King of Trios 2010, Night II


Philadelphia, PA – 4.24.2010

Commentary is provided by Bryce Remsburg, Colin Delaney, Leonard F. Chikarason, UltraMantis Black, and Mike Quackenbush.

Brodie Lee comes out saying he issued a challenge and asks for anyone from the back to come out and accept. Grizzly Redwood accepts the challenge, looking for revenge from back in October when Brodie Lee booted him out of CHIKARA (literally).

Brodie Lee vs. Grizzly Redwood

Redwood immediately throws a flurry of forearms. He applies a sleeper hold with a bodyscissors. Lee backs him in the corner. Redwood evades a splash and lays in some punches. Lee whips Redwood into the corner and chops him hard across the chest. Lee cracks Redwood with some boots and strikes before choking him on the rope. Redwood chops away at Lee’s legs, and pounds on his back. Lee picks up Redwood on his shoulders. Redwood slips off and chop blocks Lee to the floor. Redwood suicide dives after him, sending Lee into the guardrail. Lee catches Redwood coming off the top rope with the Truck Stop. Redwood ducks the rolling lariat, but Lee catches him with a Big Boot for the pin at 3:09. This was a fun squash match, seemingly to put a definitive end to the Brodie/Grizzly split. *½

King of Trios Quarter-Finals Match
Jigsaw {TFN}, Equinox {TFN}, & Helios {TFN} vs. Daisuke Sekimoto {BJW}, Yuji Okabayashi {BJW}, & Kankuro Hoshino {BJW}

Sekimoto trips Jigsaw and stretches him over his knees. Sekimoto drops him with a neckbreaker. Jigsaw hops over a dive and takes Sekimoto down with a hurricanrana. Helios and Hoshino tag in. Helios avoids Hoshino’s big punches. Hoshino gets is punch, and Helios takes him down with a body drag. Hoshino rolls through a leg lariat and knocks Helios down with a shoulder tackle. Okabayashi and Equinox tag in. Equinox grabs a side headlock, and Okabayashi gently places him on the top rope. Equinox trips Okabayashi and grabs his shoulder. He tags in Helios. Helios hits a superkick, and Equinox lands a short hurricanrana for two. Equinox chops Okabayashi a few times in the corner. Okabayashi powerslams Equinox to turn the tide in Big Japan’s favor. The Big Japan boys beat down on Equinox until he fires back at Sekimoto by throwing his wrist gauntlet at him and throwing some chops as well. He gives Okabayashi an Manhattan drop and tags in Jigsaw. Jigsaw elbows him in the corner and hits an enzugiri. Jigsaw lands a top rope hurricanrana and spins into a bulldog for two. Okabayashi looks for the backbreaker he used to beat Frightmare yesterday. Jigsaw escapes and double stomps Okabayashi for two. Okabayashi takes Jigsaw down with a lariat and a hard powerbomb. Helios breaks the pin. A pissed off Okabayashi absorbs Helios’ punches. He crotches Helios on the top rope. He looks for a suplex, then Jigsaw comes from behind looking for one. Sekimoto comes in and German suplexes all three guys. Equinox knocks him down a missile dropkick. Hoshino comes in and Equinox nails a flying forearm. He and Hoshino trade forearms in the middle of the ring. Hoshino knocks him down with a series of slaps. Hoshino splashes Equinox in the corner. Hoshino lands a second rope senton and Jigsaw breaks the pin. Jigsaw cracks Hoshino with an enzugiri. Sekimoto fells no effect of Jigsaw’s strikes and kicks. Sekimoto knocks him down and looks for a deadlift German. Equinox blasts him with a right hand, Jigsaw superkicks him, and Helios hits a 450 splash. He pins Sekimoto…

Sekimoto fires right back up like a monster! Equinox and Jigsaw dive onto Okabayashi and Hoshino. Sekimoto catches Helios as he comes at him with the Sasuke Special and German suplexes him for the pin at 13:35. This got insane in the last few minutes and was a good overall match as well. The final moments were damn good stuff, and both teams looked strong throughout. ***3/4

Rey de Voladores Qualifier Elimination Match
Malachi Jackson vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Amasis {OP} vs. Matt Cross

