on Dorado with a shooting star press for the pin at 11:38. This was a super fun tag match with lots of high flying, fun action. The Future Is Now proved they had what it takes to take out some of the BDK guys, leading to their title shot next month. I very much enjoyed this. ***

Pinkie Sanchez is pissed off that Fire Ant dropped him on his head with a Beach Break on the ring apron at King of Trios. He’s also mad at the fans for the fact that they didn’t care that he won the Cibernetico, but rather that he may be a character from the future. Sanchez says he’s going to express his emotions in the ring tonight.

Fire Ant {C} vs. Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}

Sanchez and Fire Ant start this off by running at one another with hard strikes. They continue the hard strikes, and Fire Ant cracks Sanchez with an antzugiri in the corner. He hits a seated dropkick and Sanchez goes to the floor. Fire Ant flies onto him with a tope con hilo. Sanchez evades the Heat of the Moment and gives Fire Ant a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He follows with a double knees to the back. Sanchez goes to the face of Fire Ant. Sanchez cranks on Fire Ant’s neck while he places his knee in Fire Ant’s back. Sanchez chokes Fire Ant on the top rope. Fire Ant chops Sanchez, and he rakes Fire Ant’s eyes to cut him off. Sanchez applies a Camel Clutch. Sanchez turns into a double underhook stretch while biting on Fire Ant’s antenna. Sanchez splashes Fire Ant in the corner. Fire Ant fires up when Sanchez begins mocking him. Sanchez goes to the eyes again and kicks Fire Ant right in the shoulder blades and the face to get two. Sanchez hits a Michinoku Driver variation for two. Fire Ant cracks Sanchez with a couple antzugiri’s then lights him up with chops and kicks. Fire Ant nails the Yahtzee kick. Fire Ant hits a brainbuster for two. Fire Ant is looking for the Beach Break from the top rope. Due to Sanchez’s persistence, he has to settle for a step-up antzugiri. Fire Ant brings him to the apron. Sanchez fight down and DDT’s Fire Ant on the apron. Sanchez locks in the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Fire Ant rolls through into a pin, then hits a wheelbarrow stunner. Fire Ant cracks him with the Heat of the Moment for two. Sanchez lays in some forearms to the back. Sanchez armdrags Fire Ant into the Inverted CHIKARA Special, after blocking Fire Ant’s Burning Hammer attempt. Fire Ant’s arm drops three times, giving the win to Sanchez at 12:44. This was a real good singles match playing off of King of Trios. The crowd kind of sucked at this show, but it’s weird because I feel like when it’s just Sanchez in a town that’s not Philly, it’s hard for the fans to care even though he’s really good. But still, I enjoyed this for what it was. **3/4

UltraMantis Black is backstage with Crossbones. Mantis says Ares and the BDK have stolen everything from him and bled him dry. He says he’s a single, solitary man without anything. For that, Mantis says Ares must pay dearly. Crossbones looks very morose in the background.

UltraMantis Black {ONT} vs. Ares {BDK}

Mantis and Ares stand face to face. Ares bails to the floor and walks backstage. He returns with Delirious who is now in some killer white and silver gear, and his face covered in a veil type mask. Ares has him by a chain. We haven’t seen Delirious since Ares stole the Eye of Tyr from Mantis. Ares is tying Delirious to the ring post when Mantis attacks him. Mantis goes out to talk to Delirious, saying he will release him. Ares attacks him from behind and tells Mantis “He’s mine now!” Ares applies a Camel Clutch while elbowing Mantis in the face, with him looking at Delirious. Mantis hits Ares with a Japanese armdrag, and Ares again bails to the floor. Ares clobbers Mantis on the floor. Ares looks to give him a Tiger Driver on the floor, and Mantis backdrops him to escape. Mantis slams Ares headfirst into the bleachers. Mantis throws Ares in the ring, and Ares catches Mantis with a dropkick to the side of the head as he comes back in the ring. Mantis hits Ares with some chops in the corner. Ares suplexes Mantis for two. Ares chokes Mantis on the middle rope. Delirious is catatonic on the floor, and Crossbones is looking at him with a puzzled face. Ares chokes Mantis on the middle rope again. Ares spins out Mantis with a Blue Thunder bomb for two. Jakob Hammermeier hands Ares a dog whistle. This causes Delirious to awaken and attack Crossbones. Mantis chops away at Ares. Mantis hits a full nelson slam for two. Mantis backslides Ares for two. Mantis boots Ares in the corner. Ares hops onto Mantis’ shoulders, and Mantis gives him an Electric Chair slam for two. Mantis hits an arm capture suplex. Delirious gets on the apron as Mantis looks for a suplex. Ares rolls up Mantis with an O’Connor Roll for the pin at 10:43. This was also a fun match with little focus on the in-ring product itself (which did hurt the match). But hey, the story with Delirious was what was most important to establish so I don’t blame them too badly. The wrestling is not why you watch this match, but it was still a unique offering (and I do mean that in a good way) and something rarely seen in CHIKARA. **1/4

