CZW: Cage of Death XI

Philadelphia, PA – 12.12.2009

#1 Contendership for the CZW Championship
Eddie Kingston vs Jon Moxley vs. Egotistico Fantastico vs. B-Boy

The winner of this match challenges the CZW Champion for the title at the 11th Anniversary show in February. Fantastico and Moxley brawl to the floor while B-Boy and Kingston trade strikes in the ring. Fantastico and Moxley come into the ring and trade strikes too. Fantastico dropkicks Moxley. He ducks B-Boy’s Shining Wizard and boots him down. Fantastico now exchanges punches and mafia kicks with Kingston. Kingston drops Fantastico with an overhead suplex. Moxley bites Kingston in the forehead and chops him in the corner. Kingston lights up Moxley with a flurry of chops himself. Kingston hits a uranage suplex and the Sliding D for two. B-Boy hits Kingston with a Blockbuster for two. Moxley leg sweeps Fantastico into the guardrail. B-Boy stomps on Moxley’s back and plants him with a reverse STO for two. Moxley gives B-Boy’s arm a Code Breaker and applies an armbar. Fantastico breaks and sends Moxley to the floor. Fantastico dropkicks B-Boy who is strung up in the corner. Kingston and Moxley have been fighting on the floor and bring their fight into the ring. Kingston throws Moxley to the floor with an exploder suplex. B-Boy sends Kingston out with an enzuigiri. B-Boy double stomps them both. Those three take their fight into the crowd. Fantastico somersault sentons onto all of them. All four men end up trading offense back in the ring. Fantastico Oklahmoa stampedes B-Boy multiple times before hitting a Death Valley Driver. Moxley gives him Amoxicillin for two. Moxley gets crotched up top and Fantastico jumps up. Kingston suplexes Fantastico to the mat and Moxley missile dropkicks Kingston. B-Boy hits Moxley with the Shining Wizard for two. Kingston and B-Boy throw hard strikes at one another. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future for two. Fantastico fires up at Moxley’s attack. Fantastico takes Moxley off the top with a huracanrana. He misses a moonsault. Moxley drops him with the Hook and Ladder for two. Fantastico drops Moxley with an electric chair for two. Fantastico gives B-Boy the Taco Bender. Kingston Saito suplexes Fantastico for two. Moxley dropkicks Kingston to the floor. B-Boy delivers an ace crusher to Moxley on the apron. He hits the facelifter to Fantastico in the corner and locks on a rear-naked choke. Fantastico breaks by sentoning himself and B-Boy into the corner. Moxley disposes of Fantastico and ducks Kingston’s Backfist. Moxley rolls up Kingston for the win at 13:11. Four guys just beat the piss out of each other for the entirety of this bout and the fans ate it up. Kingston sort of seemed like he didn’t fit, but it got the other three’s feuds with each other across very well. ***


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