Rahway, NJ – 3.13.2010

Gran Akuma (0-0) vs. Brodie Lee (0-0)

Akuma’s Army is broken up and these two are now in the singles division. Sure does suck to be Icarus. Akuma kicks away at Lee. Lee catches Akuma in a fallaway slam. Lee thrusts Akuma in the chest before giving him a hard chop in the corner. Akuma ducks another chop and kicks Lee in the chest. However, Lee follows Akuma as he runs across the ring and hits a big chop. Lee suplexes Akuma for two. Lee takes over Akuma with a pump-handle fallaway slam for two. Lee chops Akuma in the corner. Akuma dips out of a corner attack and delivers a step-up enzugiri. Akuma missile dropkicks Lee into the corner. He cheetah swipes Lee for two. Akuma lays in more kicks, and Lee deadlifts Akuma over into a German suplex. Lee hits a big boot in the corner. He drops Akuma on his head with a half-nelson suplex for two. Akuma turns a Liger Bomb into a rana. He nails Lee in the chin with a falling kick and a rolling elbow. Akuma powers Lee onto his shoulders and drops him with a Death Valley Driver for two. Akuma transitions into the L-13 for the pin at 3:45. Short, yet effective at showing Akuma as a monster. He took everything the much larger Brodie Lee had to offer and came out strong in the end. *1/2

Hallowicked (0-0) vs. Kyle O’Reilly (1-0)

Hallowicked blasts O’Reilly with a shoulder tackle. O’Reilly blocks an armdrag and rolls up Hallowicked for two. They block each others strikes and hit stereo dropkicks to reach a stalemate. O’Reilly takes Hallowicked down with a shoulder tackle,a nd Wicked gives O’Reilly a step-up Frankensteiner and a step-up enzugiri in the corner. Hallowicked hits a super snapmare and rolls up O’Reilly in La Magistral for two. O’Reilly kicks away at Hallowicked and sweeps him out for a two count. O’Reilly hits a series of rolling butterfly suplexes into a cross arm breaker. Hallowicked gets the bottom rope to escape. Hallowicked tries a O’Conner Roll and O’Reilly turns it into a rear-naked choke. Hallowicked throws O’Reilly into the corner with a flip snapmare. O’Reilly ducks a big boot and sole butts Hallowicked. Wicked rolls up O’Reilly, and O’Reilly flips over into an ankle lock. Hallowicked rolls through it and boots O’Reilly. Wicked lands a Rydeen Bomb for two. Hallowicked looks for Go Too Sleepy Hollow, but O’Reilly crucifixes him for two. O’Reilly counters another Rydeen Bomb into a cross arm breaker. Hallowicked escapes but O’Reilly re-applies the ankle lock. O’Reilly lays in some kicks to Hallowicked’s face and legs. Hallowicked looks again for Go Too Sleepy Hollow. O’Reilly catches the leg and hits a fisherman’s back suplex for two. O’Reilly hits a running elbow and big boot in the corner. O’Reilly hits a tornado DDT. Each guy blocks one another. O’Reilly hits a brainbuster for the pin at 6:29. This was a fun back-and-forth between two good wrestlers. O’Reilly is another guy who clearly is a rising star in EVOLVE. It’s sad his match with TJP didn’t occur, but Hallowicked more than hung with him in this match. **1/2

Four Team Elimination Match
Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw vs. Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Amasis & Ophidian vs. Fire Ant & Green Ant

