DGUSA: Open The Freedom Gate

Philadelphia, PA – 11.28.2009

”Generation New” Open the Freedom Gate Semi-Final Tournament Match
Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson vs. Hallowicked vs. Gran Akuma vs. Lince Dorado vs. Johnny Gargano

An all out melee leads to Hallowicked taking out Akuma with a Frankensteiner and Gargano with a step-up enzugiri. They go to the floor, and Hallowicked dives on both of them. Dorado and Matt Jackson go at it in the ring. Matt superkicks Dorado. Dorado sends Matt to the floor with a headscissors. Nick hits a spinning kick to Dorado, and Gargano nails Nick with a slingshot spear. Gargano hits an ace crusher. Nick hits a sole butt, and the Young Bucks hit a double hip toss and stereo backflip dropkicks. The Bucks take out the CHIKARA guys and then face off with one another. Gargano and Akuma attack them before they can lock-up. Gargano and Akuma trade kicks. Matt trips Akuma and brings him to the floor, and Nick does the same to Gargano. Dorado and Hallowicked come in dropkicking the Bucks. Dorado hurricanarana’s Wicked into a pin. Wicked catches Dorado and gives him Go Too Sleepy Hollow and the Rydeen Bomb for two. Dorado blocks a super Fisherman’s buster and hits a shooting star press. Akuma waistlocks Dorado. Dorado breaks, but Akuma lifts him up into a gut buster. Nick breaks the pin. Akuma biels him to the apron. Nick hits Worst Case Scenario and a backflip onto Dorado on the floor. Akuma kicks away at Gargano in the ring. Gargano gives him a superkick and a release backdrop. Matt breaks the pin. He and Gargano trade forearms. Matt spears Gargano and hits a combination splash/moonsault on Gargano with Nick. Hallowicked eats stereo superkicks from the Bucks as he breaks the pin. They hit More Bang For Your Buck, and Nick breaks the pin so Matt can’t win. Nick clasps Matt’s hand and armwhips him off the ropes. Nick hits a running knee strike in the corner and a back elbow. The Bucks trade superkicks, and Matt hits the wheelbarrow face buster. Akuma breaks the pin and Dorado kicks Akuma in the face. Gargano dropkicks Dorado as he tris the Lynxsault. Hallowicked big boots Gargano. Dorado sends Wicked to the floor then backflips onto Hallowicked while breaking the guardrail. Matt dropkicks Wicked, and Nick dives over him with a twisting tope onto Wicked. Akuma hits Gargano with a half-nelson suplex. Gargano blocks the Rubik’s Cube. Gargano throws Akuma head first into the corner. Akuma gives Gargano the spider exploder suplex. He follows up with a moonsault for the pin at 9:31. An unbelievably hot opener that made all six of these guys look like absolute stars. Real pleased Akuma won, as he fits in so well with the Dragon Gate guys. Anyone would’ve been great after this performance, and I hope we get more matches like this in DGUSA. ***3/4

”Salute To Skayde” Open the Freedom Gate Semi-Final Tournament Match
Mike Quackenbush vs. CIMA vs. Super Crazy vs. Jorge “Skayde” Rivera

Quackenbush and CIMA jockey for position on the mat. They exchange hammerlocks and Quack turns, grapevining CIMA’s legs. CIMA puts Quack on top, but Quack comes off with an armdrag sending CIMA to the floor. Crazy comes in and retires Quack to the floor. Skayde comes in and gets mowed down with a clothesline. Skayde hops off the ropes into a headscissors takedown. Every comes in trading pin attempts, leading all four men going for dropkicks. Skayde sends Crazy to the floor with a monkey flip. CIMA and Quack double team Skayde, but to no avail. Skayde sends CIMA to the floor and after poking Quack in the eyes, sends him to the floor too. Cima drops Skayde and double stomps him for two. CIMA locks Skayde in a submission while Quack crossbodies Crazy. Quack frees Skayde with a dropkick to CIMA. Things break down with all four men. Skayde elbows Quack. CIMA sunset flips Quack and Skayde breaks the pin. Crazy dropkicks Skayde’s leg out from under him. CIMA checks on Skayde. Crazy attacks him, and dropkicks Quack off the apron. Crazy works over Skayde in the middle of the ring. CIMA again checks on Skayde. Crazy throws CIMA to the floor and springboard dropkicks Quack off the apron. Skayde comes back with a hurricanarana and an armdrag. He claps Crazy’s head with his feet. Quack arm whips Skayde. Skayde rolls Quack into a pendulum. CIMA breaks with an enzugiri to Skayde. Skayde locks CIMA’s legs in a cross crab variation. Crazy breaks it. Quack hits a tope on Crazy as Crazy slides to the floor to avoid the palm strike. CIMA superkicks Skayde, knocks Quack to the floor, and rolls up Skayde in a Skayde schoolboy for the pin at 9:19. Pretty good stuff, but I would’ve preferred a rematch from Open The German Gate with Quack and CIMA. At least the right guy won this. Crazy looked alright, as did Skayde, but they certainly weren’t necessary. **3/4

