ROH on HDNet: Episode 59

Philadelphia, PA – 3.6.2010

We get a recap of Necro Butcher’s feud with The Embassy, in which Kingston has had a hand in. Butcher got banned from television for hurting some camera men. We see Jim Cornette sit down with him, and he makes a deal with Necro. Cornette says Necro is unbanned and all of his matches will be under “Butcher’s Rules” if Butcher keeps his matches within the confines of the barricade. Necro agrees.

We then cut to a promo with Joey Ryan who is mad at Kingston for trying to destroy his “movie star good looks”. Kingston then cuts a promo saying Ryan made things personal when he tried to take out his knee and put him through a table in New York. Kingston says he’s going to get payback tonight.

Eddie Kingston vs. Joey Ryan

Kingston gets control over Ryan right away, and keeps on him with strikes and suplexes. Ryan ducks the backfist and hits a swinging neckbreaker for one. Ryan now takes over, keeping Kingston on the mat. Nana grabs Kingston’s face behind the referee’s back. Ryan gives Kingston a dropkick for two. Ryan pulls at Kingston’s face and gives him some right hands. Kingston takes Ryan down with a belly-to-belly suplex. Ryan blocks a backdrop driver with a chin breaker. Kingston blocks a superkick and takes Ryan down with a clothesline. At that time, Shawn Daivari hits the ring for the disqualification at 5:46. The Embassy beat on Kingston until Necro Butcher runs to the ring with a trashcan.

The Embassy looks to leave, but Jim Cornette comes out and makes an impromptu tag team match under Butcher’s Rules.

Butcher’s Rules
Eddie Kingston & Necro Butcher vs. Joey Ryan & Shawn Daivari

Kingston and Butcher attack Daivari and Ryan in the aisleway. Butcher pummels Daivari with a trashcan while Kingston beats Ryan around ringside. Butcher suffocates Ryan with a plastic bag as Kingston hits Daivari with a trashcan. Butcher dumps Ryan into the crowd. Daivari throws Kingston onto the trashcan. In the ring, Kingston gives Daivari a urinage slam. Butcher gives Ryan an airplane spin on the floor, then dumps Ryan on the ring mat. Kingston headbutts Ernesto Osiris. Daivari gives Kingston a low blow from behind to score the pin at 2:52. This was a craptastic, uninteresting brawl. Everyone in this match should go away. This is Kingston’s last match in ROH to date, which is fine by me since all he’s done since coming back has been inconsequential, uninteresting stuff. DUD


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