Amasis does a little dancing before enduring a Lucha sequence with Fire Ant. The Colony hit a double hip toss on Amasis. Green Ant and Ophidian go back and forth. Ophidian sends Green Ant which brings in Jigsaw. Jigsaw and Quackenbush gives Ophidian a series of maneuvers. Frightmare comes in as does Quackenbush. Jigsaw and Quackenbush use tandem offense to take out the little guy. Frightmare takes Jigsaw down with a frankensteiner, but Jigsaw comes back with a toreador. Frightmare hits a jump-up neckbreaker. Quackenbush pops up Frightmare into a powerbomb, and Hallowicked breaks a pin. Quackenbush and Wicked go through another Lucha sequence. The Colony cut off Quackenbush, as Fire Ant gives him a wheelbarrow stunner and the Yahtzee kick. Jigsaw breaks Green Ant’s cloverleaf, and Ophidian attacks Jigsaw. Amasis comes in to help. Jigsaw gets sent out, and Frightmare takes out both of the Portal. Hallowicked gives Ophidian a step-up enzugiri and pops Frightmare up into a lariat. The Colony knock Hallowicked down with stereo boots. The Colony throws Frightmare onto Hallowicked on the floor and give Ophidian the Ants Marching dropkick in the corner. The Portal take out the Colony. Quackenbush sends Amasis to the floor, and Ophidian dumps Quackenbush and Jigsaw. Ophidian takes out Jigsaw with a headscissors. Quackenbush gives Ophidian a quesadora before Amasis comes off the apron with a forerarm to Quackenbush. Frightmare hits a tope con hilo on Amasis. Fire Ant lands a springboard somersault senton on everyone. Green Ant hits the ropes, but Hallowicked prawn holds Green Ant for two. Green Ant gives Hallowicked a flying headbutt. Amasis comes off the top with a forearm to Green Ant’s back. A sequence of big moves occurs with everyone hitting something on someone else. Hallowickedcatches Green Ant with the Go Too Sleepy Hollow for the pin, eliminating The Colony. Ophidian takes out Hallowicked, and Quackenbush traps Ophidian in a strange octopus variation. Quackenbush locks Frightmare in the Lightning Lock. Quackenbush ducks a clothesline from Amasis and stretches Amasis in a torture rack variation. Quackenbush turns into another submission, and Ophidian hits a top rope guillotine leg drop for two. Ophidian applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Quackenbush rolls to the floor. Jigsaw locks Frightmare in the Gory Special. Hallowicked chops Jigsaw into a roll-up for two. Incoherence hit a side slam/legdrop combo for two. Amasis knees Hallowicked in the face so that HallowickedDDT’s Frightmare. Ophidian hits a moonsault on Frightmare for two. Ophidian locks his legs on Frightmare’s arms and leans back to stretch Frightmare forward. Frightmare spikes Ophidian on his head with a hurricanrana. Hallowickedknocks out Amasis with a pair of clotheslines and the Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Frightmare hits a standing shooting star press and Ophidian breaks the pin. Frightmare gives Ophidian an enzugiri. Frightmare gives Ophidian an super Frankensteiner into Hallowicked’s Rydeen Bomb for two. Quackenbush comes in and sunset flips HalloHallowicked. Jigsaw kicks him, and Quackenbush mule kicks him. Jigsaw and Quackenbush hit Frightmare with stereo superkicks for the pin. Ophidian gives Jigsaw a big DDT. Quackenbush boots Ophidian in the face. Quackenbush comes off the top and drops Ophidian with a backpack chinbreaker for two. Ophidian evades a palm strike and hits Quackenbush with a German suplex for two. Quackenbush blocks a double team and gives both Portal members palm strikes. Ophidian stops Jigsaw and applies the Ophidian Death Grip. Jigsaw backs Ophidian into the corner to break free. Jigsaw arm whips Jigsaw. Ophidian tries to wheelbarrow through, but Jigsaw drops him with the Rack Bomb. Quackenbush nails the Quackendriver III but Amasis breaks the pin. Amasis gives Jigsaw a Tiger Suplex. Amasis hits a 450 splash for the pin at 18:03. It’s almost hard to go wrong when you have a bunch of CHIKARA students (and Quackenbush) thrown into a match together. These guys delivered once more, and I sure hope these guys become regular teams in EVOLVE. ***1/2

To read my review of the entire event, click here!


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