Dragon Gate: Open The German Gate

Oberhausen, Germany – 10.31.2009

Mike Quackenbush vs. CIMA

CIMA trips Quack out of a wristlock and applies a grapevine. Quack wraps his legs around CIMA’s waist. CIMA escapes and goes back to the leg. CIMA gives Quack a shoulder tackle once they get up. Quack takes CIMA to the mat with a top wristlock. CIMA takes Quack over with a full nelson into a chinlock. Quack escapes a headlock turning it into a top wristlock. CIMA drops to his back once again and Quack headstands into a full bridge to apply more pressure. CIMA escapes. Quack wraps CIMA’s knees around his legs to stretch out his hamstrings. CIMA slips out and wrenches back on Quack’s ankle. CIMA rolls him into a Skayde schoolboy for two. CIMA armwhips Quack, Quack pushes CIMA to the ropes. CIMA slams Quack down and locks in a stretch to apply pressure to Quack’s leg and neck. Quack grapevines CIMA’s legs and wrenches down on his ankle. CIMA gets out and exchanges wristlocks with Quack. Quack gets placed on the top turnbuckles. Quack armdrags CIMA out from that position. Quack applies a half-nelson while stretching CIMA’s other arm out. Quack stretches him out in an Octopus hold. Quack locks CIMA’s legs on the mat wrapping part of CIMA’s calf around his head. Quack turns CIMA into a half crab. Quack drops his elbow on CIMA’s leg, gives it a stunner, and reapplies the half crab. CIMA escapes, but Quack gives his leg a dropkick and a dragonscrew. Quack then crosses CIMA’s bad leg on top of his other leg and Quack wrenches back. CIMA gets the ropes to escape. Quack goes up top, and CIMA throws him down. Quack rolls through, CIMA ducks the palm strike, and gives Quack the Superdrol. CIMA kicks away at Quack’s left thigh. CIMA hops over Quack in the corner and slams him. CIMA gives him a springboard double stomp for two. Quack boots CIMA in the corner. CIMA gives him Venus and the Iconoclasm. Quack rolls through and wheelbarrows into a victory roll. Quack then turns CIMA into a cross-legged submission with CIMA on his stomach. CIMA grabs the ropes to escape. Quack goes over CIMA’s back, trips him, and gets a crucifix pin for two. Quack kicks out of a pin attempt, and CIMA double stomps him for two. Quack comes off the ropes with a back splash. Quack gives CIMA the Black Tornado Slam into a crucifix pin for two. Quack hits the Quackendriver III for two. CIMA gives him an Enzugiri. CIMA gives Quack the Schwein for two. Quack rolls CIMA into the CHIKARA Special. CIMA escapes and turns it over into a stretch muffler. Quack grabs the ropes to escape. CIMA places Quack up top. Quack pushes CHIMA off, and CIMA gives him a superkick on the top. CIMA gives him the Tokarev. CIMA follows up with the Meteora for the pin at 21:09. This was a good match between these two, with the story of each guy working each other’s leg played off working very well. Quack knew taking out CIMA’s legs would likely prevent him from using the Meteora to win, but alas he was wrong. I bet we could see better out of both of them, but I don’t have any complaints for what we got. ***1/4

CIMA and Quack shake hands after the other members of WARRIORS-5 check on CIMA. Quack raises CIMA’s arm as a sign of respect.

Read my review of the entire “Open The Global Gate” DVD right here!


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