ROH on HDNet: Episode 57

Philadelphia, PA – 3.6.2010

Battle Royal – Winner Gets Spot #6 in the Pick 6 Contender Series
Eddie Kingston vs. Joey Ryan vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Austin Aries vs. Rhett Titus vs. Rasche Brown

It’s tough to keep track of a Battle Royal, so I’ll tell you some storyline stuff. Kingston has had his issues with the Embassy, so he went after Joey Ryan immediately. Jerry Lynn takes it to Aries and Titus while Brown beats up whoever he feels. Kingston eliminates himself and Ryan with a Cactus clothesline at 3:17. Kingston and Ryan brawl to the back as everyone else continues to wrestle. The match ends when Lynn gives Titus a hurricanarana over the top rope and Aries dropkicks Lynn off the apron to win the match and the spot in the Pick 6 at 8:17. I really am not a big fan of battle royals, and I haven’t any idea how to rate them. It got Aries, the big heel who has an issue with the champion, back in the Pick 6 so it was good for what they wished to accomplish.


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