Three-Fisted Tales


Philadelphia, PA – 11.21.2009

Commentary is provided by Leonard F. Chikarason, Louden Noxious, Bryce Remsburg, Eddie Kingston, Jimmy ‘Equinox’ Olsen, and UltraMantis Black.

Green Ant {C}, Carpenter Ant {C}, Dasher Hatfield {T} & Sugar Dunkerton {T} vs. Vin Gerard {U}, STIGMA {U}, Colin Delaney {U} & Brodie Lee {R}

STIGMA ducks a wind-up punch from Hatfield and tags in Lee. Dunkerton gets in Lee’s face and gets shoved down. His shoulder blocks also have no effect. He kicks out Lee’s legs, then shoulder blocks him successfully. Lee slaps the basketball out of his hand and nails him with a rolling clothesline. After an aggressive lock up, STIGMA chops Carpenter Ant. Carpenter Ant wrenches on a side headlock and brings STIGMA to the mat. Carpenter Ant throws a super kick after his shoulder blocks have no effect. STIGMA knocks him down in the corner and throws many forearm strikes. Carpenter Ant hops over STIGMA after being whipped into the corner. He dropkicks STIGMA twice and sends him to the floor with a spin kick. he follows with a pescado. Gerard and Green Ant tag in. Delaney drags Green Ant to the floor. Green Ant fights him off and comes back in with a sunset flip for two. He armdrags and hip tosses Gerard. He goes for the cloverleaf but Gerard hits the floor. Hatfield ducks Delaney’s clothesline and gives him a double axe handle to the stomach. He runs the ropes for a courting hold armdrag. He misses a baseball slide, allowing Delaney to nail a diving lariat. He runs the bases but Gerard cuts him off. Gerard busts out an invisible baseball for Dunkerton to hit. Gerard gives the “ball” to Lee, who then smacks Dunkerton. Gerard drags Hatfield to the floor. The Colony hit tandem tope strikes. STIGMA and Delaney attack from behind and attempt to isolate Green Ant. He ducks a clothesline and hits the floor. Hatfield eats a forearm from STIGMA upon entering the ring. He’s beaten down by the Rudos until he back kicks Delaney to the floor and dives after him. This brings in Carpenter Ant and STIGMA who double clothesline one another. Gerard and Dunkerton crossbody each other simultaneously. Lee blasts Green Ant with a big boot for the pin at 11:14. Lee makes a great associate for the UnStable, giving them some edge and legitimacy they have not had in awhile. He was really the only one who stuck out, and that was because of the finish. Everything else was solid but forgettable. *½

Helios {TFN} vs. Yujiro Kushida

They begin by exchanging waistlocks. When Helios gets on a wristlock, Kushida flips over and kicks Helios’ hands away. Helios kicks Kushida in the chest to break his wristlock. Kushida tightly holds onto a side headlock. Helios finally shoves Kushida off, and Kushida knocks him down with a hard shoulder block. Helios tries a Frankensteiner but Kushida cartwheels through it. They armdrag one another and throw stereo dropkicks reaching a stand off. Kushida tries baiting Helios into a kick with a handshake. Helios avoids it. Kushida goes for the Tarantula. Helios blocks it. He runs the ropes for a twisting knuckle drag. Kushida kicks Helios from the ring apron. After a gamengiri he ascends the ropes. He comes off the top with a Baba chop twice. He goes for it a third time but Helios catches him with a punch to the gut. Kushida blasts him coming off the ropes with a strike to the throat. He applies a chinlock, turning it into a shoulder stretch. When Helios fights out, Kushida forearms him in the shoulder blades. He uses his feet to twist up Helio’s neck. A standing moonsaults gets him a two count. Helios breaks out of an Irish whip and drives the back of Kushida’s head into the canvas. Kushida and Helios trade strikes. Helios headscissors him and comes off the second rope with an alita. He Tiger walks up the ropes but misses a cannonball senton. Kushida gives him a cradle piledriver for two. Helios reverses a whip. Kushida comes back with a back handspring elbow strike. He chokes Helios with his belt. As referee Nick Papagiorgio is taking away the belt, Kushida tosses the flag onto Helios and kicks him in the groin! A buzzsaw kick follows, but Helios gets the ropes to avoid being pinned. He hits a superkick. Helios lands a 630 splash for the pin at 10:46. I expected a more exciting match from these two. Psychology wise it was okay, but quite disappointing given the caliber of performance the participants are capable of. **

Player Uno says he was approached by Smart Mark Video asking if he had any comments about his match with Tim Donst. Uno says there’s more on his mind than Donst. He’s lost a lot lately; the Young Lions Cup, didn’t even enter King of Trios, the Cibernetico, Claudio, and now he’s close to losing his best friend. He asks himself what’s left for him to lose.

