CZW: Walking On Pins & Needles

Philadelphia, PA – 3.13.2010

Eddie Kingston & Drake Younger vs. Devon Moore & Drew Blood

Moore dropkicks Kingston off the apron. He and Blood double team Younger. Younger comes back with a double flapjack. Moore drops him with an ace crusher. Blood and Moore isolate Younger in their corner. Kingston gets a blind tag behind the referee’s back, so Moore and Blood continue their onslaught uninterrupted. Moore forearms Kingston just to piss him off even further. Finally, Younger blocks Moore’s Saito suplex with a Blue Thunder Driver, allowing him to tag in Kingston. Moore runs to the aisle, leaving Blood to take a barrage of slaps. Kingston nails a lariat and the Backfist to the Future. He follows with a Saito suplex for the pin at 6:45. Well that was short, but effective. In the past two shows they have left me wanting to see Kingston get his hands on Moore. **


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