ROH on HDNet: Episode 47

Philadelphia, PA – 1.8.2010

Erick Stevens turned on the Necro Butcher to join the Embassy a few episodes ago. Remember the attack on Kingston backstage where the King of Diamonds card was left behind? While at the time it seemed it was Hero or Castagnoli who did it, it turned out to be the Embassy who attacked Kingston. We now get this tag team match because of it.

Eddie Kingston & Necro Butcher vs. Erick Stevens & Joey Ryan

A brawl ensues right from the get-go. The fight spills to the floor with Kingston taking on ryan and Necro taking on Stevens. Necro tries to suffocate Ryan with a plastic bag as Stevens lays in shots to Kingston. Necro throws Ryan into the crowd and Kingston throws Stevens into the barricade. Stevens knocks Kingston off the apron and into the barricade. Ryan brings Kingston back into the ring. The Embassy focuses their attack on Kingston, isolating him from Necro. After a lengthy beating, Kingston gives Ryan a suplex and tags in Necro. Necro battles both Stevens and Ryan, laying in fists and chops. Necro sends both guys to the floor. Kingston and Necro throw Stevens and Ryan head first into one another. Necro looks to land on them with a senton, and Ernesto Osiris comes into the ring with a chair. The Embassy bail as Necro and Stevens get a hold of the chair. Since they don’t return to the ring, Kingston and Necro win via count out at 10:23. This was a fun brawl to start, but then became somewhat lackluster and uninteresting. It’s not that the work wasn’t good, it’s just that there was little investment in what was going on in the match. The ending was also super lame, but I guess it led into the 8th Anniversary Show, so what can you say? **


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