2CW: 2nd Annual Adrenaline


Binghamton, NY – 2.19.2010

Vin Gerard vs. Isys Ephex

Gerard puts Ephex in a headscissors which Ephex easily maneuvers out of. They trade wristlocks. Gerard rakes Ephex’s eyes and brings him down in a waistlock. Ephex gets on his own waistlock. He shoulder blocks Gerard. He turns Gerard’s hip toss attempt into a knuckledrag and a quesadora armdrag. Ephex uses the ropes to armdrag Gerard to the floor. Gerard hopes to avoid a dive but ends up taking a pescado when he’s caught off guard. He rubs Gerard’s head into a fat fan’s belly. Ephex is distracted by the fan, allowing Gerard to baseball slide dropkick him into the guardrail. In the ring he stomps on Ephex before suplexing him. He puts on a Last Chancery, then lands a back senton. Gerard pounds on his back with forearms. He rams his head into the middle rope a few times before delivering a running hip attack. Ephex cuts off his second corner attack with a clothesline. He delivers a dropkick in the corner, then uses the ropes for a springboard Frankensteiner. Gerard slides out of a double underhook position and backslides Ephex for a two count. He hotshots Ephex on the top rope and drops him with an STO for two. Ephex lands a backflip enzuigiri. He deposits Gerard on his head with a release exploder suplex. Gerard trips Ephex into the STF. Ephex makes his way to the ropes. Gerard goes for a 2k1 Bomb. When he can’t get it, he trades shots with Ephex and takes him down with a diving clothesline. Ephex nails a wind-up uppercut. A double underhook piledriver gets him the pin at 12:13. Gerard looked solid here, but it was Ephex who had the affection and attention of the crowd. They worked well together, but nothing here made Gerard stand out amongst a new audience. **¼


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