ROH: 8th Anniversary Show

New York, NY – 2.13.2010

Street Fight
Eddie Kingston & Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens & Joey Ryan

Gypsy Joe accompanies Kingston and Necro while Prince Nana and Ernesto Osiris accompany Ryan and Stevens. The brawl starts on the floor with Stevens beating on Necro and Kingston beating on Ryan. Joe is carrying around a stand which you keep sheet music on. Necro takes off his shoe and beats on Ryan and Stevens while Joe keeps Nana at bay. Kingston rams Ryan’s head into the barricade. Kingston rings the bell into Ryan’s and Stevens’ heads. Stevens rams Necro back first into the apron while Kingston throws Ryan into the barricade. Kingston has a vice grip on Ryan’s head as Ryan begins to bleed. Necro throws Stevens into the guardrail. Kingston throws Ryan into the ring. Necro and Stevens trade strikes on the floor. Ryan scoop slams Kingston for one. Necro blocks a Stevens splash with a punch, then gives Stevens the sock-assisted mandible claw. Ryan superkicks Necro, Kingston backfists Ryan, and Stevens lariats Kingston. Stevens block the backfist, but Kingston dumps Steven with a backdrop driver. Ryan gives Kingston a swinging neckbreaker and then spears Kingston off the apron. Ryan takes off his belt and chokes Necro with it. Ryan throws Kingston to the apron. Kingston blocks a spear from Ryan. Kingston and Stevens engage in a strike battle on the apron. Stevens gives Kingston the Doctor Bomb off the apron and onto the table (which does not break). Gypsy Joe distracts Ryan and Necro puts a plastic bag over his head. Ryan passes out at 8:05. Well, this was a pretty tame and boring brawl overall. There was the one cool table spot and that’s pretty much it. I’m tired of the Embassy and don’t understand why they’re even around still. **


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