Player Uno {SSB} vs. Tim Donst

Donst is carrying Hydra’s muscle suit as a war trophy. He trades wristlocks with Uno. Donst trips him into a side headlock. Uno turns it into a headscissors. Donst reverses into a butterfly lock. Uno lays in a chop upon escaping. He ducks Donst’s chop and takes him down with a leg lariat. Donst trips Uno and brings him to the corner where he slams his left leg into the ring post. In the ring he gets two with a gutwrench suplex. He rakes Uno’s eyes in the corner as he lays in his own chops. Uno jacks Donst’s arm across the rope. Donst brings Uno in from the ring apron with a belly-to-belly suplex for two. He puts on a hammerlock with a chinlock. Donst throws Uno by the back of his head into the canvas. Donst mockingly looks for the Hydralock. Uno escapes with a chinbreaker. A couple clotheslines and a right hand follow. He clotheslines Donst in the corner. Donst misses a tackle and hits the ring post. Uno gives him an arm-capture reverse DDT for two. He uppercuts Donst’s arm. Donst schoolboys him for two. He tries a German suplex but Uno backs him to the corner. Donst back elbows Uno as he tries a corner attack. Uno catches him and gives him an arm-capture backbreaker. He locks on an arm-cross submission called the Joystick. Donst submits at 6:17! This was pretty fun, and a nice surprise since it was previously unannounced. Uno did a good job working over Donst’s arm before the submission and made a big deal out of winning. A success. **¼

UltraMantis Black says Delirious has brought back prestige to the Order. Delirious goes off in his unique language about his recent success in Japan. Mantis says that’s all good, but tonight they have the chance to get three points and go after Los Campeonatos de Parejas. Crossbones reminds him that if tonight does not go well, he and Mantis have two points. Mantis says that is unnecessary and ridiculous. He tells Crossbones to stand guard and watch their back. He doesn’t trust him in the ring and doesn’t know if he ever will again. Vökoder is in the background all this time.

Hallowicked {I} & Frightmare {I} vs. UltraMantis Black {ONT} & Delirious {ONT}

Delirious knee strikes Frightmare on Mantis’ command. Hallowickd tries talking sense into him. Delirious shoves him. Mantis drags Hallowicked to the floor and sends him into the guardrails. Delirious kicks Frightmare in the head and gives him a chop. Frightmare ducks a clothesline and snaps off a step-up Frankensteiner. He slides to the floor. Hallowicked and Delirious go face-to-face. Hallowicked wants a handshake. Delirious clobbers him with a haymaker! He takes Hallowicked down with a neckbreaker. Hallowicked nails a yakuza kick. Mantis attacks Hallowicked from behind. He rakes his eyes and sends him to the floor. Frightmare spikes Mantis with a crucifix bomb. He tags in Hallowicked who chops Mantis. Mantis puts on a full nelson and beckons Delirious. Hallowicked fights them off and clotheslines Mantis. Delirious sends him to the floor. Frightmare high crossbody’s Delirious. Delirious counters a quesadora armdrag with a belly-to-back suplex. Mantis comes in. Frightmare is able to give him a yakuza kick in the corner. Incoherence hits the Sidewinder for two. Delirious nails Frightmare with the Panic Attack. The Order take control, wearing down Frightmare and keeping Hallowicked at bay. Frightmare ends up escaping by sending Delirious to the floor and following with a tope con hilo. Hallowicked drops Mantis with a Rydeen Bomb for two. Delirious grabs Hallowicked’s foot as he hits the ropes. This allows Mantis to give Hallowicked the Uncle Slam for two. Hallowicked angrily throws forearms at Delirious. Delirious fights out of Go 2 Sleepy Hollow and the Graveyard Smash. Hallowicked backs Delirious to the corner to avoid the Praying Mantis Bomb. Hallowicked nails a step-up enzuigiri. Delirious German suplexes him in response. Shadows Over Heck only gets him a one count! They exchange forearm strikes. Hallowicked yakuza kicks Delirious twice. Mantis breaks his pin attempt. He Mongolian chops Hallowicked. Hallowicked and Mantis strike one another. Hallowicked hits Go 2 Sleepy Hollow. Frightmare hits the Kneecolepsy. Delirious breaks the pin and sends Hallowicked out. He drops Frightmare with the Praying Mantis Bomb. Mantis pins Frightmare for the pin at 10:58. This was a fun, aggressive tag match, and a nice conclusion to the Mantis/Hallowicked feud…for now. It was action packed, intense, and told a wonderful narrative. I just wonder why Crossbones’ subservience never really played a bigger role. ***