Mike Quackenbush, Jigsaw {TFN}, Hallowicked {I}, & Frightmare {I} vs. Gran Akuma {F}, Chuck Taylor {F}, Vin Gerard {U}, & Colin Delaney {U}

Gerard and Jigsaw start, with Jigsaw standing on Gerard’s back. Gerard works on Jigsaw’s arm. Gerard sends Jigsaw to the apron. Jigsaw comes in with a sunset flip for two. Jigsaw tries a few more pins with no luck. Jigsaw looks to do it again on the apron. Jigsaw explains what Gerard is supposed to do again. Gerard misses an elbow, Jigsaw does some more pin attempts, and everybody applauses. Quack kicks Gerard in the face. Quack tags in and comes in with a somersault senton. Jigsaw double stomps in, and Chuck Taylor comes in. Jigsaw immediately gets him with an armdrag and tags Quack back in. Quack doublestomps Taylor’s arm. Quack escapes a wristlock in his usual way, then armdrags Taylor to the corner. Quack gives him a headscissors takeover. Akuma kicks Quack right in the back. Quack palm strikes Taylor after Taylor hits Akuma by accident. Quack blocks to the Sole Food. Jigsaw comes in and gives Taylor an enzugiri. Quack rolls Taylor up for two. Hallowicked comes in and cracks Akuma with a step-up enzugiri. He pops up Frightmare, who sends Akuma to the floor and headscissors Akuma out to the floor. Gerard gives Hallowicked a step-up hurricanrana. Frightmare hops in and armdrags Gerard down. Frightmare hits a yakuza kick, then Incoherence give Gerard a side slam/legdrop combo. Taylor comes in and kicks Quack in the stomach. Taylor sunset flips Quack, and Jigsaw comes in with a crossbody. He sends Taylor out with a headscissors, and Gerard immediately jumps on him with a senton splash. The Rudos choose Jigsaw to be the one man they keep in the ring and take turns beating down on. Jigsaw eventually hits Delaney with stereo clotheslines. This allows Quack to tag in and light up Gerard with chops. He bulldogs Gerard into a knee to the forehead. Akuma trips Quack and Taylor dropkicks him to the floor. Taylor shoves Frightmare in the corner. Taylor moonsaults onto Quack as Akuma hits an enzugiri on Frightmare. Gerard hits a running knee strike into Frightmare’s face. The Rudos effectively replace Jigsaw with Frightmare in the beat down Tecnico role. Frightmare boots Delaney and sends him to the floor with a Frankensteiner. He follows with a tope con hilo. Hallowicked lays out Taylor and Gerard with a barrage of clotheslines. He looks for Go Too Sleepy Hollow, but Taylor catches the leg. Akuma kicks the leg and Taylor applies a cross crab. Jigsaw breaks it, but the damage is done. Akuma targets Hallowicked’s knee, as do the other Rudos. Akuma gives Hallowicked a Cheetah Swipe, and Quack comes in from the top rope with a somersault senton. Taylor gives Quack Sole Food, and Frightmare comes in with a standing shooting star press. Delaney gives Frightmare the Attitude Adjuster, and Jigsaw superkicks him and Gerard. Akuma breaks the pin. Quack and Jigsaw attack Akuma and Gerard in opposite corners. Jigsaw places Gerard up top and gives him a super hurricanrana. Quack comes off the top with double knees. Taylor breaks the pin. Akuma and Taylor double team Quack with a wheelbarrow/diamond cutter combo for two. Quack hops off Akuma’s back to dive onto Taylor on the floor. Frightmare comes in. Hallowicked gives him a yakuza kick and Frightmare lands a neckbreaker. Delaney punts Frightmare in the head and signals for the RKO. Delaney gets up and Hallowicked gives him Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Jigsaw enzugiri’s Delaney, and Quack mule kicks him in the face. Jigsaw Cactus clothelines Delaney to the floor. Gerard sends Quack out and Gerard hits a tope con hilo onto everyone on the floor. Taylor looks to fly on the pile, but Hallowicked stops him. Frightmare gets on Hallowicked’s shoulder, then brings Taylor down with an ace crusher. Gerard breaks the pin and gives him a Northern Lights suplex. Gerard then gives him a 2k1 bomb and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Akuma pushes Hallowicked to the corner. Gerard yanks on Hallowicked’s mask. Quack and Jigsaw climb up Akuma’s back, and take Gerard off the top rope with a double hip toss. Frightmare hits him with the kneecolepsy for the pin at 22:21. The streak of fantastic Atomicos matches continues, as this show gets a heck of a main event to end the show. This was another high-flying spectacle with some good storytelling and fun stuff all around. Why is it that the UnStable really shine with these guys the most and not many others? I don’t know, but props to everyone in this for making a semi-forgettable show more worthwhile. ***3/4


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