CZW: Fist Fight

Philadelphia, PA – 5.8.2010

CZW Tag Team Championship
Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger (Champions) vs. JC Bailey & tHURTeen

tHURTeen pescado’s onto the champions as they come down the aisle. Bailey also comes to the floor, causing a brawl between teams to ensue. Kingston throws chairs at tHURTeen’s head while Younger sets up some chairs by the ring. Kingston chops tHURTeen against the guardrail. Younger side slams Bailey off the apron and onto the set up chairs. Kingston hits tHURTeen with a title belt and checks on Younger. tHURTeen comes off the top with a corkscrew moonsault to everybody. Kingston brings Bailey back in the ring. Billy Gram (Bailey and tHURTeen’s manager) grabs Kingston’s leg, allowing Bailey to deliver a neckbreaker. Younger tosses tHURTeen into the crowd. Bailey gives some shots to Younger and Kingston brings him back in the ring. Bailey low blows Kingston and hits a yakuza kick. Bailey and tHURTeen beat down Kingston while keeping Younger at bay. That doesn’t last long, as all four men end up fighting on the floor again. Bailey and tHURTeen take control of Kingston back in the ring after busting Kingston open. Kingston takes tHURTeen over with a suplex, allowing him to finally tag in Younger. He takes out both tHURTeen and Bailey with multiple shoulder blocks. He gets two with a Blue Thunder Bomb on tHURTeen. Kingston yakuza kicks Bailey in the corner. Kingston superplexes him into a Superfly splash from Younger for two. tHURTeen drops Younger with a shiranui back cracker. Bailey follows with a top rope legdrop for two. Bailey gets two again after an ace crusher. Kingston drops him with a uranage suplex. tHURTeen drives Kingston to the mat with a double stomp. Younger gives tHURTeen the Drake N Bake for two. Kingston Saito suplexes Bailey to prevent him from putting Younger through a chair. Kingston backfists tHURTeen into the Drake’s Landing from Younger onto the steel chair for the pin at 12:59. That was dysfunctional for the most part, but they got it together in the end. That finish was nasty as the chair gave no budge. Poor tHURTeen. *1/2


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