JAPW: 12th Anniversary Show

Rahway, NJ – 1.23.2010

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Mo Sexton & Joe Hardway

Sexton and Hardway jump the Osirian Portal to start. The Portal comeback quickly and send both guys to the floor. The Potal dive onto them as Sexton and Hardway console the strippers they brought with them (no, I am not joking). The Portal then HYPNOTIZE THE STRIPPERS TO MAKE THEM DANCE ON THE RING APRON. So, so lame. Sexton and Hardway attack the Portal from behind to break the trance. They dump Amasis with a clothesline/spear combo after sending Ophidian to the floor. Hardway and Sexton isolate Amasis from Ophidian. Amasis and Hardway trade punches, and Amasis knocks Hardway down with a flying elbow. Ophidian gets the tag and sends Sexton to the floor with an armdrag. Ophidian gives Hardway a sole butt and spinwheel kick. Amasis hits a tope rope dropkick. Ophidian takes Sexton to the floor with a satellite headscissors. Ophidian hits a plancha onto everyone on the floor. Amasis gives Sexton a flying knee strike as Hardway and Ophidian fight on the floor. Amasis hits a 450 splash and Hardway turns him inside out with a lariat. Hardway hits a snap slam on Ophidian. Amasis and Ophidian take Sexton off the top rope with a pyramid suplex. Hardway pulls Ophidian to the floor to break the pin. Mia Yim comes in and kicks Amasis to knock him out, and Ophidian breaks Sexton’s pin. Yim kicks Ophidian on the floor as Sexton and Hardway hit stereo kicks on Amasis to score the pin at 9:12. This was an absolute mess, with cameras and priorities everywhere. The stripper stuff was so stupid, and the finish seemed extremely convoluted. I feel so bad for the Portal and they don’t belong in this trash. *

JAPW Championship
Dan Maff vs. Eddie Kingston

B-Boy jumps Maff, and he and Kingston stomp on Maff. Kingston beats on Maff ringside. In the ring, Kingston chokes Maff on the middle rope. Kingston lights up Maff with chops in the corner. Kingston and Maff get in a chop battle. Maff looks for a suicide dive and Kingston cuts him off. Kingston beats on Maff some more on the floor, then rolls him back in for a two count. Kingston misses a kick in the corner. Maff hangs Kingston in a tree of woe, but Kingston moves out of the way just in time to avoid Maff’s cannonball senton. Maff dives onto Kingston, but almost misses completely. Maff hits some chops in the corner and slams Kingston off the top turnbuckle. Maff hits a standing moonsault for two. Kingston gives Maff a urinage slam for two. Kingston yakuza kicks Maff and gives him an enzugiri. A short arm lariat gets Kingston two. Kingston and Maff trade elbows. Kingston peppers Maff with slaps, and Maff retaliates in kind. Maff lays in more shots to Kingston and calls for the Burning Hammer. B-Boy hits the ring, but Drake Younger cuts him off. Kingston hits two Backfists to the Future, but purposely gets up at the count off two. Maff blocks a third backfist and drops Kingston with a half nelson suplex. Maff hits a second for the pin at 10:02. This was a really boring match. These guys hit each othe hard for no reason and the purposeful kicking out was so stupid it can’t be ignored or looked over. I’m glad I only watched two matches on this wretched show. *1/2


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