Dragon Gate: Open The Spanish Gate

Barcelona, Spain – 10.30.2009

Mike Quackenbush vs. Paul Tracey

As one would expect, an intricate feeling out process starts the match. Tracey jaw-jacks with the crowd while doing so. Quack rolls into a stretch muffler. Tracey grabs a wristlock but Quack takes him back down to the mat in a headscissors that he cranks on. Tracey’s large frame keeps Quack from knocking him down with a shoulder block. Quack instead takes him down with a rope-assisted armdrag. After a stalemate, Tracey swipes Quack across the face. Quack responds by running the ropes and toreadoring Tracey into a cradle for two. Quack sweeps the leg and drops both his knees on Tracey’s chest for two. Quack sends Tracey to the apron and palm strikes him to the floor. Quack fakes a dive and slaps Tracey on the back. Tracey takes Quack over with a side suplex, and drops a knee on his groin. Quack ducks some of Tracey’s offense, but Tracey gets Quack with a back elbow. Tracey cranks on Quack’s neck. Quack uses a variation of the Lady of the Lake to escape. Tracey armdrags Quack a few times and then dropkicks him down. Tracey misses a second rope moonsault, allowing Quack to counter with a running clothesline. Quack smacks Tracey in the chest back into the corner. Quack bulldogs him out to the center of the ring. Quack backdrops him, then hits the Black Hole Slam for two. Tracey throws Quack off the top rope, but Quack rolls through a wheelbarrows into a prawn hold for two. Tracey escapes the Quackendriver III and superkicks Quack for two. Tracey lands a top rope elbow smash for two. Both guys trade sunset flip pins to no avail. Tracey calls for a DDT, but Quack trips him into a pinning variation for the pin at 15:41. This was a technically sound match, but nothing interesting ever happened. These guys went through the motions and were satisfied with it. The fans dug it to and what they did look good, so I guess that’s fine. I just didn’t get too into it. **1/2

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  1. Brad Garoon says:

    And thanks to Brad Garoon from http://bgsays.wordpress.com for supplying Kevin with this elusive match.

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