CZW: Fan Appreciation Show

Philadelphia, PA – 2.13.2010

Eddie Kingston vs. Devon Moore

Kingston lights up Moore with chops right away in two opposite corners. Kingston whips Moore into the guardrail. Moore trips him wrist first into the guardrail. Kingston chops him against the guardrail. Moore rakes his eyes to stop him. Back in the ring, Kingston misses a yakuza kick. Moore kicks out Kingston’s leg that The Best Around hut two weeks ago. Kingston fights back but eats an enzuigiri for his troubles. Moore ducks a clothesline. Kingston nails him with a short arm lariat for two. Kingston chops Moore on the top rope. Moore headbutts him off. Moore jumps off the top rope, but Kingston catches him with the Backfist to the Future. Kingston drops to his back and grabs his leg while Moore rolls to the floor and gets a chair from under the ring. He puts up the chair to block another backfist. He superkicks Kingston and rolls him up for the pin at 4:12. Well that was awfully short. Pretty much what I wrote is all their was to it. 3/4*


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