RCW: January Infiltration

Baltimore, MD – 1.16.2010

RCW Cruiserweight Championship
Lince Dorado vs. Rich Swann

This match will determine the first Cruiserweight Champion in RCW history. Both guys look for control on the mat. Dorado armdrags Swann into a roll-up. Swann bounces off the ropes and does the same thing. They reach a stalemate after throwing stereo dropkicks. Swann dropkicks Dorado to the floor. He dropkicks Dorado and then hits an Asai moonsault. Swann hits a bicycle kick after a snapmare. Dorado sends Swann to the floor with a headscissors. He superkicks Swann when Swann gets to the ring apron. Dorado suicide dives out, nearly breaking his neck in the process. In the ring, Dorado hits a leapfrog whoopee cushion and a spinwheel kick for two. Dorado hits a lynxsault for two. Swann recovers and tornado kicks Dorado for two. Dorado cuts off Swann as Swann goes up top. Dorado brings him down with the Leap of Faith. Dorado follows up with a shooting star press. Swann moves out of its trajectory. Swann Finlay rolls Dorado and then moonsaults onto him. Swann hits the standing 450 splash for the pin and the title at 6:26. While this wasn’t indicative of everything these guys could do, it was a fun fast-paced match to warm up the crowd. **3/4

The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. The Entourage (Joey Kings & Ethan Page) vs. The Violence Party (JT Roberts & Core) vs. Skull & Steve Diaz

Amasis tricks Diaz into doing a little dancing. Frustrated, Diaz tags out to Core. Amasis evades a series of his attacks and blasts him with a right hand. Roberts and Ophidian tag in. Ophidian rolls into a headscissors takedown. Ophidian headstands into another headscissors. The Portal give Roberts the Slave Initiation. Amasis drops him with a spinbuster and Page breaks the pin. Ophidian throws Roberts to the floor and flys out with a tope. In the ring, Core slams Skull on his stomach. The Violence Party beat down Skull in their corner. Kings tries to cut off Skull from making a tag when he escapes. Diaz tags in. Amasis tags in as well and gets in a flurry of offense. Amasis drops him with a Death Valley Driver. Ophidian drops double knees and Amasis splashes him for two. Roberts cuts off Amasis from making a dive. He, Core, and the Entourage all take turns beating down Amasis. Amasis nails Core with an enzuigiri and rolls to the floor. Ophidian flies in with double knees. He spinwheel kicks Page twice and give him a running yakuza kick for two. The Portal drop Page with Mummification. Diaz and Skull break the pin. Roberts superkicks Ophidian and Core boots Skull. Core blasts Diaz with running knees and a double lariat with Roberts. The Entourage and Violence Party trade blows. Kings spins Roberts into an ace crusher from Page. Ophidian crossbody’s The Entourage. They counter with a slam. The Portal hit stereo dives onto The Entourage and Violence Party. Skull and Diaz argue over who will dive onto everyone. Skull lays out Diaz and bails. This allows The Portal to hit the Osirian Sacrament on him for the pin at 11:17. The Lucha rules played to the Portal’s strength allowing them to be more crafty in this match. I really liked what I saw out of most teams, as they put on yet another action packed bout. ***

Read my review of the entire show here.


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