Tim Donst is happy and excited by the fact that he sent Hydra packing. Mike Quackenbush confronts Donst saying he has a bone to pick with him. Donst says that Quackenbush must need something from him just like the time Quackenbush made him join the Order of the Neo-Solar Temple or team with him just to get knocked out by STIGMA. Donst says he doesn’t owe Quackenbush anything. Quackenbush says that before Donst went and got all “new and improved”, he came to Quackenbush asking for help. So, Quackenbush taught him a move he had been working on in secret: the Inverted CHIKARA Special. He wants to know how Carpenter Ant came to learn the move since he only taught it to Donst. Donst laughs it off, sarcastically saying that Carpenter Ant knows it because “he’s from the future.” Quackenbush pulls him into a palm strike. He tells Donst to teach that one to Carpenter Ant.

Mike Quackenbush & Jorge ‘Skayde’ Rivera vs. Icarus {F} & Chuck Taylor {F}

This bout was originally supposed to be a trios match, but due to the severity of Jigsaw and Gran Akuma’s singles bout from the night prior, this has now been changed to a regular ol’ tag team contest. Three armdrags from Quackenbush send Taylor to the floor. Icarus tries a springboard armdrag on Skayde, but Skayde turns it into an X-Factor. Skayde utilizes a couple pinning attempts before sending Icarus out. Icarus comes back in with a dropkick. F.I.S.T. take control of the elder Master of 1,000 holds, bullying him in their corner. Skayde ends up hip tossing Taylor to the floor. Quackenbush gives Icarus a Manhattan drop, sweeps his legs, and drives his knees into his chest. Taylor lights up Quackenbush with forearms. Quackenbush responds with chops. He flips over Taylor and dropkicks him to the second rope for a dropkick to the side of the head from Skayde. He rolls Taylor into a back bridge for two. Taylor gives Quackenbush Sole Food. Skayde throws chops to both members of F.I.S.T. F.I.S.T. kick his legs out as he comes off the ropes, once again allowing them to take over the match by working over Skayde’s leg. Skayde London Bridges F.I.S.T. He armdrags Icarus to the floor and avoids Taylor’s back senton. He rolls Taylor into a crucifix pin. Icarus breaks the cover. Skayde tosses Icarus into a superkick from Quackenbush. Skayde attempt a sunset flip/jackknife pin combo, but Taylor breaks it up. Quackenbush forearms Taylor. Skayde claps his ears with his feet. Quackenbush palm strikes Taylor and brings him down from the top rope with a Frankensteiner. Skayde puts him in the Lightning Lock Omega! Icarus breaks the hold. Quackenbush gives Taylor a facebuster. Skayde uses a ropes for a headscissors on him. Icarus hip tosses Skayde and accidentally forearms Taylor. Skayde assists Quackenbush with a London Bridge on F.I.S.T. Quackenbush and Skayde roll F.I.S.T. into stereo pendulum stretches. F.I.S.T. kicks out of a double pin. They do-si-do an attempted double whip. Skayde sends Icarus out as Taylor disposes of Quackenbush. Skayde gives Taylor a backbreaker and a stunner. He drops Taylor onto his chest for two. Taylor avoids a hip toss and puts Skayde in the Kentucky Crawdad. Skayde submits at 11:23. This was an odd match. A lot of the action at the end was inconsistent and at points the teams didn’t seem in sync, as if they weren’t communicating properly. Thankfully F.I.S.T. worked over Skayde’s leg earlier, or else the finish really would have seemed as if it came out of nowhere. Not the best work from the four involved, yet fun despite it’s shortcomings. **½