Amasis and Malachi go back and forth with some flippy lookin’ stuff. They go to the floor to tag in Kendrick and Cross. Cross takes Kendrick down with some armdrags. Kendrick hops over Cross and misses a forearm in the corner. They block each others stuff and Cross sends Kendrick to the floor. Cross fakes out a dive, then hits a real one on Kendrick. Amasis turns Malachi inside out with a running clothesline for two. Cross hits a cartwheel elbow on Malachi in the corner. He kicks Malachi in the face, holds position, and kicks Malachi multiple times in the mid-section with his other leg. Kendrick snaps Cross on the rope, and Kendrick comes in with a hurricanrana to Cross and Malachi. Amasis faceplants Kendrick for two. Malachi hits a tumbling ace crusher and kicks Amasis in the face for two. Cross throws Malachi to the floor. Cross lands on Amasis and Malachi on the floor with the Spice Flying Tiger Drop. Kendrick flips off the top rope onto Malachi and Amasis. Kendrick and Amasis trade blows in the ring. Kendrick dumps Amasis on his head, and Cross pushes Kendrick away mid-air for two. Malachi comes in and hits a playmaker for two. Amasis cracks Kendrick with an enzugiri. Amasis knees Kendrick, who DDT’s Malachi. Amasis takes Kendrick down with a kick to the head. Amasis and Cross hit stereo 450/shooting star splashes on Kendrick and Malachi respectively, and pin them both at 7:22. Amasis and Cross strike with forearms. Amasis drops him with a full nelson face buster for two. Amasis then hits the Twist of Funk for two. Cross drops Amasis on his head with a German suplex. He enzugiri’s him for two. Cross double stomps on Amasis’ back. Cross backflips with a single stomp on Amasis, and follows up with a standing shooting star press for the win at 9:41. As cool looking as the finish was, this was real sloppy and uncoordinated. So many awkward moments plagued this match, but once it got down to Cross and Amasis they got their act together. **

The Perros del Mal team cut a promo in Spanish, in which I assume they put themselves over. I don’t speak Spanish so I wouldn’t know.

King of Trios Quarter-Finals Match
El Oriental {PdM}, Alebrije {PdM}, & Cuije {PdM} vs. Claudio Castagnoli {BDK}, Ares {BDK}, & Tursas {BDK}

Oriental takes Claudio over and comes back to his feet with a headlock. Claudio boots Oriental down upon escape. Claudio blasts Oriental in the chest with a boot. He slaps Ares and Tursas, and Claudio rocks him with a forearm. Ares holds Oriental, but Oriental snapmares him over. Tursas grabs him, but Oriental ducks and Claudio and Ares hit him. Oriental takes them down with a London bridge and a rope-assisted double armdrag. Oriental swings into a headscissors that sends Claudio to the floor. Alebrije and Tursas go face-to-face, and Tursas shoves Alebrije to the floor. Alebrije tries some overhand slaps on Tursas, who feels nothing. Tursas blasts Alebrije with a forearm on the back and powerslams him. Claudio looks to slam Alebrije, but Cuije grabs his behind. Alebrije slams him and Cuije shakes in fear of Claudio. Alebrije comes off the second rope with a missile dropkick for two. Claudio boots Alebrije, who kicks Claudio in the chest. Alebrije drops Ares with the death penalty. He and Cuije hit a double legdrop, and both fake dives. Tursas sends Alebrije to the floor and forcefully brings in Oriental. Claudio uppercuts Oriental to the floor and brings back in Alebrije. The BDK triple throw him into the corner. They do it once more and attack him. Alebrije hits the floor, and the brave but foolish Cuije comes in. Claudio places him in the corner, and Tursas boots him in the chest. Oriental avoids attacks from the BDK, sending Claudio to the floor. He and Alebrije sandwich Ares with low dropkicks. Tursas knocks Alebrije down and press slams Oriental. Cuije breaks the pin. All three BDK members boot him down. Alebrije comes in with overhand chops. Claudio kicks Alebrije, and Alebrije sends Ares and Claudio to the floor. Alebrije follows with a suicide dive. Oriental dives onto them with a moonsault. Cuije is left alone with Tursas and kicks away at Tursas’ legs. Tursas presses him over his head and threatens to throw him into the crowd. Instead he boots Cuije down and gives him a monsterous splash for the pin at 9:46. This was the easiest Rudo vs Tecnico match of all time, as the giant Tursas bullied the smaller Cuije for a major fan reaction. It also makes sense that Dieter Von Steigerwalt would make it so the brackets would have these two teams converge, so I was quite alright with this. The match in and of itself was alright; lots of missteps from the Lucha guys and not enough offense from the BDK. But still, the story telling was quite good and gets brownie points. **1/2

Cuije does a stretcher-job afterwards, and by that I mean the ringside medical assistant carries Cuije in his arms to the back. Oriental thanks the fans and let’s out a big “VIVA MEXICO!” before leaving with Alebrije.

