WESS Pro Wrestling Showcase

East Stroudsburg, PA – 11.20.2009

Mike Vaughn vs. Wes Haywood

Haywood came out as a mystery opponent for Vaughn and trash talks the university. Haywood says Vaughn is going to lay down for him. At the bell, they trade slaps. Vaughn reverses a wrist lock and rolls Haywood up for two. Haywood rolls to the floor to avoid a superkick. Haywood puts his valet Rebecca in his face to stop Vaughn from hitting him. Vaughn goes in the ring and dropkicks Haywood. Vaughn allos a few fans to hit Haywood. Rebecca distracts Vaughn on the apron, and Haywood works over his arm. Vaugn rolls back in the ring as Haywood breaks up the two female valets from fighting. Haywood continues to beat on Vaughn in the ring with some interference from Rebecca. Vaughn blocks a facewash attempt and gives Haywood a Rydeen Bomb for two. Vaughn rolls up Haywood as he’s distracted by Vaughn’s manager for two. Haywood applies a short-arm scissor. Vaughn superkicks Haywood. Vaughn drops him with a brainbuster for two. Haywood stops Vaughn as he goes up top, and brings Vaughn back down with a divorce court. Haywood applies the Rings of Saturn for the submission at 9:18. Pretty basic, a little slow, but not too shabby for guys I’ve never heard of. Not very interesting either. *

Tim Donst vs. Green Ant

Donst and Green Ant pander to the crowd for a bit. They trade waistlocks. Donst takes Green Ant to the mat with a overhand wristlock and a headlock takedown. Green Ant gets Donst in a Lucha roll, and Donst goes to the floor to take a seat and tell Green Ant to slo it down. Donst comes back in. He and Green Ant switch positions and holds on the mat. On their feet, Green Ant takes Donst down with an armdrag and an alita. Donst chops Green Ant a couple times. Green Ant wheelbarrows into an armdrag and sends Donst to the floor with another armdrag. Green Ant chops Donst on the floor. Donst spits in his hand to chop Green Ant, but Green Ant wipes Donst’s hand in his own face. Back in the ring, Green Ant gets cut off with a modified bulldog. Green Ant tries a sunset flip after being beaten on, but Donst drops into an armbreaker. Donst gives Green Ant a belly-to-belly suplex for two. Donst chokes Green Ant in the corner after raking his eyes. Green Ant fires up from his head being bashed in the corner. He rams Donst’s head into all four turnbuckles and gives him a flying headbutt. Green Ant goes up top, and Donst cuts him with an Ace crusher as he flies off the top. That’s enough to score Donst the pinfall at 9:18. Good match, crowd was very much into it. Donst is such a better heel, and Green Ant still shows improvement in every match. Great finish too. *3/4

Vin Gerard, Klondike Kremlin, Orange Cassidy, and STIGMA all come out to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”. Vin Gerard talks about STIGMA beating Hallowicked and then goes into the now defunct Valley Championship Wrestling. He made a challenge that anybody from VCW could face him tonight, and claims him no one is their in the back to challenge him. He claims he wins by forfeit and talks about partying, but a guy named “Hang Lo” accepts the challenge.

Vin Gerard vs. Hang Lo

Gerard pushes Lo to the corner and slaps his chest to break it. Gerard applies a wristlock and mocks Lo. Lo chops Gerard and Gerard bails to the floor. Lo follos and chops Gerard around the ring. Back in the ring, Lo surprises Gerard with more chops. Gerard forearms Lo in the back while he’s not looking, and gives him a side Russian leg sweep. Gerard pulls on Lo’s face and sticks his finger in his mouth, then into Lo’s mouth. Lo hip tosses Gerard to escape an abdominal stretch, and Gerard hot shots Lo. Lo gives Gerard a chin breaker. Lo gives Gerard a series of back elbows and a standing moonsault. Lo gives Gerard a satellite headscissors and a hurricanrana for two. Gerard gives Lo a flying clothesline in the corner. Gerard says “Reckless rules!” and tries a 2k1 Bomb to mock him. Lo rolls him up to block for two. Lo gives Gerard a shiranui. Gerard blocks a superkick and rolls up Lo for two, when the referee catches Gerard using the ropes. Gerard pesters the referee, alloing Lo to superkick him for the pin at 8:01. This was pretty darn solid, and Hung Lo busted out some unexpected stuff. Obviously I wasn’t familiar with him or VCW, but I was quite impressed. **1/4

STIGMA comes out and attacks Lo afterwards saying VCW sucked. Hallowicked chases him off, setting up the main event for tonight.

East Stroudsburg Independent Light Heavywieght Deathmatch Championship of the World Trophy
Tuck Hanson vs. Cory Kastle

Kastle wrenches on Hanson’s arm to start. Hanson gets slapped for reversing a wristlock. Hanson sends Kastle to the floor with an armdrag. Hanson does a top rope senton onto Kastle and Kastle’s manager. I didn’t catch his name cuz there’s no commentary and they cut his ring intro.In the ring, Kastle chops and clotheslines Hanson. He sends Hanson to the floor, where Kastle’s manager breaks his cane on his back. Kastle pins him for two. Kastle drops Handon with a spinning neckbreaker for two. Kastle chokes Hanson and sends him back to the floor for more of the manager’s beatdown. Kastle boots Hanson in the chest for two. Kastle whips Hanson into the corner and goes up top. Kastle comes off the top with a boot for two. Kastle lays in some elbows. Hanson drops him with a rope-assisted back cracker. The manager holds Hanson, and Kastle hits him by accident. Hanson drops Kastle on his head with a Death Valley Driver for the pin at 7:11. Good stuff here by Hanson, as he’s gotten over with the Pennsylvania fans very well. Can’t say too much about Kastle; he was pretty generic overall. Hanson looked good and would be a good CHIKARA addition. *1/2

