CZW: Night of Infamy VIII

Philadelphia, PA – 11.14.2009

Elimination Match
DJ Hyde, Drake Younger & Eddie Kingston vs. Jon Moxley, Nick Gage & Nate Hatred

Younger takes Moxley down with a series of armdrags. Moxley gets in some strikes before tagging in Gage. Younger tags in Kingston. Kingston twists his wrists and let’s Hyde tag in. Gage pokes him in the eyes and tags in Moxley. Hyde backs Moxley to the corner to stop an attack. Moxley pokes him eyes but gets swept off the second rope. Hyde hits a senton for two. Hyde whips him to the corner for two. Hatred blind tags in. Hyde spears Moxley and turns into a shotgun lariat from Hatred for the pin at 4:01. Younger comes in with strikes. Hatred gives him a backbreaker and Kingston a spinebuster. Younger tags out. Kingston hits Hatred in the back of the head with the Backfist to the Future for the pin at 5:33. The remaining four spill to the floor with Gage and Younger pairing off and Kingston and Moxley doing the same. Gage whips Younger into the timekeeper’s table. Moxley brings Kingston back into the ring. Younger hits the ring bell into Gage’s head. Kingston lights up Moxley with repeated chops. He yakuza kicks him and delivers a belly-to-belly suplex. Gage drops Younger back first on the ring apron. Gage brings Kingston to the floor and throws him into the guardrail. Moxley pins Younger for two. Younger gets double teamed for a bit. He tags in Kingston who cleans house. He gets two with a uranage slam on Gage. Moxley ducks the Backfist and drops Kingston neck first on the ropes. Gage chokeslames Kingston for the pin at 10:39. Now that Kingston’s gone I’ll give you the highlights of the finish. Younger got up Gage for the Drake N’ Bake. Moxley saved Gage and fought for a big move with him. Moxley eventually won with the Hook and Ladder and got the pin at 12:59. That was a decent brawl used to build up the goings on for Cage of Death XI. **1/2

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