Christopher Daniels is backstage. He says most wrestlers when entering a new promotion are expected to climb the ladder to the main event. Daniels says in his instance, everyone lines up to take a shot at him. Daniels says it’s no different here and that there’s a big target on his chest. He says tonight, Hallowicked is the first in line to receive that opportunity. He questions if Hallowicked can handle his excellence, and claims Hallowicked will be the first of many to fall.

Hallowicked {I} vs. Christopher Daniels

Each guy goes to the arm looking for control. Daniels knocks Hallowicked down with a shoulder tackle. Daniels cartwheels over Hallowicked and gives him an armdrag. Hallowicked school boys Daniels, then armdrags him into an armwringer. Daniels sends Hallowicked to the apron, and Hallowicked kicks him in the chest. Hallowicked slingshots into a schoolboy, then gives Daniels a couple armdrags. Daniels retreats to the floor to catch his breath. Hallowicked takes Daniels over with a step-up Frankensteiner, and Daniels goes back to the floor unhappy. Daniels comes in and slaps Hallowicked in the face. Hallowicked backs Daniels to the corner and forearms him. Daniels boots Hallowicked to change the pace of the match. Daniels hits his trademark leg lariat. Daniels cranks on Hallowicked’s neck. Hallowicked sunset flips Daniels for two. Hallowicked pushes Daniels to the corner, and Daniels goes to Hallowicked’s eyes. He chokes Hallowicked on the top rope. Daniels lands a jumping forearm. Hallowicked hits Daniels with Go Too Sleepy Hollow. Hallowicked ducks a forearm. He takes Daniels down with some clotheslines and back elbows. A big back body drop allows Hallowicked to hit a step-up enzugiri in the corner for two. Hallowicked plants Daniels with the Rydeen Bomb. Daniels palm strikes Hallowicked, and Hallowicked responds with a hard corner. Daniels goes to the floor and Hallowicked lands on him with a suicide dive. Daniels palm strikes Hallowicked as he heads to the top rope. Daniels throws him off with a super sit-out snapmare for two. Daniels drops Hallowicked with a sit-out Death Valley Driver for two. Daniels calls for the Angel’s Wings, but Hallowicked lights him up with chops instead. Daniels fires back with some of his own, and Hallowicked cracks him with a Yakuza kick for two. Hallowicked looks for the Graveyard Smash. Daniels throws referee Nick Papagiorgio into Hallowicked. After an STO, Daniels hits Hallowicked with the Best Moonsault Ever for the pin at 13:32. This was a very solid singles match between these two. Both these guys meshed quite well and put a solid technical match-up and broke up the trios matches quite nicely. ***

King of Trios Quarter-Finals Match
Atsushi Kotoge {O}, Daisuke Harada {O}, & Tadasuke {O} vs. Icarus {F}, Gran Akuma {F}, & Chuck Taylor {F}

Kotoge hits the ropes lightning fast and blasts Taylor in the face with a flying kick, sending Taylor to the floor. Tadasuke and Icarus tag in. After a back and forth, they trade strikes mid-ring. Icarus begs for Tadasuke to not chop him, but he does it anyhow. Icarus retreats to Akuma, and Harada comes in. Harada knocks him with forearms while Akuma lays in kicks to his chest. Harada knocks him over as Akuma comes off the ropes with double forearms. Kotoge tags in and stomps Akuma down in the corner. Harada double stomps Akuma while Kotoge holds him. The Osaka Pro guys lay in some shots to Akuma in their corner. Taylor trips Tadasuke, and Akuma kicks him in the side of the head. Tadasuke is now at the mercy of F.I.S.T., as they trap him in their corner and weaken him down. While this occurs, we see Johnny Gargano sitting in the aisle way in a F.I.S.T. t-shirt. Tadasuke barrels Icarus into the Osaka Pro corner. Harada and Kotoge double team Icarus, then take down both Taylor and Akuma with some great tandem offense. Kotoge nails Chuck with a superkick, Tadasuke spinebusters him, and Harada hits a top rope elbow drop. Icarus and Akuma break the pin. Kotoge ducks under a double clothesline and dives onto Taylor. Akuma and Icarus choke Harada in the corner, then whip him across. Harada suplexes Akuma into a seated Icarus in the corner for two. Icarus drops Harada with a Death Valley Driver and Akuma hits a frog splash. Tadasuke saves the match for his team. Tadasuke powers Akuma over into a brainbuster and Icarus breaks the pin. Harada forearms Icarus in the corner. Icarus lays in a flurry of knees, and Harada hip tosses Icarus into a knee strike. Harada takes him over with a bridging suplex for two. Taylor slams Kotoge. Kotoge sends Taylor to the floor. He rolls in and jumps up with an ace crusher to Akuma. Kotoge goes for a moonsault and gets crotches by Icarus. Taylor throws Kotoge on Akuma’s knees and Icarus pins him for two. Tadasuke clotheslines Taylor down. Icarus hits him with the Shiranui. Harada sends Icarus over with a belly-to-belly suplex. Akuma drops Harada with a flatliner. Kotoge brings Akuma off the top rope with a Spanish Fly for two. Taylor springboard dropkicks Kotoge to the floor. F.I.S.T. hit a double enzugiri/boot combo on Tadasuke. They hit a boot/back cracker on Tadasuke and only get two. Icarus dives onto Kotoge, and Akuma dives onto Harada. Taylor gives Tadasuke the Sole Food. Tadasuke school boys Taylor and grabs the tights to get the win at 14:27. Another really fun trios match, and what to this point has to be the biggest upset of the tournament. All six guys brought their A games and put on a fantastic match. ***3/4

