King Of Trios 2010, Night III


Philadelphia, PA – 4.25.2010

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, UltraMantis Black, Gavin Loudspeaker, Bryce Remsburg, Colin Delaney, and Mike Quackenbush.

King of Trios Semi-Final Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Atsushi Kotoge {O}, Daisuke Harada {O}, & Tadasuke {O}

The Colony bring a bag of sugar to the ring, which Tadasuke takes from them. Bryce Remsburg holds up the bag of sugar like a title belt, so the winner of the match gets it, it would seem. Green Ant gets a single leg lock after an exchange of holds. Harada and Green Ant roll up to a stand-still. Kotoge trips Fire Ant then hits the ropes lightning fast. He cracks Fire Ant in the face with a flying kick. Fire Ant rolls off the top rope and headscissors Kotoge into the middle turnbuckle. Kotoge sends Fire Ant to the floor with a single legged dropkick. Soldier Ant dropkicks Tadasuke after an armdrag. Kotoge and Harada come in and hit a spear/flying kick combo. They also attack Green Ant and Fire Ant with tandem offense when they come in to save Soldier Ant. Fire Ant is dragged over to the Osaka Pro corner by Harada. The Osaka team traps Fire Ant in their corner, and makes frequent tags to keep the damage (and their team) at a maximum efficiency. Fire Ant fires up and slugs it out with Kotoge. Kotoge sole butts Fire Ant, but Fire Ant ducks down from Kotoge’s flying kick and hits a tope con hilo on him. Soldier Ant comes in and knocks down Harada. He takes Tadasuke down with a satellite headscissors. Soldier Ant takes Harada over with a bridging suplex for two. The Osaka Pro team retreat to the floor, so Fire Ant is antapulted onto all three of them. In the ring, Harada cracks Fire Ant with a hip toss knee strike. He takes Fire Ant over with a butterfly suplex, and Kotoge splashes onto him. Harada brings Soldier Ant off the top rope with a belly-to-belly suplex, and Green Ant makes the save. He rocks Tadasuke with forearms, and Tadasuke drops him with a backbreaker. Tadasuke pops Green Ant in the air and drops him on his knees. Tadasuke applies a Boston Crab. Fire Ant uses the Yahtzee kick to break it. He wheelbarrows into a stunner. Soldier Ant lands a TKO. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant go up top. Green Ant climbs onto their shoulders, and they launch Green Ant off their shoulders onto Tadasuke. That’s enough to score them the pin at 8:58. This was a hot opener that the fans ate up. Not as good as their matches on the previous night, but still a lot of fun and some really great stuff. ***

Tadasuke surrenders the sugar bag back to the Colony, and the Osaka Pro guys get a big ovation after the obligatory handshake with The Colony.

King of Trios Semi-Final Match
Daisuke Sekimoto {BJW}, Yuji Okabayashi {BJW}, & Kankuro Hoshino {BJW} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK}, Ares {BDK}, & Tursas {BDK}

