Rahway, NJ – 5.1.2010

Hallowicked (0-1) vs. Chris Dickinson (0-2) vs. Brodie Lee (0-1) vs. Gran Akuma (1-0)

Everyone attacks Lee to start. They send Lee to the floor, and Dickinson and Akuma double team Hallowicked. Hallowicked goes to the floor, and Akuma gives Dickinson a Cheetah Swipe for two. Dickinson catches Akuma with a German suplex for two. Akuma avoids a boot and Dickinson blocks a kick from Akuma. Lee boots Akuma to the floor. Lee throws Dickinson overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex. Hallowicked takes Lee down with a step-up Frankensteiner and nails him with a step-up enzuigiri. Hallowicked goes up top, and Akuma runs up to meet him. Dickinson joins them, but Lee picks him up. Dickinson takes him over with a hurricanrana and hits a springboard dive onto him. Hallowicked takes Akuma off the top with a super Frankensteiner. He follows up with a Rydeen Bomb for two as Lee and Dickinson fight on the floor. Akuma gives Hallowicked a tornado DDT for two. Lee suplexes Akuma and Hallowicked at the same time, and Dickinson runs in and rolls up Lee a few times, only to get a two count. Dickinson looks for a triangle choke, but Lee muscles him up and powerbombs him in the corner. Hallowicked gives Lee an enzuigiri, and Dickinson gives Lee a spinning kick. Hallowicked gives Dickinson Go 2 Sleepy Hollow, and Akuma drops Hallowicked with a flatliner. Lee thrust kicks Akuma and drops Akuma with a half-nelson suplex. Akuma goes to the floor. Lee blocks a step-up enzuigiri with a Liger Bomb on Hallowicked, and Dickinson breaks the pin. Lee cracks Dickinson with two big boots in the corner. He follows up with the Truck Stop for the pin at 6:15. They fit a lot of action into six minute. It seems like big things are happening for Brodie Lee in EVOLVE and DGUSA, and I for one could not be happier. Everyone else was on point as well and made for a fun, easy watch. **

To read my review of the entire “EVOLVE 3: Rise or Fall” event, click here!


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