Rey de Voladores Qualifier Elimination Match
Cheech Hernandez vs. Ophidian {OP} vs. Rich Swann vs. Frightmare {I}

Cheech and Ophidian roll around looking for the advantage. We instead get a stalemate. Ophidian sends Cheech to the floor with a toreador, and Frightmare sends him out with a step-up Frankensteiner. Frightmare hits a jump-up neckbreaker on Swann for two. Swann flips over Frightmare and sends him to the apron. Swann boots Frightmare off the apron to the floor. Cheech Thesz presses Swann. Swann sends Cheech to the floor. He moonsaults into an armdrag on Cheech. Frightmare is taken down by an arm whip from Ophidian, and Ophidian then uses his rope assisted headscissors for a takedown. Ophidian follows with a swinging hurricarana. He takes Cheech out on the floor with a headscissors, and both Frightmare and Swann follow out with dives. In the ring, Swann hip tosses Frightmare into a backbreaker. Swann drops him with a Finlay roll and hits a standing moonsault for two. Swann sole butts Ophidian and drops him with a Michinoku Driver for to. Swann looks for his Standing 450, and Ophidian gets the knees up. Frightmare hits Swann with the Kneecolepsy for the pin at 4:55. Cheech hits an ace crusher/neck breaker tandem on Ophidian and Frightmare, getting two counts on both guys. Ophidian drives his knees into Frightmare’s chest, and Cheech gives him a 619 from the apron. Cheech powerbombs Ophidian onto the guardrail and pins Frightmare in the ring for two. Cheech spears Frightmare in the corner and fisherman suplexes him for two. Frightmare lands a tornado DDT for two. Cheech elbows Frightmare and dumps him with the Gory Special. Cheech heads up top where Ophidian tries to trap him. Cheech cartwheels down. Frightmare spikes Cheech with a crucifix driver for two. Cheech hits a flying knee. Ophidian prawn holds Cheech for the pin at 8:37. Ophidian dives onto Frightmare with a twisting tope. Ophidian moonsaults off the guardrail onto Frightmare. Frightmare pops Ophidian off the apron and kicks Ophidian in the mid-section. Frightmare brings Ophidian back in the ring. Frightmare drops Ophidian on his head for two. Ophidian takes Frightmare over with a reverse spike hurricanrana. Frightmare kicks Ophidian in the face and cartwheels into an enzugiri. Ophidian hits one of his own. Frightmare drops Ophidian with a frankensteiner for two. Ophidian back elbows Frightmare as he comes off the ropes. Frightmare hits a neckbreaker and kneecolepsy for two. Ophdian rolls into a wheelbarrow facebuster. Frightmare kicks Ophidian to the ring apron. Ophidian kicks Frightmare in the head and slingshots in with a quebrada. Ophidan bridges Frightmare with a Cobra Clutch suplex and prawn holds Frightmare for two. Ophidian goes up top. Frightmare follows and trades punches with him. Ophidian hits the Egyptian Destroyer to score the pin at 15:52. This was much, much better than the other Rey de Voladores match. Everything looked crisp, and when it came down to Frightmare and Ophidian, these guys kicked it up and notch and put on a hell of a final stretch. Real good stuff here. ***1/2

The BDK team of Tim Donst, Lince Dorado, & Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez are backstage. Donst says he knew all along they would make it to night two with all the accolades their team has. He didn’t expect however to face The Colony. Donst mentions a few of the falls The Colony has suffered to the BDK and in general. Donst says Soldier Ant will never hold the Young Lions Cup because he’s a never was (foreshadowing!) Donst says the King of Trios finale will be BDK vs BDK.

