Tokyo, Japan – 5.5.2010

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Shota Takanishi & Munenori Sawa

Amasis and Sawa lock up a few times. We then see Takanishi ramming The Portal together after attempting a double clothesline. Amasis wheelbarrows Ophidian and he hypnotizes Takanishi. Sawa tries to run in but he too gets hypnotized. The Portal do stereo MC Hammer dances. Amasis does his own dance and Ophidian does the worm. They both jump up which causes Sawa and Takanishi to fall. Ophidian hits a springboard senton on Takanishi on the floor. Amasis pins him for two. The Portal double team Takanishi for awhile. Takanishi avoids a splash and tags in Sawa. Sawa takes down Ophidian with some lightning fast strikes and kicks. Sawa lays in some more punches and elbows to Amasis’ chest in the corner. He misses a kick, but takes Amasis down with a dragonscrew leg sweep. Amasis avoids the Irabu Punch. Ophidian tags in and Sawa gives The Portal tandem dragonscrew leg sweeps. He knocks Ophidian with the Irabu Punch and applies an Octopush stretch. Amasis kicks him to free Ophidian. Ophidian locks in the Ophidian Death Grip. Sawa rams him head first in the corner and hits an enzugiri. Takanishi tags in and trips Ophidian on the second rope. He hits a 619. Takanishi spins him out with a facebuster for two. Amasis chops and kicks Takanishi and Ophidian takes him down with double knees from the top rope. Sawa misses a shining wizard on Ophidian, and Amasis elbows him in the corner. The Portal take Takanishi off the top rope with a Pyramid suplex for two. Ophidian hits Takanishi with an Egyptian Destroyer and Sawa breaks the pin. The Portal knock Sawa out of the ring and hit Takanishi with The Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 9:13 shown of 13:20. This was really good stuff while it lasted, I just wish that Sawa got to do more than he did. ***

Because of this match, the Portal would get a shot at Munenori Sawa and Ikuto Hidaka for the NWA International Lightweight Tag Titles a few days later. Hopefully that match surfaces online in the near future.


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