Rahway, NJ – 1.16.2010

Mike Quackenbush, Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Gran Akuma, Icarus & Brodie Lee

Quackenbush works on Icarus’ arms and shoulders. Icarus elbows Quackenbush, but Quackenbush gives him a leg lariat and double knee drop to the stomach for two. Quackenbush applies an abdominal stretch. Akuma comes in, and Quackenbush takes Icarus and Akuma down with a headscissors/armdrag combo. Quackenbush suplexes Icarus, and Wicked drops Frightmare onto Icarus for two. Lee shoves Frightmare to the floor, and Wicked comes in. Lee smacks Wicked in the face. They trade shoulder tackles. Wicked gives Lee a step-up Frankensteiner and a running enzugiri in the corner for two. Frightmare and Akuma tag in. After jockeying for the advantage, Icarus comes in and lariats Frightmare down. Akuma’s Army beats down on Frightmare until Wicked sunset flips Akuma, and Frightmare gives him an enzugiri. Quackenbush kicks Akuma in the face, and Frightmare victory rolls him for two. Lee comes in and powerbombs Frightmare to bring things back to Akuma’s Army’s advantage. After a lengthy beat down, Frightmare fights off Akuma’s Army with a series of rana’s and tags in Hallowicked. Wicked gives Icarus Go Too Sleepy Hollow, but eats a Boss Man Slam from Lee. Quackenbush gives Icarus an inverted Black Tornado Slam for two. Akuma pump-handles Frightmare into a double knee drop to the chest for two. Quackenbush gives Akuma a hurricanrana off the top rope. He follows with a somersault senton, and Frightmare gives Akuma the Kneecolepsy for two. Icarus gives Quackenbush the Blu-Ray DVD in the corner. Wicked gives Icarus a big boot, and Lee big boots Wicked for two. Frightmare gives Lee and swinging DDT. Frightmare then dives onto Akuma on the floor. Quackenbush does the same with Lee. Icarus looks for the Blu-Ray on Icarus. Wicked however gives Icarus the Rydeen Bomb for the win at 11:33. Your typical CHIKARA trio match, which certainly isn’t a knock. The fans were way into it the entire way through, and the CHIKARA guys put on quite the showcase. ***

After the match, Lenny Leonard asks Quackenbush how he’s holding up after his first match back after his back surgery. Quackenbush says he’s only going to get better, and that tag matches are his science. He says they’ll up to ante on March 13th at EVOLVE 2 with a four corner elimination tag match.

Read my review of the entire show here!


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