DGUSA: Open The Ultimate Gate

Phoenix, AZ – 3.26.2010

Genki Horiguchi & Susumu Yokosuka vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

Horiguchi is now aligned with the WARRIORS faction while Yokosuka is in no faction, but teams regularly with K-Ness in Japan. Quack and Horiguchi take the action to the mat to look for an advantage. Horiguchi snapmares Quack into a body vice, which Quack turns into slam. Horiguchi gives Quack an armdrag and dropkick. Quack evades an elbow and refuses to let Horiguchi Irish whip him. Quack takes Horiguchi to the mat and rolls him up for two. Now that a stalemate is reached, they tag in Jigsaw and Yokosuka. Jigsaw takes him to the floor with a toreador and a headscissors. Horiguchi comes in allowing Jigsaw and Quack double team him. Yokosuka comes in and lariats Jigsaw to the floor. Quack applies an abdominal stretch and then stretches Yokosuka’s arms behind his back. Yokosuka sunset flips Quack, and Jigsaw meets Yokosuka with a crossbody. Jigsaw takes Yokosuka to the floor with a headscissors. Jigsaw legdrops Horiguchi after a slam for two. Horiguchi dropkicks Jigsaw’s legs out and sends Quack to the floor. Yokosuka and Horiguchi now target Jigsaw’s left leg, wearing him down and preventing him from tagging in Quack. Jigsaw gives Horiguchi an enzugiri off the apron, but Yokosuka immediately gives him a lariat in the corner. Jigsaw blocks an exploder suplex off the top rope and gives Yokosuka a top rope dropkick. He tags in Quack who palm strikes and chops Yokosuka to the corner. Quack hits a face crusher and sunset flips Quack for two. Jigsaw dropkicks him on the ropes. Quack hits the Black Tornado Slam and Horiguchi breaks the pin. Horiguchi gives Quack a tornado DDT. Horiguchi misses a moonsault and Jigsaw drops Horiguchi with the Mad Scientist bomb for two. Jigsaw goes up top and Yokosuka cuts him off with an exploder suplex. Horiguchi follows with a brianbuster for two. Jigsaw superkicks Yokosuka, but Yokosuka comes back with Jumbo no Kachi. Quack fires up when Yokosuka hits him with a clothesline, and rolls up Yokosuka for two. Quack jackknife pins Yokosuka for two. Quack hits the Quackendriver III for two. Yokosuka blasts Quack with Jumbo no Kachi for two. Yokosuka then drops Quack with Mugan for the pin at 13:35. This was a really fun match to open the show. Both teams showed a lot of good stuff here, and it was a nice build for Yokosuka’s match the next night. Jigsaw and Quack looked better here than usual, and I kind of wish Yokosuka and Horiguchi would tag more often. ***

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