ROH on HDNet: Episode 36

Philadelphia, PA – 11.6.2009

The show opens with Kingston down backstage grabbing his knees and officials attacking him. We see that someone left a King of Diamonds playing card (that being Kingston’s nickname) behind.

Eddie Kingston vs. Claudio Castagnoli

Kingston slowly hobbles to the ring. Prince Nana grabs Kingston’s leg to trip him, and Claudio takes control by targeting Kingston’s hurt leg. Claudio throws Kingston’s leg into the ring post, then brushes the side of Kingston’s face with his foot. Claudio drops some elbows on Kingston’s leg, then hyperextends it by pushing his foot against the back of Kingston’s knee. Kingston fights up and gives Claudio a short-arm clothesline for two. Claudio gives Kingston the U.F.O. and then turns into a horse collar stretch. Kingston ducks a bicycle kick and gives Claudio a urinage slam for two. Claudio blocks the backdrop driver and gives Kingston a one-legged Giant Swing. Claudio goes back to the horse collar and Kingston taps out at 4:56. These two always work well together, but they didn’t have a lot of time to do more then tell the simple story with Claudio targeting Kingston’s leg. Not bad at all for under five minutes. **1/4


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