Sekimoto and Claudio look for control. Sekimoto grabs an armbar, and Claudio quickly turns over and deadlifts Sekimoto into a gut wrench suplex. Sekimoto pops up and spears Claudio. Claudio retreats to the floor then tags in Ares. Okabayashi and Ares wrench on one another’s arms. Okabayashi trips Ares and stretches Ares’ ankle on his leg. Ares escapes. Okabayashi runs the ropes. Both guys miss elbows on the mat. Okabayashi mows Ares down with a big shoulder block. Hoshino and Tursas match-up. Hoshino takes a sumo stance and tries a shoulder block. He of course fails multiple times. Hoshino lays in some forearms with no effect. Tursas sends Hoshino crashing down with a shoulder block. The BDK use this opportunity to keep Hoshino in the ring so Okabayashi and Sekimoto can’t enter. Hoshino is able to knock Ares down with a lariat. Okabayashi peppers Ares with slaps into the corner. He crushes Ares with a pair of clotheslines and powerslams him for two. Okabayashi muscles Ares up for a suplex. Okabayashi drops Ares with a side slam for two. Ares spins-out Okabayashi in a slam and tags in Claudio. Claudio boots Okabayashi, and Claudio nails him with the Swiss Chin Music for two. Claudio amazingly gets Okabayashi up for the U.F.O. Okabayashi fires up and powerslams Claudio. Sekimoto comes in and turns Claudio over in a sharpshooter. Tursas and Ares break it up, and Okabayashi and Hoshino neutralize them. Sekimoto lays in the forearms. Claudio comes off with a springboard. Sekimoto side steps the attack and deadlifts Claudio in a bridging German suplex for two. Claudio knocks Sekimoto down with a hard clothesline and tags in Tursas. Tursas takes Sekimoto over with a suplex. Tursas misses a Vader Bomb. Sekimoto looks to dead lift Tursas into a German suplex and almost gets it. Ares stops him and gets a Manhattan Drop. Tursas sends Sekimoto to the floor. Hoshino drops Ares with an STO. Hoshino lights up Ares with chops in the corner. Hoshino splashes Ares and slams him. Hoshino hits a senton splash from the second rope and Claudio breaks the count. Okabayashi sends Claudio to the floor, where Tursas and Sekimoto are brawling. Hoshino slams Ares and looks for another senton. Tursas grabs him by the leg. Ares throws Hoshino off the top. Ares comes off the top with a somersault senton for two. Claudio and Tursas pop-up Hoshino into an ace crusher from Hoshino. Sekimoto makes the save but gets sent back to the floor with Tursas. Ares drops Hoshino with a Cradle Shock for two. Claudio traps Okabayashi with the ring steps. Ares drops Hoshino with the Tiger Driver for the pin at 14:12. Another good trios match to get things going. Team Big Japan has to be the MVP team of the weekend, as they came in and did a damn good job in every match they were in. I hope these guys make it back to CHIKARA soon. ***1/4

Chuck says he’s done it all in CHIKARA: Young Lions Cup, King of Trios, and Rey de Voladores. He says Oriental has done nothing and that he will lose to Chuck tonight. Chuck also ramped up his southern Kentucky accent here which was…interesting.

El Oriental {PdM} vs. Chuck Taylor {F}

Oriental headbutts the arm of Taylor. Oriental snapmares Taylor into a crucifix pin for one. Taylor turns into a wristlock which Oriental reverses. Oriental elbows Taylor down a couple times. They trade armdrags and go for a dropkick at the same time. Oriental locks in an Octopus stretch variation on the mat and rolls into a pin for two. Oriental sits on Taylor’s right shoulder and stretches his arms out. Oriental snapmares Taylor into a headlock. Taylor kicks Oriental in the gut and clotheslines him down. Oriental clotheslines Taylor down and chops him on the ropes. Oriental pokes Taylor in the eyes. Oriental takes Taylor over with a hurricarnana and a tilt-a-whirl armdrag sends Taylor to the floor. Oriental dives through the middle rope onto Taylor. Back in, Taylor moonsaults onto Oriental with his knees hitting Oriental in the head. Taylor trips Oriental and wrenches on Oriental’s ankle and knee. Both guys trade overhand chops. Taylor turns Oriental into an Indian Death Lock. Oriental bails to the floor and Taylor follows. He kicks away at Oriental’s leg and throws it down on the ring apron. Taylor butterfly suplexes Oriental in the ring for two. Taylor traps Oriental’s leg in the ropes and dropkicks it. Oriental comes back with a legdrop and headscissors. Oriental pops up and spikes Taylor with a DDT. Taylor bails to the floor and Oriental baseball slides him. Oriental slingshots into a senton on Taylor. In the ring, Oriental dropkicks Chuck’s leg out and hits a flpping legdrop. Taylor rolls up Oriental in La Magistral for two. Taylor and Oriental flip through a prawn hold, each getting a two count. Oriental slams Taylor and hits the Super Crazy triple moonsault. On the third moonsault, Taylor gets his knees up. Taylor hits the Sole Food and applies a heel hook onto Oriental for the submission at 10:58. This was a pretty dull match after the two excellent first round matches, but still decent overall. **1/4

10-Team Gauntlet Match

Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Vin Gerard {U} & STIGMA {U}

The Throwbacks roll and trip the UnStable. Gerard is sent to the floor, and The Throwbacks hit STIGMA with a double hip toss. Gerard breaks a pin on STIGMA. Hatfield puts Gerard on his shoulders, and Dunkerton slams Gerard face first into the top turnbuckle. STIGMA breaks the pin. Dunkerton hops over Hatfield as Gerard and STIGMA throw them at one another. The Throwbacks hit the ten punches on each guy in the corner, but Gerard trips Dunkerton and uses the ropes to pin him at 1:55.

