IWA East Coast: Legacy of Brutality

Milton, WV – 11.6.2009

Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Jake & Dave Crist

Dave and Hallowicked fight for control on the mat. Dave hits a dropkick for two. Hallowicked takes Dave over with a snapmare for two. Hallowicked armdrags Dave, and Dave tries a pin for two. Hallowicked and Dave each try a few pin attempts with no avail. Frightmare tags in and grabs a wristlock, which Dave reverses. Jake tags in. Frightmare gives him a step-up Frankensteiner. Dave pops up and nails Frightmare with a back elbow. Frightmare gets hit with a succession of attacks from Irish Airborne. Frightmare sends both Jake and Dave to the floor. Hallowicked launches Frightmare onto both men. Hallowicked gets a two count on Dave. Hallowicked hits a hip toss for two. Frightmare gives Dave a yakuza kick, and he and Hallowicked give Dave a sidewalk slam/legdrop combo for two. Dave hits Hallowicked with a chin breaker/DDT combo for two. Hallowicked then gets double teamed by Irish Airborne for a bit. Hallowicked gets Jake into his own corner and tags in Frightmare. Frightmare screams and hits him with a back senton. Hallowicked tags back in and slams Jake for two. Hallowicked hits Dave with Go Too Sleepy Hollow, and Frightmare follows up with the Kneecolepsy. Dave breaks the pin. Dave pops up Frightmare, but Frightmare hits him with a clothesline. Jake cracks Frightmare with a flying enzuigiri. He hits a brainbuster. Hallowicked comes in and hits a Rydeen Bomb. Dave reverses a Rydeen Bomb into a release hurricanrana. Hallowicked goes to the floor. Jake hits him with a suicide dive. Frightmare cuts off Dave and hits Jake with a tope con hilo. Dave dives onto Incoherence with a Fozberry Flop. Frightmare hits Jake with a cartwheel kneecolepsy back in the ring. Frightmare crossbody’s Jake. Jake rolls through and picks up Frightmare. Dave double stomps Frightmare’s head, and then Jake drops Frightmare back first onto Dave’s knees. That’s enough for Irish Airborne to score the pin at 12:17. This was a fun midcard exhibition, with both teams getting a chance to show off their stuff. Airborne are the home grown team so it makes sense that they would score the win here. That said, Incoherence put on a fun performance as usual. **1/2


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