Young Lions Cup
Player Dos {SSB} (Champion) vs. Lince Dorado {TFN}

Dorado and Dos get in a double knuckle lock. Dorado uses the ropes to flip over and get the advantage when it comes to pressure. They pick up the pace, getting in a couple of quick pin attempts. After some Lucha rolls, Dos headscissors Dorado to the corner. Dos springboard dropkicks Dorado to the floor and follows with a twisting pescado. That gets him a two count back in the ring. Dos lands a jumping forearm strike in the corner. Dorado flips out of a suplex and armdrags Dos. He snaps off a Frankensteiner and hits a quebrada headbutt. Dorado lands a springboard Phoenix Splash to a standing Dos on the floor! He knocks down Dos with a right hand back in the ring. Dorado lands a senton splash for two. He puts Dos in a surfboard stretch with a chinlock. Dos fights his way free. Dos reverses a suplex with a reverse DDT. As Dos jumps off the second rope, Dorado catches him in mid-air with a spin kick to the stomach. He suplexes Dos for two. He also gets two with a crucifix pin. Dorado lands a corner dropkick for two. Dorado heads up top. Dos brings him down with a Frankensteiner. Dos drops Dorado with a sit-out DDT for two. He pops Dorado up into a Samoan Drop for two. Dorado comes off of Dos’ shoulders. He brings Dos to the mat and hits the Lynxsault for two. Dos avoids a springboard seated senton and enzuigiri’s Dorado. Dos spins him out into a facebuster for two. Dorado comes back, spiking Dos on his head with a running DDT. A standing Spanish Fly only gets a two count, thanks to Dos getting his foot on the bottom rope. Dorado misses a moonsault senton. Dos small packages him for two. He superkicks Dorado to the ring apron. Dos calls for the B13. Dorado pulls him down to the apron and throws some forearm strikes and a sole butt kick. Dos ends up German suplexing Dorado head first onto the ring steps! Dos drags Dorado’s lifeless body back into the ring. He polishes Dorado off with the frog splash for the pin at 12:55. That suplex Dorado took was SICK. Ending the match after that was the right call, though they didn’t capitalize on it right away which took some of the excitement away. The action that proceeded it was also good. A little more cerebral than crazy, high flier stuff, but I think there was enough of both for a solid overall package. ***

Eddie Kingston says that the stipulation for tonight’s match with Claudio is that the loser has to say they respect the winner. Kingston says he knows Claudio will be eaten up inside when he’s forced to say he respects him. Kingston knows the real Claudio, and when his real side is revealed, people will realize he was right all along. He says their feud may be personal, but tonight, Claudio will say that he respects him.

Respect Match
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Eddie Kingston {R}

The loser has to tell the victor that he respects them. Claudio immediately hits Kingston with Swiss Chin Music. He then hits the Ricola Bomb for two. Kingston nails the Backfist to the Future for two. They trade slaps on their knees and forearms as they get back to their feet. Kingston throws a flurry of chops. Claudio knocks him down with a clothesline for two. He slams Kingston into a legdrop for two. He also gets two with a missile dropkick. Claudio deadlifts Kingston into a gutwrench suplex. Kingston slaps Claudio, so Claudio forearms him in the corner. Claudio spinwheel kicks Kingston for two. He comes off the top rope with an elbow drop. Claudio slaps Kingston multiple times and delivers an uppercut. Kingston mounts him, but Claudio slows him down with a basement bulldog. They forearm one another. Claudio Oklahoma Rolls Kingston for two, which was the same way Kingston defeated Claudio back at “Aniversario Yang.” He sits down on Kingston’s back. Claudio comes off the second rope for an uppercut, but Kingston swats him down with a fist. He peppers Claudio with shots to the kidneys. He chokes Claudio down in the corner. Kingston whips Claudio to the opposite corner and follows in with a yakuza kick. He gives Claudio a powerbomb for two. He chokes Claudio on the top rope. Claudio tries an uppercut. Kingston blocks it and gives Claudio a belly-to-belly uppercut. Claudio avoids the Sliding D. He Giant Swings Kingston. He gives him a springboard Swiss Chin Music, then deadlifts him up in a pump-handle throw. Kingston comes back with a German suplex and a shotgun lariat, both which earn him a two count. Claudio escapes a suplex. He uppercuts Kingston in the shoulder blades before spinning him around in the UFO. Kingston kicks out. Claudio tries another Swiss Chin Music. Kingston catches his leg, slams him, and hits the Sliding D. Claudio kicks out. When they recover, slaps are traded. Kingston wins the battle, ending it with a Saito suplex. Claudio wisely rolls to the floor. Kingston however suicide dives after him. As they fight on the floor, Claudio throws a CHIKARA student into Kingston. He then gives Kingston the Alpamare Waterslide on the ring apron. Kingston makes his way back into the ring just before the twenty count. Claudio immediately gives him the Ricola Bomb. Kingston kicks out at one! Claudio nails him with forearms to the face and gives him a deadlift German suplex. Kingston kicks out at two. The fans chant “Eddie” as Claudio pulls Kingston into a lariat. Claudio places him on the top turnbuckle and blasts him with an uppercut. Claudio brings him off the top rope with a gutwrench suplex! Kingston kicks out of that as well. Claudio blasts him with a bicycle knee and an uppercut for the pin at 15:53. This was quite a war. In addition to that, they called back to all of their previous matches and did a great subtle, unofficial Rudo/Tecnico swap, and nice foreshadowing to the final act of the evening. The fighting spirit stuff isn’t for everybody, but for the story they told it was appropriate. ***½

