AAW: Windy City Classic 5


Berwyn, IL – 11.28.2009

Elimination Match
Shane Hollister, Silas Young, Dan Lawrence & Tim Donst vs. Danny Daniels, Trik Davis, Mason Beck & Nick Brubaker

Davis and Hollister start off in a feeling out process. Hollister stretches him out in a modified Octopus. Hollister tags in Donst. Donst gives Davis a gut-wrench slam. Donst sunset flips Davis for two. Donst trips Davis and tries a crucifix pin for two. Davis gives Donst a throat thrust and stomps on his hand. Brubaker tags in and Donst throws him and Davis into one another. He places Davis on Brubaker’s shoulders, trips Brubaker, then turns them both over in a Boston crab. Donst hops off the second rope onto Davis on the floor. Lawrence tags in and trades chops with Brubaker. He sends Brubaker to the floor then pescado’s onto him. Young and Davis come in. Young hits a knee strike and dropkick for two. Hollister gets some shots in on Daniels till Daniels hits a chinbreaker. Donst drops Daniels with an STO for two. Daniels hits a neckbreaker and flash kick on Donst for two. Donst hits a full nelson facebuster for two. He pulls down the straps and headgear. He gives Daniels a Manhattan Drop. Daniels drops Donst with a spike piledriver for the pin and elimination at 6:10. The match ends with Shane Hollister and Silas Young surviving, pinning Danny Daniels last at 14:16. They will face Jimmy Jacobs in a triple threat match later in the night for the AAW Championship. This was a very fun elimination match that got Hollister and Young over. It also set up Young’s big turn in the night. Donst did nothing of note, but I am OCD so I had to include it. ***

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