King of Trios Quarter-Finals Match
Fire Ant {C}, Soldier Ant {C}, & Green Ant {C} vs. Tim Donst {BDK}, Lince Dorado {BDK}, & Pinkie “Pink Ant” Sanchez {BDK}

The Colony and BDK engage in an out of control all-out brawl on the floor. Dorado and Donst hold up Green Ant by his arms in a T position and throw him into a ring post. Donst goes for a pin, but Fire Ant breaks it. Sanchez throws Fire Ant to the floor and grabs Green Ant by the antlers. Sanchez slams him and tries another pin, which Soldier Ant breaks up. Dorado disposes of Soldier Ant. Dorado double stomps Green Ant and falls to the floor. Dorado throws Fire Ant back in, and Fire Ant throws Dorado out. Donst attacks Fire Ant from behind and tosses Fire Ant and Soldier Ant out. The BDK triple team Green Ant with a double side Russian legsweep and superkick. Soldier Ant knocks down all three BDK members and hits Sanchez with a flying saluting headbutt. Donst takes him down with an STO. The BDK keep the other members of The Colony down whilst wearing Soldier Ant down in the ring. Soldier Ant is able to bring Sanchez over the top rope and to the floor with a suplex reversal. Fire Ant flies in and knocks Dorado to the floor. Donst plants him with a flatliner for two. Donst twists Fire Ant’s nipples, and now it’s Fire Ant’s turn to take the brunt of the BDK’s beating. They dispose of Fire Ant and pose. Green Ant crawls back in the ring in pain, and the BDK mock him. Green Ant dishes out a headbutt to all three BDK members, and turns Sanchez over in a Cloverleaf. Sanchez breaks it and lays in hard elbows to Green Ant’s back. Fire Ant and Soldier Ant push Sanchez and Dorado off the rop rope. Green Ant drops Donst down in the corner, and the Colony hit the Ants Marching triple dropkick. The Colony send Fire Ant onto the BDK with the Antapult from inside the ring. In the ring, Green Ant drops Sanchez with a suplex. Donst drops Green Ant with a full nelson facebuster. Soldier Ant lands a headbutt, Dorado lands a shooting star press, and Fire Ant wheelbarrows up. Dorado drops him. Dorado looks for a lynxsault, and Fire Ant dropkicks him in the stomach while he is in mid-air. Both Trios exchange shots in the ring. The Colony hit a triple big boot on Donst after they send Sanchez and Dorado out. They build the Ant Hill, but Dorado takes Fire Ant off the top of the heat with a springboard clothesline. Donst drops Soldier Ant with a face crusher. Soldier Ant drops Donst with the TKO. Dorado lays in some forearms and spikes him with a flipping DDT for two. Fire Ant cracks Dorado with the Heat of the Moment and scores with a wheelbarrow stunner. Fire Ant nails him with an Antzugiri. Fire Ant gives him a brainbuster and Sanchez breaks the count. Sanchez sets up the Burning Snicklefritz which Green Ant breaks. Sanchez spins Green Ant into the Inverted CHIKARA Special. Fire Ant cracks him with a Yahtzee Kick to break. Green Ant applies the Cloverleaf. Dorado breaks it and places Green Ant up top. Dorado looks for a top rope Spanish Fly. Green Ant headbutts him down onto Fire Ant on the floor. Donst goes up top and throws him off the top with the Donstitution for two. Donst checks on Dorado on the floor. Fire Ant drops Sanchez on the ring apron with the Beach Break. Donst looks shocked, and Soldier Ant comes from behind fired up. He blasts Donst with a rolling saluting headbutt. Soldier Ant locks in the CHIKARA Special and gets the submission at 18:51. Finally, the BDK is handed their first ever non-DQ loss in CHIKARA. This was done really well, with both teams coming as super strong forces. As I said in my Night One review, these BDK guys are so much better as Rudos than they were Tecnicos. Put them in with a super hot team like The Colony and good things happen. Great wrestling all around and a fun story to boot. ***1/2

Tomorrow night is the Finals, and our quarter final matches are The Colony vs. Team Osaka Pro and Big Japan Wrestling vs. The BDK trio of Claudio Castagnoli, Ares, and Tursas.


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