Steve “The Turtle” Weiner & Dragon Dragon vs. Vin Gerard {U} & STIGMA {U}

Weiner spears Gerard. Weiner takes Gerard down with a couple more strikes and a bulldog. He heads up top and this an axe handle. Weiner drops Gerard with a flatliner and STIGMA breaks the pin. STIGMA facewashes Weiner and turns around to see Dragon in the ring. Dragon headbutts STIGMA and takes him down with a dragonscrew leg whip. Dragon applies the Hydra Lock, then takes him over with a Dragon suplex. He applies a Dragon sleeper which Gerard breaks. Dragon lights up Gerard with chops. Weiner holds Gerard as Dragon goes up top. Gerard evades Dragon’s top rope splash. Gerard applies a tail-capture STF to get the submission at 6:36.

Equinox {TFN} & Helios {TFN} vs. Vin Gerard {U} & STIGMA {U}

The Future Is Now dive onto the UnStable after they go to the floor. Gerard chops Equinox around the ring, while Helios goes for the pin on STIGMA. He breaks and Equinox throws Gerard face first into the guardrail. STIGMA hits a DDT, and Equinox hits a missile dropkick. Gerard trips Equinox. Equinox drops Gerard with an Overbomb and a piledriver for the pin at 8:24.

Equinox {TFN} & Helios {TFN} vs. Flip Kendrick & Louis Lyndon

Aeroform drop The Future Is Now with dropkicks. They hit Equinox with a pair of solebutts and dropkicks. They palm thrust Helios to the corner. Helios eats a knee from Kendrick, but dives the double attack. The Future kick out their legs. They hit tandem shooting star presses after an enzugiri by Helios and low hurricanrana by Equinox for two. Kendrick sends Helios to the floor, and Helios brings him out as well. Lyndon hops off the top with an enzugiri to Equinox. Lyndon lands on Equinox with a moonsault press. Helios hits him with the Sky Is Falling from the top rope. Helios misses a Phoenix Splash. Kendrick spikes Helios with a tornado DDT and a cancun tornado quebrada. Equinox blasts Kendrick with the hard right punch for the pin at 10:51.

Equinox {TFN} & Helios {TFN} vs. Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE}

Cruz and Helios go back and forth till reaching a stalemate. Corbin and Equinox tag in. Equinox and Corbin also go back and forth. Equinox and Corbin get tired from running the ropes and shoving one another. In a call back to Young Lions Cup V Night III, Equinox and Corbin engage in a slow motion sequence complete with slow motion commentary, referee, and fan reaction. When that completes, Corbin sends Equinox to the floor and Helios sends Corbin out. Helios looks for a dive, and Cruz cuts him off with a spinwheel kick for two. Helios spins-out Cruz in a facebuster. He follows with a quebrada for two. Helios looks for a roll-up, but Cruz grabs his legs in a cradle and pins Helios at 16:32.

Darin Corbin {NSE} & Ryan Cruz {NSE} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Corbin looks to dive on Crossbones, but he clocks him with a forearm. Mantis stomps away at Cruz. Mantis and Cruz double team Cruz with kicks and splashes for two. Mantis trips Cruz in the corner and Crossbones kicks him in the back of the head. The double teaming continues, and Mantis hits a senton off the apron onto Corbin to keep him at bay. Cruz bails to the floor, and Corbin flies in with a double dropkick from the top rope. Corbin spears Crossbones. Cruz drops him with a knee strike, and Cruz monkey flips Corbin into Crossbones in the corner. Cruz and Corbin drop Mantis with double STO’s and call for the Cruz Control. Crossbones splashes Corbin into Cruz. Mantis drops Corbin with the Praying Mantis Bomb for the pin at 21:08.

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Crossbones {ONT}

Hallowicked cracks Mantis and Crossbones with Yakuza kicks. Hallowicked cracks Crossbones with another in the back of the head for the pin at 21:37.

