IWC: Super Indy IX

Elizabeth, PA – 5.8.2010

Opening Round Match
Lince Dorado vs. Shiima Xion

Xion takes Dorado to the mat and cranks on his legs. Dorado flips onto him for a two count. Dorado bites Xion’s hand. Xion escapes and bails to the ropes. Dorado takes Xion down in a neck-tie headscissors then hits a springboard armdrag. Xion Arabian presses into a slam. Dorado hits a tornado twisting crossbody. Xion slips out and mule kicks Dorado into the guardrail. Xion dropkicks Dorado into the guardrail. Xion flexes while his leg is over Dorado’s chest. Xion hangs him in the tree of woe and lays in some back kicks. Xion goes to the floor and Dorado follows with the Sasuke Special. Dorado springboards in with a crossbody for two. Dorado hits a back handspring elbow and a spinwheel kick. Dorado takes Xion off the top rope with a hurricanrana. Xion gets his feet up to block a shooting star press. Xion drops him with a snapmare driver for the pin at 6:10. These guys did some good stuff, but it never seemed to really kick or get out of first gear. Dorado is certainly improved, but this also proved him becoming a heel was a good idea. Xion did not look his best here. **

Opening Round Match
Frightmare vs. Louis Lyndon

Frightmare and Lyndon trade holds to start. Some quick back and forth follows with each guy looking for a flash pin. Lyndon takes Frightmare down with a rope assisted headscissors, and Frightmare sends Lyndon to the floor with a step-up Frankensteiner. Frightmare fakes Lyndon out on a dive and then scares him with a yell. Frightmare comes off the apron with a crossbody. In the ring Frightmare hits a dropkick for two. Lyndon kicks Frightmare in the mid-section for two. Lyndon bridges back into a reverse chin lock. Lyndon takes down Frightmare with a back elbow for two. Lyndon applies a full nelson and then lays in some forearms. Frightmare backflips into a neck breaker for two. Lyndon uses the ropes to kick Frightmare in the face and off the apron. Lyndon goes out with a moonsault. Frightmare takes Lyndon off the top rope with a hurricanrana for two. Frightmare escapes from the full nelson and hits an enzugiri. Frightmare drops him with the pump handle driver for two. Frightmare lands the kneecolepsy for the pin at 8:27. This was a fun match, and was especially at its best when Frightmare was on offense. This was well paced and the high spots came at a good time. **1/2

Semi-Final Round Match
Frightmare vs. Shiima Xion

Frightmare dives onto Xion with a tope con hilo before Xion can get in the ring. Frightmare comes off the top rope with a frankensteiner once back in the ring. Frightmare gives Xion a toreador and a step-up knee strike. He lands a shooting star press for one. Xion avoids a crossbody and gives Frightmare a bicycle kick for two. Xion tries a crucifix pin for two, then chokes Frightmare on the middle rope. Xion gives Frightmare an inverted atomic drop, then kicks Frightmare in the face. Frightmare kicks out Xion’s legs, but Xion kicks Frightmare away. Xion lands a moonsault for two. Xion misses a corkscrew splash and Frightmare drops him with the pump handle driver for two. Frightmare flips into a neckbreaker and grazes Xion with the kneecolepsy for two. Xion superkicks Frightmare and stretches Frightmare in a Mexican surfboard. He drops Frightmare out of the surfboard on the back of his neck for two. Xion crotches Frightmare on the top rope. Xion drops him with a splash into knee strike for the pin at 5:40. That was far too short, and cooled off a bit too quickly. Frightmare backed a nice punch for the time given and Xion looked better here than against Lince, but I still think this could have been far better with more time. **1/4


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