wXw: The Vision

Philadelphia, PA – 3.13.2010

Eddie Kingston vs. Big Van Walter

Walter pushes Kingston down in a lock-up. Walter does it again, and Kingston goes to the floor. Walter forearms Kingston. Kingston chops Walter with no effect, so he nails him with a right hand. Kingston lights up Walter with a flurry of knife-edge chops in the corner. Kingston tries a belly-to-belly suplex with no luck. Walter dropkicks Kingston in the chest for two. Walter chokes Kingston on the second rope. Walter clubs Kingston in the back and cranks on his face. Walter kicks Kingston in the chest. Walter stands on Kingston’s throat. Walter pummels Kingston in the corner. Walter misses a splash and Kingston Yakuza kicks him. Kingston looks for the Saito suplex and Walter stops him. Walter big boots Kingston for two. Walter clubs on Kingston and drops him with a double underhook suplex for two. Kingston dropkicks Walter in the leg, and dragon screws Walter to the mat. Kingston wrenches on Walter’s knee. Kingston again tries for the Saito suplex. Walter escapes and gives Kingston one of his own. Walter gives Kingston a German suplex for two. Kingston takes Walter off the top rope with a superplex. Kingston comes off the second rope with a dropkick to the knee. He dropkicks Walter in the face for two. Walter ducks the Backfist to the Future. Both guys lay in some hard slaps to one another. Kingston armdrags Walter, and Walter takes Kingston down with a lariat. Walter powerbombs Kingston for the pin at 8:20. Walter absolutely sucks and it’s a travesty that he won the 16 Carat tournament. I sure hope he put on a better performance there. Kingston had somewhat of an off night too. Needless to say, I was not a fan of this match. *

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