Kingston says he supposes he has to shake Claudio’s hand and say he respects him, as that was the stipulation. However, he does NOT respect Claudio. He may have won, but it took everything he had to keep him down. Kingston says he may have all the people fooled, but he knows that Claudio is shady and dirty. He says Claudio doesn’t deserve anybody’s respect and throws the microphone at his chest. When Claudio tries pulling him back, Kingston nails him with a Backfist to the Future.

By the way, the student in the match Claudio threw would turn out to be Jakob Hammermeier, who would debut in a very interesting role in January.

Campeonatos de Parejas
Fire Ant {C} & Soldier Ant {C} (Campeones) vs. Amasis {OP} & Ophidian {OP}

Fire Ant and Ophidian fight for control, each going for some pinfalls in the opening exchange. Soldier Ant tags in as Fire Ant has Ophidian in a front facelock. They double hip toss him, but Ophidian moves away from their tandem offense attempt. The Portal double hip toss Soldier Ant out of the corner. Ophidian armdrags him into a crucifix pin for two. Ophidian goes for another pin when Soldier Ant cleanly breaks a front waist lock in the corner. He suplexes Soldier Ant for a two count. Amasis tries many pinfalls in succession to no avail. Soldier Ant gets up his boot to avoid a corner attack and back elbows Amasis. The Colony give him a tandem slam. Fire Ant lands a somersault senton for two. The Colony deliver tandem big boots for two. They take turns wearing down Amasis. Amasis catches Fire Ant with a chinbreaker. Ophidian spin kicks Fire Ant. He Skins the Snake into a headscissors takedown. He gets two with a fisherman’s suplex. Fire Ant arm whips Ophidian across the ring. He slingshots in from the apron. Ophidian catches him and passes him off to Amasis. Ophidian headscissors Soldier Ant on the floor while Amasis drops Fire Ant with the Egyptian Conniption for the pin at 8:23. Fire Ant sends Ophidian to the floor. Amasis nails a clothesline. The Portal team up on Fire Ant in the hopes of picking up the second fall. Fire Ant manages to fight his way out of the Mummification and tag in Soldier Ant. He takes down the Portal with elbows and forearms. Ophidian tries a crossbody. Soldier Ant catches him and delivers a gutbuster. He maneuvers Ophidian into the CHIKARA Special. Ophidian taps out at 13:09, tying the match up at one fall a piece. Soldier Ant baseball slide dropkicks Amasis and suicide dives onto him. Fire Ant misses the Heat of the Moment. Ophidian gets sent to the apron, so he Asai moonsaults onto Soldier Ant. Fire Ant flies onto the Portal and Soldier Ant with a springboard somersault senton. Back in the ring, Fire Ant gives Amasis a brainbuster for two. Icarus and Gran Akuma, who are lined up for a title shot, are shown watching the match. The Colony attack Amasis in the corner. Ophidian rolls Fire Ant into a fisherman’s suplex for two. The Portal bring Fire Ant off the top with a Pyramid suplex. Soldier Ant breaks the Portal’s pin. He Samoan Drops Ophidian. Amasis shoulder tackles Soldier Ant. Fire Ant hits Amasis with the Heat of the Moment. He catches Ophidian coming off the top rope with a spin kick. He rolls Ophidian into a short-arm scissors. Ophidian rolls Fire Ant onto his back for a pin, forcing Fire Ant to release the hold. Fire Ant German suplexes him. Soldier Ant German suplexes Amasis. Both Portal members fall victim to the Revenge of the Ants. Amasis rolls to the floor and Soldier Ant pescado’s after him. While they fight on the floor, Fire Ant places Ophidian on the top rope. Ophidian fights him off and comes down with a front flip dropkick. The Portal miss the Osirian Sacrament! Soldier Ant drops Amasis with the TKO. Ophidian spikes Soldier Ant on his head with a Cobra Clutch suplex. The Portal successfully land the Osirian Sacrament. Soldier Ant kicks out! The Portal head up top to do it again. Fire and Soldier Ant cut them off. Fire Ant ends up bringing Ophidian down with a Beach Break, while Soldier Ant brings Amasis down with a TKO for the third and final fall at 23:15. The crowd was not all into this early on and it really hurt the match. It also seemed like it was just nearfall after nearfall, which makes sense given that’s the objective, but it was not interesting or believable. A lot of the action seemed aimless. Ophidian’s arm being hurt barely played into the match. The third fall picked up the slack the first two falls left behind, but it was an oddly flat title match, which is a shame given the two other quality title bouts these two teams produced this year. ***