Amasis & Ophidian vs. Orange Cassidy & Klondike Kremlin

Vin Gerard accompanies the duo known as “Orange N’ Vodka”, apparently. Kremlin throws Ophidian to the opposite corner. Krmelin powers Ophidian to the floor and tags in Cassidy. Amasis notices a sign ringside and Gerard rips it up. A dance-off starts up to the fans delight to “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz. Amasis busts a serious a move, then allows Ophidian to show off his skills. Kremlin does some moves and brings Gerard into the ring. Gerard taps his toes a bit then bails. Cassidy looks like he’s going to dance, but instead attacks The Portal. Kremli and Cassidy isolate Amasis from Ophidian. Orange N’ Vodka beat on Amasis for quite a bit, until Amasis kicks Cassidy in the face. Ophidian tags in and lays out Cassidy with a spinwheel kick. Ophidian rolls up and armdrags Krmelin. Ophidian sends Kremlin to the floor with a satellite headscissors, and Amasis jumps off Ophidian’s back to the floor onto Kremlin. Cassidy gives Ophdian a Michinoku driver and applies a head squeeze. Amasis breaks it but gets forearmed. Amasis gives him a spinebuster and Cassidy bails to the floor. The Portal knock down Kremlin, then hit him with the Osirian Sacrament for the pin at 12:39. Really fun tag match here, which was needed at this point as was a nice break from the singles matches. Cassidy leaves disappointed in Kremlin (who I am certain wrestles as Tursas now). **1/2

Hallowicked vs. STIGMA

Vin Gerard comes out with STIGMA as well. Man, he loves being on this show for whatever reason. STIGMA knees Hallowicked in the gut and forearms him. Hallowicked comes back with some shots of his own. STIGMA lays in some forearms and wrenches on Hallowicked’s wrist. Hallowicked escapes and gives STIGMA a step-up enzugiri in the corner for two. STIGMA gives Hallowicked and chin breaker and chops him. Gerard trips Hallowicked as he hits the ropes, but Hallowicked sends STIGMA to the floor onto him. Hallowicked follows up with a tope onto both of them. Hallowicked chases Gerard around the ring, only for STIGMA to cut him off. They trade chops on the floor. STIGMA slams Hallowicked’s face on the ring apron. Hallowicked fights back and gives him a step-up Frankensteiner into the crowd! Back in the ring, Hallowicked gets a two count. STIGMA blocks another Frankensteiner and kicks out Hallowicked’s legs. STIGMA beats on Hallowicked, and then Gerard chokes him behind the referee’s back. STIGMA kicks out his legs and gives him a crucifix pin for two. Gerard sits in the crowd and cheers STIGMA which is quite entertaining. The fans cheer even louder for Hallowicked, of course as Gerard mauls Hallowicked behind the ref’s back again. The referee catches Gerard doing it again, and kicks him out. STIGMA gives Hallowicked two forearms in the corner, and Hallowicked responds with a big boot. Hallowicked wheelbarrows STIGMA into a pin for two. Hallowicked blocks a German suplex attempt from STIGMA, but STIGMA hits it right after for two. STIGMA looks for the Stigmata, but Hallowicked picks up STIGMA. He tries for Sleepy Hollow, but STIGMA powerbombs him for two. STIGMA kicks away at Hallowicked, and Hallowicked gives him another big boot. He follows with a Rydeen Bomb for the pin at 11:09. Real good main event to the show which the crowd was very hot for. STIGMA looked better than usual, and Hallowicked was his good usual self. I’d certainly like to see a rematch in some form in CHIKARA. ***

Bonus Match
Vin Gerard vs. Tuck Hanson

This is a match from the CPW promotion that was included as a bonus on this DVD. Gerard does a great job taunting the fans before the match, including ripping up a sign in front of Hanson. They trade wristlocks to start. Gerard slaps him to break and wrenches on Hanson’s arm. Hanson makes a short comeback before Gerard nails him with a flying clothesline and sends him to the floor. Gerard chops him on the guardrail while interacting with the fans some more. Hanson let’s a few kids chop him, and Gerard feels nothing. He turns around and Hanson taps him in the groin. Gerard goes back in the ring while Hanson is talking to some fans, and Gerard baseball slides him and taps his groin right back. Gerard kicks at Hanson, then gives him a choke STO for two. Gerard gives him a grounded lariat and cranks Hanson’s neck. Gerard pins Hanson for two.Gerard then gives him a double underhook suplex and an elbow to the back of the neck. Gerard continues to beat on Hanson until he comes back with a flying knee attack. Gerard evades a lionsault, but Handson gives him a clothesline for two. Gerard knocks Hanson into the referee and pins him with his feet on the ropes for two. Hanson punches Gerard on the ropes and gives him a top tope hurricanrana for two. Gerard blocks a suplex attempt and Hanson blocks a 2k1 attempt from Gerard. Hanson drops Gerard with a Death Valley Driver variation for the pin at 8:48. Pretty basic stuff, HORRIBLE camera quality, but Vin Gerard was absolute gold in playing the Rudo. *


5 Responses to WESS Pro Wrestling Showcase

  1. Brad Garoon says:

    What is this show?

    • kford13 says:

      It’s a wrestling show local Pennsylvania college decided to put on. I guess they’re friends with a CHIKARA student or something. I think it was to raise money for a charity or something.

  2. Brad Garoon says:

    HOw’d you get your hands on it?

    • kford13 says:

      The guy who ran the show is selling DVD-R’s of it on the message boards via PayPal. $6 shipped, it was fun even though the match quality wasn’t grand.

  3. Sheldon Novek says:

    is the same show from a year earlier available at all on dvd? From 2008…

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