CZW: High Stakes IV

Philadelphia, PA – 1.30.2010

Eddie Kingston vs. Nick Gage

Kingston wins the opening strike exchange, sending Gage to the floor with forearm strikes. They continue to throw forearms until Kingston throws Gage into the guardrails. Kingston throws Gage back in the ring. Gage’s manager Dewey Donovan grabs Kingston’s leg, allowing Gage to dropkick Kingston off the apron. Gage drops an elbow for two. Gage rams his shoulder into Kingston’s mid-section. Gage face washes Kingston. Kingston drops him with an STO to block a second one. Kingston DDT’s Gage and signals for the Backfist to the Future. Kingston instead hits the Sliding D for two. Kingston chops Gage in the corner and places him up top. Gage fights Kingston off and hits a diving headbutt for two. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future. Devon Moore distracts Kingston from outside. Gage delivers a rolling forearm before delivering a brainbuster for the pin at 5:40. For what was billed as a CZW dream match, this was shockingly short. This was all meant to build to more, which made this match lack. *

CZW Tag Team Championship – “Sky’s The Limit” Ladder Match
Bruce Maxwell & TJ Cannon (Champions) vs. Eddie Kingston & Sabian

Ruckus was supposed to be Sabian’s partner, but injury prevented him from competing. Kingston will take his place. In this match, one-rung ladders are hung from platforms on all four corners of the ring. They can be removed and used as weapons. Outside ladders are also in play. This isn’t a ladder match as in there’s a prize to climb the ladder and get, but rather that ladders are the primary weapon in this contest. If Sabian and Kingston win, they win the tag team titles. If the Best Around win, their manager Robbie Mireno (who formerly managed the BLK Out) wins the right to the BLK Out name and all associated logos, copyrights, trademarks etc.

Sabian actually starts this match by himself. Kingston runs out as a mystery partner mere seconds after the match starts to help his former stablemate out. He and Sabian do-si-do each other into stereo corner attacks. Sabian takes Cannon to the floor. Sabian levels Maxwell with a chair in the ring. Kingston whips Cannon with his belt. Kingston holds Maxwell, allowing Sabian to dropkick a chair into his face. Cannon rams Sabian into the guardrail. Sabian chops him while Kingston suplexes Maxwell in the ring for two. Kingston powerbombs Sabian onto Maxwell for two. Sabian tope con hilo’s onto Cannon. Maxwell dropkicks Kingston’s leg out as he stands on the middle rope. Cannon disposes of Sabian and helps Maxwell take out Kingston’s leg with a chair. Cannon chokes Sabian and dropkicks him in the corner. Sabian whips Cannon to the ladder, but Cannon slides into it so that it falls and hits Sabian in the head. Clever! Cannon falls with the ladder, driving it into Sabian. Maxwell gets a two count. Cannon hits Kingston’s leg with a ladder to prevent him from getting back in the ring. He misses a quebrada on the ladder. Kingston hits both opponents with a chair. Kingston suplexes on a ladder set-up on two chairs. Maxwell chop blocks his leg. Cannon pus him in a figure four while Maxwell whips him with his own belt. Kingston fights out and whips Maxwell in the chest. Cannon hits Kingston’s leg with the chair while Sabian chokes Maxwell with the belt. Cannon slams the ladder with a chair into Kingston’s leg as Maxwell applies a headscissors. Mireno stomps on Sabian. Cannon and Mazwell continue to do damage to Kingston’s leg and whipping him with the belt. Kingston slingshots Cannon into a ladder in the corner. Sabian helps Kingston out by nailing Maxwell with a chair. Maxwell avoids a chair-assisted double stomp. Cannon climbs a tall ladder outside the ring. He flubs a dive in the ring. Kingston throws a chair at his face while looking annoyed. Maxwell and Cannon double wheelbarrow slam Sabian on a ladder. They double biel Sabian into another ladder. A ladder is set-up between the ropes and the rung of a ladder set up mid-ring. Kingston powerbombs Maxwell onto the ladder. Sabian sentons onto a ladder that crushes Cannon on the floor. Cannon gives Sabian a modified Code Breaker back in the ring. He sentons Sabian while Kingston sets up a table in the corner. Kingston and Maxwel climb the large ladder mid-ring while Cannon climbs one of the two remaining corner ladders. Kingston shoves Maxwell off the ladder onto the table in the corner. Cannon stalls on top of the ladder while Kingston drives Mireno through another table with a spinebuster. Kingston hurt his leg on that move. Cannon swings from the rafters to kick Sabian off the ladder. He swings his way to send Sabian through the table with a huracanrana. Maxwell pins Sabian for the victory at 24:15. The Best Around just aren’t very good, at least Cannon isn’t. Maxwell got his ass kicked too often to see how well he does. There’s a reason they aren’t there anymore. Kingston and Sabian kept things moving while Maxwell and Cannon awkwardly moved from spot to spot. This was quite a debacle. **


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