JAPW: Wild Card 6

Rahway, NJ – 3.20.2010

JAPW Tag Team Championship
Monsta Mac & Havok vs. Eddie Kingston & B-Boy

Kingston can’t budge Mac, so he chops him. This also has no effect, and Mac shoulder tackles Kingston. Havok tags in and hits a tandem shoulder tackle with Mac. B-Boy tags in and gets slammed right away. Havok hits a running shoulder tackle and tags Mac back in. He and Havok hit tandem back elbows. B-Boy kicks Mac and tags Kingston back in. Mac ducks a yakuza kick. He hits two slams. B-Boy knees him from the apron, allowing Kingston to forearm smash Mac. B-Boy and Kingston gang up on Mac in their corner. Mac brushes off their stereo chops, but B-Boy rakes his eyes to continue his and Kingston’s beatdown. Mac escapes their grasp after B-Boy misses an elbow. Havok catches B-Boy with a Samoan Drop, backdropping Kingston right before doing so. Mac and Havok deliver a tandem flapjack to Kingston. B-Boy hits Mac with an enzuigiri as he tries to powerbomb Kingston. Kingston and B-Boy hit Mac with stereo boots for two. Havok whips Kingston into the guardrail. Mac drops B-Boy with the Greetings From Brooklyn for two. B-Boy drops Mac with a second rope DDT. Havok spears B-Boy. Kingston hits Havok with the Backfist to the Future for two. Mac delivers a lariat to Kingston. B-Boy blocks one and hits the Shining Wizard for two. Mac ducks a second one and hits a gut-wrench powerbomb for the pin at 9:51. Both teams did a solid job playing their parts, and I find that I enjoy Kingston and B-Boy as a team. **3/4

Amasis, Ophidian & Annie Social vs. Mo Sexton, Joe Hardway & Mia Yim

Yim and Social trade hammerlocks. Social holds onto Yim’s arm after an armdrag. Yim headbutts Social in the crotch and kicks her in the back. Double knees gets her two. Social clotheslines Yim in the corner. Sexton tags in and brings Social to the corner. She fights out and takes him over with a headlock. She tags in both members of the Portal after their opponents accidentally clothesline each other. The Portal hypnotize the women ringside to dance, but Yim breaks the trance. Amasis gets isolated in the Rudos corner. Amasis gets his boot up to block Sexton and tags in Ophidian. Ophidian knocks down Hardway and hits a 450 splash. Sexton breaks the pin. Ophidian moonsaults into the arms of his opponents. They drop him on the top rope. Ophidian gets beaten until he delivers double knees to Hardway. Social and Yim tag in. Social suplexes Yim for two. Social delivers a few knees and an X-Factor. Sexton grabs Social by her hair, but Amasis superkicks him. Ophidian hypnotizes the strippers ringside to get on the apron to dance and make out. Sexton and Hardway get hypnotized as well. Social gives them both low blows. Yim kicks Ophidian as the Portal try to hypnotize the strippers again. Amasis slaps her, leaving Social to pick her up. Sexton and Hardway hit her with double kicks and knock the Portal off the apron. Yim covers Social for the pin at 11:03. Well this was just a mess, and not even a particularly entertaining one. Though Ophidian freaking out at two strippers making out was somewhat amusing. ½*


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