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. Icarus {F} & Gran Akuma {F}

Icarus shoves Hallowicked into the corner and slaps him. Hallowicked slaps him back, and runs up the ropes into an armdrag. Hallowicked slaps Icarus down. Akuma kicks Hallowicked in the back as he hits the ropes. Icarus looks to spear Hallowicked, but Frightmare jumps on his back. Icarus throws Frightmare over and Akuma ttacks Hallowicked. Incoherence take Akuma and Icarus to opposite sides of the arena floor with step-up Frankensteiners. Frightmare scares them and they run into one another. Frightmare fires up the fans, and Hallowicked bring shim back in the ring. Icarus spears Frightmare as Akuma attacks Hallowicked on the floor. F.I.S.T. bully Frightmare in their corner. Frightmare armdrags Akuma to the floor. Icarus looks for the Blu-Ray, but Frightmare drops him with a Crucifix Bomb for the pin at 28:52.

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. Sara Del Rey {BDK} & Daizee Haze {BDK}

This is a rematch of sorts from February which ended is Castigo Excesivo. Sara and Daizee throw Hallowicked into the guardrail and then lay some shots on Frightmare in the ring. Daizee suplexes Sara onto Frightmare. Daizee gives him the Heart Punch and a kick to the side of the head for two. Sara kicks him in the face for two. Daizee drops him with a German suplex, and Hallowicked breaks the pin. Hallowicked cracks Sara in the corner with a step-up enzugiri. Daizee prawn holds Hallowicked for two. Daizee slaps Hallowicked a few times. Hallowicked drops her with a big time Rydeen Bomb for the pin at 32:13. Incoherence now has four points in their name and will get a shot at the Campeones de Parejas next month. This was a nice finishing sequence, with the BDK being served up their second legitimate loss. Incoherence got through the Neo-Solar Temple, for Campeones de Parejas in F.I.S.T, and fellow BDK members to get to Claudio and Ares. This was as good as last years Tag Gauntlet in terms of wrestling quality. **3/4

Kingston says that his confidence has been shattered by the BDK. It bugs him that he hasn’t run through them like he thought he would. Kingston says he was always used to being alone, so he wasn’t prepared for people to come to him when he loses. Kingston says he’s hopeless, but he feeds off of it. He forgot that’s who he was because he let the BDK get in his head. He says he’s got his swagger and confidence back now, and he says that he will be able to defeat Christopher Daniels tonight because of it.

Eddie Kingston vs. Christopher Daniels

Daniels goes to the floor to stretch in an attempt to break the pace. In the ring, Daniels trips Kingston and walks on his back to mock him. Daniels wrenches on a side headlock. After a couple attempts, Kingston finally throws Daniels off. Daniels goes through Kingston’s legs and reapplies it. Kingston drops Daniels with a belly-to-back suplex. Kingston lights up Daniels with chops in various ring corners. Kingston throws some forearms and elbows. A flurry of chops and elbows in the corner gets Kingston a two count. Kingston throws Daniels with a butterfly suplex. Daniels rolls to the apron where Kingston picks up Daniels by the ears. Kingston blows Daniels in the chest with a forearm. Daniels rakes Kingston’s eyes and drops his neck on the top rope. Daniels clotheslines Kingston in the back of his next. Daniels throws Kingston to the floor. Daniels chokes Kingston on the steel guardrail. In the ring, Daniels hits a swinging neckbreaker for two. Daniels continues to soften up Kingston’s neck, presumably looking for a more effective Angels Wings in the end. Kingston ducks a forearm from Daniels and rolls him up for two. Kingston bridges with a suplex for one. Daniels goes back to targeting Kingston’s neck. Kingston takes Daniels over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kingston back elbows Daniels a few times and smashes Daniels in the forehead with an elbow. Kingston clotheslines Daniels in the corner. Kingston hits a mafia kick and t-bone suplexes Daniels for two. Daniels blocks the Backfist, enzugiri’s Kingston, and drops him with an STO for two. Daniels locks in a Koji Clutch. Kingston gets his foot on the ropes to escape. Kingston kicks Daniels in the face. Daniels looks for the Angels Wings, and Kingston takes him over with a urinage suplex for two. Kingston nails Daniels with a lariat. Daniels rolls to the floor. Kingston looks for a dive and Daniels palm strikes him. He runs in, and Kingston tosses Daniels overhead with a suplex. Kingston looks for a Backdrop Driver. Daniels grabs referee Bryce Remsburg, then nails an STO. Daniels lands on his feet when Kingston evades the Best Moonsault Ever. Kingston cracks Daniels with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 14:53. Another great contest by Daniels, and this one was an enjoyable storybook match. Daniels working over the neck amounted to something, and Kingston used a move that he didn’t need neck strength for to win. ***

