DGUSA: Mercury Rising

Phoenix, AZ – 3.27.2010

Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Matt & Nick Jackson

Quack and Nick trade wristlocks. Nick snapmares Quack into a headlock. Quack baits Nick into breaking it, and Nick forearms Quack. Quack knocks Nick to the floor with a jumping back elbow. Jigsaw and Matt tag in. Jigsaw trips Matt into a single-leg crab. Jigsaw uses the ropes to hit an armdrag, but Matt backflips into a headscissors. Jigsaw puts Matt in the Gory Fallows. Quack hops onto Matt with a senton. Quack and Jigsaw send Matt to the floor after some double teams. Quack sends Nick to the floor with a monkey flip, and wipes him out with a tope con hilo. Matt dropkicks Quack, and Jigsaw dropkicks Jigsaw to the floor. Jigsaw looks for a drive but Nick trips him and hits an enzugiri. Matt comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick for one. The Bucks keep Jigsaw in the ring, hoping to wear him down for an easy victory. Jigsaw avoids a splash from Matt and backdrops Nick to get the chance to tag in Quack. Quack takes down the Bucks, but Matt kicks him in the face and gets shoved to the floor. The Bucks hit a backbreaker/twisting neckbreaker combo on Jigsaw, going right back to work on him. Jigsaw again gets out of the grasp of the Bucks, and dives onto Matt on the floor. Quack comes in, chopping Nick into the corner. Quack gives Nick a release German suplex. Quack palm strikes Nick on the top rope and brings Nick down with a superplex for two. Quack tries the Quackendriver IV. Nick escapes and wheelbarrows into an ace crusher for two. Nick slips out and Matt throws Jigsaw into Quack. Matt drops Jigsaw with a dragon suplex, and Quack breaks the pin. Nick hits Jigsaw with the Worst Case Scenario. Quack brings Nick to the floor and breaks Matt’s pin. Matt hits Quack with a tumbleweed ace crusher for two. Matt has Quack in a wheelbarrow, and Jigsaw kicks Matt down. Quack sunset flips Matt into an enzugiri from Jigsaw. Quack hits a mule kick and Jigsaw drops him with a brainbuster. Nick breaks the pin. A series of superkicks occurs and Jigsaw and Quack hit a doublestomp/Jig N’ Tonic combination for the pin at 14:42. This was a great tag team match with some really cool stuff. The Young Bucks were on fire and Quack and Jigsaw meshed well with them. The transitions were crisp, clean, and made this a fun match to watch. ***1/2

As Quackenbush and Jigsaw are heading to the back, Matt Jackson gets on the microphone and put them over. Matt says they’re the new team to beat in DGUSA. All four guys embrace as the fans applaude the Bucks in DGUSA one last time.

You can read my review of the entire “Mercury Rising” show here!


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