ROH: Final Battle 2009

New York, NY – 12.19.2009

Fight Without Honor
Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero

Kingston attacks Hero in the entrance ramp. Kingston gets the better of Hero before throwing him in the ring. Hero kicks Kingston off the ring apron and then flash kicks him through the ropes. Hero grabs a chain. He lashes Kingston across the back and chokes him with it. In the ring, Hero gives Kingston a few boots to the side of his head while keeping the chain around his neck. Kingston comes back with a punch after Hero kicks Kingston in the corner. Hero knocks Kingston with a rolling elbow for two. Hero knocks Kingston down with a flash kick after Kingston headbutts Hero. Hero puts the chain in a pile, then drops Kingston back first off his shoulders onto it. Hero tries a powerbomb, but Kingston turns it into a hurricanrana onto the chain. Kingston then gives Hero a urinage suplex onto the chain. Kingston blocks a boot and gives Hero a modified 2k1 Bomb for two. Hero cracks Kingston with three elbows for two. Each guy rips the others shirts off as they exchange strikes. Hero hits two consecutive rolling elbows for two. Hero removes a piece of the barricade and puts it in the ring. Hero drops Kingston head first with a backdrop driver on the mat. Hero sets up the barricade so it is lying across the ropes in the corner. He places Kingston on the top rope and steps on the barricade. After they fight it out, Hero dumps Kingston on his head, on top of the barricade with a powerbomb. Kingston miraculously kicks out at two. Kingston evades the Death Blow, and gives Hero a release German suplex. Kingston fires up and clocks Hero with a chain assisted lariat for two. Sara Del Rey runs in and gives Kingston some kicks to the chest. Kingston grabs her and gives her a leg-capture suplex. Meanwhile, Hero puts on the loaded elbow pad. Kingston ducks and gives Hero a backdrop driver. Hero blocks the backfist and low blows Kingston. Hero blocks Kingston with the loaded elbow pad after kissing Kingston on the forehead. Kingston again miraculously kicks out. Kingston nails Hero with two Backfists to the Future for two. Kingston removes Hero’s loaded elbow pad and gives Hero a rolling elbow of his own for the pin at 15:09. It could be argued that the finish should have been Kingston being dumped on the guardrail. I can see where that argument comes from, but I thought the underlying tone of this match was Kingston absolutely refusing to lose for a second time no matter what Hero threw at him. His will to win and conquer his career long foe in his hometown gave him the ability to fight through the pain of that incident, as well as the loaded elbow pad. With that said, this match felt like it was missing something. It was still good, but didn’t feel like it had the importance or epic feel that most Fight Without Honor matches have. Still this was quite good. ***


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