Immediately, Tommy Dreamer comes out in a track jacket and jeans. He says ECW used to be full of surprises, so tonight he’s fulfilling that tradition in the ECW Arena. He says he’s been so entertained by the wrestling he’s seen tonight, and says he wants to wrestle Dragon Dragon cuz “that shit was awesome”. The fans get on his case, and he corrects himself by saying “that STUFF was awesome.” Dreamer puts over the fans and CHIKARA again. He then turns his attention to Eddie Kingston, saying he knows Dreamer influenced Kingston since they were both Yonkers natives. Dreamer says he’d like to do for Kingston what Terry Funk did for him. With that, Dreamer says on May 23rd in Union City, NJ at Aniversario Elf, Dreamer would like to give Kingston a one on one match. Kingston shakes Dreamer’s hand and accepts it. Kingston holds the ropes for Dreamer. Dreamer takes off his track jacket to reveal a CHIKARA t-shirt.

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw {TFN} vs. Nick Jackson {YB} & Matt Jackson {YB}

This is a rematch from Dragon Gate USA’s “Mercury Rising” event from Phoenix. The Bucks refuse to shake hands. Matt slams on Quack’s back with forearms. Quack sends Matt to the floor with a clothesline. Nick hops in, and Quack monkey flips Nick onto Matt on the floor. They recoup and Jigsaw tags in. Nick trips Jigsaw into a front chancery. Nick snapmares Jigsaw into a headlock. Jigsaw snapmares Nick into a seated abdominal stretch. Jigsaw bends Nick in the Gory Gallows. Jigsaw toreadors into a bulldog for two. Jigsaw suplexes Nick, and Quack blind tags in with a senton. Jigsaw double stomps Nick and Quack hits another senton from the apron. Nick sends Quack to the paron. Nick looks to sunset flip Quack to the floor. Quack double stomps Nick and dives on him with a somersault senton. Matt dropkicks Quack and skins the cat back in the ring. Jigsaw throws Matt to the floor. He hits the ropes, and Nick trips him. He cracks Jigsaw with an enzugiri, and Matt comes in with a missle dropkick. Nick dropkicks Quack off the apron. The Young Bucks take the advantage, trapping Jigsaw in their corner away from Quack. Jigsaw rolls through a clothesline from Matt to tag in Quack. Quack is able to take down both Bucks. Matt sends Quack to the floor and follows out with a pescado. Nick busts Jigsaw gut, and Matt slingshots in with a flipping DDT for two. Jigsaw sends Matt to the floor and enzugiri’s Nick in the corner. Jigsaw dives onto Matt into the guardrail. Quack suplexes Nick onto his stomach. Quack chops Nick on the top rope and takes him off with a superplex. Matt takes Jigsaw over with a hurricanrana, and Quack reverses it before diving onto Nick on the floor. Jigsaw only gets a two count. He misses a splash, and Nick nails a step-up knee strike. Matt powerbombs Jigsaw into Nick’s knee. Nick hits a shiranui, and Quack breaks the pin. Matt throws Quack to the floor. The Bucks smash Jigsaw with tandem elbows. The Bucks hit the Worst Case Scenario. Quack trips Nick so he lands face first on the apron. Quack quebrada’s off the second rope onto Nick on the floor. Quack sunset flips. Jigsaw hits an enzugiri and Quack kicks him in the face. Jigsaw drops Matt with a brainbuster and Nick barely makes the save.All four guys throw forearms. Matt pops Nick up into a dropkick to Quack. Superkicks are thrown all around. Jigsaw looks for the Jig N’ Tonic, but Nick superkick Jigsaw so that Matt hits Jigsaw with a Yoshi Tonic for two. Jigsaw escapes More Bang For Your Buck and superkicks Matt. Nick breaks the pin with a 450 splash, and Quack breaks Nick’s pin of Jigsaw. Matt rakes Quack’s eyes. Jigsaw enzugiri’s Nick off the apron. Quack places Matt in the Jig N’ Tonic position. Jigsaw double stomps Matt into the Jig N’ Tonic for the pin at 13:39. This was a great tag team match up that had all the same elements as the Quack and Jigsaw vs. F.I.S.T. match from 2009 that people loved. I’ve heard some real good things about their Phoenix match, and after this I’d love to see it. The Bucks have been on a role, and have delivered here again. ***1/2