Jigsaw vs. Eddie Kingston

Jigsaw was supposed to be in the Generation New match, and Kingston was supposed to be in a pre-show match with Hallowicked, but awful New York traffic made them both late. So Hallowicked and Jigsaw traded places and these two got on the main show (but left off the PPV). Kingston shoves Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw takes Kingston to the floor in a headscissors. Kingston escapes and slaps Jigsaw in the back of the head, calling him “stupid”. Jigsaw tries some shoulder tackles and fails to move Kingston. Jigsaw blocks a boot, trips Kingston, and double stomps him. Kingston dropkicks Jigsaw after an armdrag for two. Kingston elbows Jigsaw in the corner. Jigsaw responds with one of his own and gives him a quesadora. Jigsaw misses a forearm in the corner. Kingston catches Jigsaw with an overhead suplex. Kingston wrenches on Jigsaw’s face. Kingston lights up Jigsaw with chops. Kingston peppers Jigsaw with punches and shoulder tackles him for two. Kingston grabs a chin lock. Jigsaw chops Kingston and boots him. Jigsaw drops the rope sending Kingston the floor and follows with a tope con heilo. Jigsaw gives him a missile dropkick and a back elbow. Jigsaw hits a leg lariat for two. Kingston misses the backfist and Jigsaw gives him an enzugiri. Kingston drops Jigsaw with a high-bridge suplex for two. Jigsaw gives Kingston a series of kicks for two. Kingston blocks a hurricanrana and powerbombs Jigsaw in the corner. Kingston yakuza kicks him and knocks him down with a shotgun lariat. Jigsaw ducks another backfist and lays in some forearms. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future for two. Jigsaw blocks the Backdrop Driver and superkicks Kingston. He follows with a double stomp for the pin at 7:49. Good stuff from these two, and I think in CHIKARA it would be even better (with more time especially). This would be Kingston’s only DGUSA match (probably ever, and certainly to date) which is a shame because I think he’d be a great CHIKARA teammate. **1/2

Open the Freedom Gate Championship Elimination Match
Gran Akuma vs. BxB Hulk vs. CIMA vs. YAMATO

Akuma and YAMATO rekindle their friendship to take on CIMA and Hulk. CIMA chops Hulk in the hopes of getting on their side, but he gets denied. Akuma and YAMATO beat both guys down. Hulk is able to make a comeback, and he and CIMA hit Akuma with stereo dropkicks. CIMA gives Hulk the Superdrol and goes up top. Akuma kicks him and throws him off with the spider exploder suplex. He hits a moonsault for two. They trade waistlocks. CIMA kicks Akuma in the butt, compressing his head with the turnbuckle. Akuma sunset flips CIMA, and CIMA double stomps him for two. CIMA heads up top and YAMATO pushes him to the floor. YAMATO dumps Hulk on his head with a suplex for two. Hulk sweeps YAMATO and gives him a standing moonsault. YAMATO nails a running forearm and a spear. YAMATO looks for Galleria. CIMA kicks YAMATO a few times. Akums trips CIMA and YAMATO baseball slides him. YAMATO flapjacks Hulk. YAMATO and Akuma double team CIMA in the corner. Akuma kicks CIMA in the groin, allowing YAMATO to roll him up for the pin at 5:13. CIMA is eliminated.

YAMATO and Akuma double team Hulk for awhile. Eventually, Hulk is able to make Akuma forearm YAMATO off the apron. Hulk gives Akuma a springboard spinwheel kick. Hulk gives him another. Hulk goes up and gets cut off by YAMATO. Hulk hits them with a dropsault. Hulk sends YAMATO to the floor with a kick. Hulk and Akuma trade kicks to the thighs. Akuma picks up Hulk, and Hulk drops him with a reverse hurricanrana. Hulk goes up top and hits a Phoenix splash for two. Hulk drops Akuma with the FTX and pins him at 11:28. Akuma is eliminated.

YAMATO escapes the EVO attempt and ducks a jumping enzugiri. They go back and forth with forearms. YAMATO catches Hulk with a power slam. YAMATO goes up top and Hulk nails him with a spinwheel kick. Hulk brings him off with a scoop slam for two. The trade forearms on their knees up to their feet. YAMATO lays in a big flurry of forearms, and Hulk fires up. Hulk hits him with mouse and a lariat. Hulk drops him with the EVO for two. Hulk kicks YAMATO and then superkicks him for two. Hulk drops YAMATO with another EVO for the pin and the win at 15:54. Hulk is a good, unexpected choice for Freedom Gate champion. Real good work from everyone in this match as well. Everyone thought YAMATO would win, so there was a legitimate positive reaction when they were surprised. Hulk overcoming Akuma and YAMATO was a great story for the match as well. ***1/2

Davey Richards comes out and beats down Hulk with YAMATO. Dragon Kid comes in to make the save. He presents Hulk the belt, and these two will face each other for the title at the next DGUSA show “Fearless”.

Read my review of the entire show here!


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