CZW: Swingin’ For The Fences

Philadelphia, PA – 4.10.2010

CZW Tag Team Championship
Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon (Champions) vs. Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger

Robbie Mireno is in Maxwell and Cannon’s corner. Kingston suplexes Maxwell and tags in Younger. He and Kingston double flapjack Maxwell. Younger counters a hip toss with a few armdrag variations. Kingston gets kneed and sledged in the back before Maxwell chokes him on the top rope. Cannon chokes him on the middle rope from the apron. Kingston delivers a Northern Lights suplex to Cannon for two. Younger trips him into an elbow drop from Kingston for two. Younger gets two again after a delayed vertical suplex. Mireno grabs Younger’s leg allowing Cannon to hit a neckbreaker for two. The Best Around isolate Younger in their corner until Younger gives Cannon a Blue Thunder Bomb. Kingston tags in and sends both Cannon and Maxwell to the floor with back elbows. He suicide dives onto them, then Younger comes off the top with a somersault senton to them and Mireno. In the ring Younger and Kingston chop Cannon in the corner. Kingston delivers a yakuza kick before suplexing Cannon off the middle rope. Younger comes off the top with a splash for two. Maxwell delivers a running kick to Younger. Kingston suplexes Maxwell but then takes a shooting star double stomp from Cannon. Younger drops Cannon with the Drake N’ Bake for two. Maxwell drops him with a reverse STO. Cannon sentons onto him for two. Younger nails Maxwell with a flying elbow. Kingston backfists Cannon into the Drake’s Landing from Younger. Maxwell breaks the pin and TKO’s Younger for two. He tries the same on Kingston, but Kingston Saito suplexes him for the pin at 11:31. This was far better than the awful tag title match from High Stakes. Younger and Kingston fit together so well and the building went nuts for their victory. In a time when CZW had a ton of tag teams rising the ranks, having these two on top was a fitting choice. ***

Home Run Debry Death Match
Eddie Kingston, Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz vs. Brain Damage, JC Bailey & Masada

This match was supposed to be Vortekz & Masada vs. Damage & Bailey, but at the bell Masada breaks a thumbtack bat on Vortekz’s head. An injured Danny Havoc gets in Masada’s face but gets punched by Brain Damage. Younger and Kingston hit the ring before things can get even more out of control and the match is changed to a trios match. The reason it’s called a Home Run Derby death match is because there are barbed wire and thumbtack bats as well as water cooler jugs attached to sticks.

The Tecnico team attacks their opponents on the floor. In the ring Vortekz hits Bailey in the skull with a thumbtack bat. He then whacks Bailey with a water jug on a pole in the head. Damage hits Younger with one on the floor. On the floor, Bailey hits Vortekz in the stomach with a thumbtack bat and Masada water jugs him in the head. Younger suplexes Damage onto a pile of kendro sticks bundled together. Kingston pounds on a bloody Bailey against the guardrails. He then whips Masada into the crowed. In the ring Younger hits Damage with a barbed wire 2×4 on his back. Masada stomps a barbed wire 2×4 into Vortekz’s head. Masada throws Younger through a chair and nails him in the head with a thumbtack bat. Bailey hits Vortekz with the water jug for two. Kingston rakes a barbed wire bat into Damage’s forhead. Masada butterfly suplexes Younger. Younger blasts him in the mid-section with the tied up kendo sticks. He digs thumbtacks into his head after blasting him with the bat. Damage and Kingston slug it out on the floor. Vortekz slams Bailey onto a spiked bat. Masada suplexes Younger onto a chair with a barbed wire bat on it for two. Masada powerbombs Vortekz onto a contorted chair. Younger hits Masada with a bat to break the pin. Bailey puts Vortekz in a Camel Clutch while Damage chokes Younger on the middle rope and keeps Kingston at bay. Kingston recovers on the floor while his partners continue to be beaten with weapons. Kingston finally comes in and puts Masada in a sleeper hold. Younger slams Bailey onto a barbed wire 2×4 and hits Damage in the mid-section with a kendo stick. A tower of doom sees Bailey, Younger and Vortekz powerbombed by Damage and Masada. Kingston and Masada trade strikes mid-ring. Kingston yakuza kicks him and goes for a Saito suplex. Damage hits him with a barbed wire board and jug bat for two. Damage gives him a package piledriver but Vortekz breaks the pin. Masada spider suplexes Vortekz through a chair. Younger hits him with a jug bat. Bailey suplexes Younger for the pin at 13:41. That finish came out of nowhere and was really anticlimactic. If hardcore stuff is your cup of tea you’ll enjoy this, but it’s by the numbers stuff for a match of this type. I noticed that Kingston wisely kept out of the hardcore stuff ad barely took any stupid weapon shots. Good for him. Bailey has pinned Younger twice now this now, which would lead to him getting a tag title shot against Younger and Kingston next month. **1/2


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