Matt Cross is backstage. He says he’s actually been to Egypt, and a multitude of other countries. Cross says he’s the most deserving person to be crowned King of the High-Fliers and he’ll prove it tonight.

Rey de Voladores 2010 Finals
Ophidian {OP} vs. Matt Cross

Cross slaps Ophidian. Ophidian takes Cross down a couple times by his neck. He tries a few pin variations with no success. Ophidian rana’s Cross, and he cartwheels through it. Cross clenches Ophidian’s wrist, and Ophidian slips between his legs into a pin for two. Ophidian kicks Cross’ legs out and hits a handstand headbutt for two. Ophidian headstands on the top rope. Cross hesitantly approaches, only to be dropped back for two. Ophidian knocks Cross to the floor with a spinning heel kick. Ophidian rolls out with a headscissors, but Cross pops him off to his feet and boots Ophidian in the face. Cross chops Ophidian and knees him in the face. In the ring, Ophidian spins Cross in a high speed headscissors. Cross drops Ophidian on his face coming out of it. Cross elbows Ophidian in the corner. He hits a back senton for two. Ophidian slips through the ropes and Cross pushes him out. Cross dropkicks Ophidian into the guardrail. Cross goes to the apron and kicks Ophidian in the face. Cross hops down with a knee strike to the face. Cross pins him for two. Cross springboards into an elbow. He boots Ophidian, holds his position, and uses the other leg to kick Ophidian repeatedly in the kidneys. Cross dropkicks Ophidian for two. Cross looks for a moonsault and Ophidian gets his knees up. Ophidian kicks Cross in the side of the head, slips through the ropes, and takes Cross over with a headscissors. Ophidian rolls up into another headscissors takedown. Ophidian headscissors into a roll-up for two. Cross boots Ophidian. Ophidian throws Cross to the floor. Ophidian spins out with a suicide dive. Ophidian hits Cross with double knees and a fisherman’s suplex for two. Cross places Ophidian on the top rope, and Ophidian comes off into a wheelbarrow. Cross suplexes him back. Cross hits a clothesline in the corner and an enzugiri to the face. Cross double stomps Ophidian and lands a standing moonsault for two. Ophidian hits a springboard into a quebrada for two. Ophidian dumps Cross on his head with a cobra clutch suplex. Ophidian hits a 450 splash for two. Cross dumps Ophidian neck first on the middle rope. Cross hits a tornado DDT and a standing shooting star press for two. Cross goes up top. Ophidian comes up with him, and Cross tries to fight him down. Cross drops him with a gord buster and hits a shooting star press for two. Ophidian cracks Cross with a spin kick in the back of the head. Ophidian moonsaults into a small package for the pin at 13:44. What a boring, boring match. These guys did almost nothing for 14 minutes, which felt like 30. Cross was a flop all weekend long and should not be brought back in. At least Ophidian win which I very much approve of, but he really needs more than just headscissors and double knee drops now. Were it not for the 2008 snoozefest, this would be the most disappointing Rey de Voladores tournament of all. **

Mike Quackenbush is backstage talking to all the Tecnicos. He tells The Colony that they have already shown a chink in the BDK armor by beating Donst, Pinkie, and Dorado on Night Two. This hypes them up, and The Colony march out of the locker room with confidence. Jigsaw says it’s a big night and maybe Quack should teach The Colony the reversal to the reverse CHIKARA Special. Quack tells Jigsaw that there isn’t a reversal. Well, that’s no good.