While both teams are recovering in the ring, the two “BDK” men in white who have been tormenting UltraMantis Black both in person and with cryptic videos come through the crowd and into the ring. The bigger man grabs the microphone from Louden Noxious and hands it to the shorter man. He says that he promised a war was coming and is tired of waiting. Members of the roster come out to circle the ring. Mike Quackenbush and Claudio Castagnoli come in to square off with them. The short man in white asks Quackenbush and Claudio not to insult him, and asks them to bring him the man with the real power to him. He points to UltraMantis Black and Vökoder in the commentary booth. Mantis hands Vökoder the Eye of Tyr as both men head to the ring. Delirious follows. Vökoder and Mantis enter the ring as Carpenter Ant and Green Ant comfort Fire and Soldier Ant. Mantis says he’s sick of the BDK guys and that he has no idea who they are. The larger man reveals himself but is unfamiliar. The smaller one reveals himself to be Ares. Since Ares is Claudio’s former partner, Quackenbush turns to him. All hell breaks loose as Claudio hits Swiss Chin Music on Quackenbush and forearms Leonard F. Chikarason off of the ring apron. Carpenter Ant attacks the rest of the Colony, Vökoder attacks UltraMantis Black, and Sara Del Rey and Daizee Haze assist with their assault. Ares, Claudio, the larger man (who we would find out was named Tursas), Carpenter Ant, Vökoder, Del Rey, and Haze make a formation in the ring. Carpenter Ant unmasks to reveal himself as Pinkie Sanchez while Vökoder reveals himself to be Tim Donst. They make a sign of a cross with their arms, then put their arms behind their backs. Tursas pulls out a remote and turns the arena black. From YouTube videos and blogs from the members of this supergroup that would be posted in the forthcoming days, we would discover that they’re collectively known as Die Brüderschaft des Kreuzes.

We then cut backstage where Leonard F. Chikarason is on the phone. He tells the person on the other line to cancel all his appointments and to get his chiropractor on the phone. He tells Gary the camera man that now is not a good time. He tries getting into his office, but his office door is locked. Out comes a man in a white suit. Chikarason calls him Dieter. He says he doesn’t know why a student is in his office. Dieter says this isn’t his office anymore and that Chikaraon’s semi-annual review with the board of directors is late. He hands Chikarason an envelope. Chikarason looks at the papers inside and says there has to be a mistake as he walks away.


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  1. Right when Tursas took out a remote control to turn out the lights after the group pose, someone in the crowd said, “Wow, this is one of the greatest things ever!” That person was absolutely right. The whole storyline going back to Hero’s big rudo turn at TWGP 2005 and everything that followed is the greatest storyline of all time.

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