2010 King of Trios Tournament Finals
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK}, Ares {BDK}, & Tursas {BDK}

The Colony rush the ring and a brawl ensues with all six participants. The Colony get the upper hand at first, dropping Claudio with the Ants Marching powerbomb/neck breaker combination. They hit a three double dropkicks on Claudio. The colony then take down Ares with a wheelbarrow stunner, flying headbutt, and big splash. The Colony set up the Super Anthill on the top rope, which is what they used to beat Team Osaka Pro. Claudio catches Green Ant as he comes down with a big European uppercut. Tursas grabs Fire Ant and Soldier Ant off the top rope and slams them down. Ares slams Green Ant. He then hits a top rope somersault senton for two. Green Ant hits a headbutt, but Ares spins Green Ant into a blue thunder bomb for two. Ares looks for the Tiger Driver, but Soldier Ant comes in with a saluting crossbody. Tursas breaks the pin and disposes of Green Ant. Soldier Ant lays in some shots, but Tursas levels him with one clubbing forearm. Tursas hip tosses Green Ant but misses an elbow drop. Soldier Ant looks for the CHIKARA Special but Tursas rolls out. Tursas powers up Soldier Ant into a powerbomb. Fire Ant breaks up the pin with a kick. He drops down the top rope, and Tursas tumbles out of the ring into the front row. Claudio nails Fire Ant with the Swiss Chin Music. Claudio spins Fire Ant in the U.F.O., but Fire Ant rolls into a prawn hold for two. Claudio ducks the Yahtzee kick and waffles Fire Ant with a lariat for two. Fire Ant reverses a Ricola Bomb into the CHIKARA Special. Ares takes Green Ant down next to him and locks in the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Ares and Fire Ant trade punches while keeping their submissions locked in. Tursas and Soldier Ant break them. Ares and Fire Ant fight on the floor. Tursas tosses Soldier Ant onto them. Tursas, Ares, and Soldier Ant brawl. Fire Ant climbs up a pole and dives onto the pile. In the ring, Claudio and Green Ant exchange forearms. Claudio hits Green Ant with a pop-up European uppercut, and Green Ant kicks out at one. Claudio blasts him with a running European uppercut for two. Claudio looks for the Ricola Bomb, and Green Ant rolls through into the Cloverleaf. Ares punches Green Ant, but Green Ant won’t let go. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant keep Ares and Tursas at bay with stereo dives. Green Ant turns into the CHIKARA Special. Claudio counters it and turns over into the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Soldier Ant and Fire Ant break free from the BDK on the floor to save Green Ant. Claudio and Tursas are pitched to the floor. The Colony launch Fire Ant on them with the Antapult. Ares looks for the Tiger Driver on Soldier Ant. Soldier Ant rocks him with a discuss forearm and the TKO. Green Ant drops him with an arm-capture neck breaker. Green Ant dives onto Claudio and Soldier Ant dives on Tursas. Fire Ant drops Ares with the Beach Break for two. Ares hits the Tiger Driver for two after knocking down referee Bryce Remsburg accidentally. Tursas comes over and hits a big splash on Bryce. Soldier Ant and Green Ant lay in chops to Tursas. They send Ares into Tursas and dropkick Ares down. The entire Colony send Tursas to the floor with triple big boots. The Colony build up the Ant Hill and crash down on Ares. Referee Derek Sabato runs out and counts two. Sabato was kicked out of CHIKARA awhile back, and purposefully stopped the count even though Ares didn’t kick out. Tursas and Claudio low blow Green Ant and Soldier Ant right in Sabato’s face, and he shrugs it off. The BDK hit Fire Ant with the dreaded Ragnarok. Sabato makes the fastest count in the history of pro wrestling for the pin at 13:30. So, in the end I liked this finish. Obviously the BDK angle is going to run till the end of this season/year at least. .This was a good way to keep the group fresh, throw in a new element, and keep things interesting. I was worried that Derek Sabato would be overused on future shows, but with one weekend down and another angle going down that weekend it looks as if CHIKARA has neutralized that from happening. The Colony also looked super strong, and it was insanely obvious that were they not screwed they would have had the BDK’s number. This will make their ultimate win the end even more special. This was a great King of Trios final, and perhaps the best final yet. ***1/2

Derek Sabato takes off his CHIKARA referee shirt to reveal and shiny new white and silver referee shirt. He poses with BDK ring announcer Jakob Hammermeier, Claudio, Ares, and Tursas in the entrance way. The fans cheer for The Colony as the recoup in the ring and head to the back.


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