CZW: Severed Ties

Philadelphia, PA – 10.10.2009

Eddie Kingston vs. Sami Callihan

Callihan stalls on the floor. He slaps Kingston in the face. Kingston slaps him back causing Callihan to go right back to the floor. Kingston follows him out and whips him into the guardrails. Callihan baits Kingston into a boot back in the ring. Kingston belly-to-belly suplexes him for two. Callihan boots Kingston to block a yakuza kick. Callihan comes off the second rope with a one-legged dropkick for a one count. Callihan places his boot on Kingston’s face in the corner. Callihan kicks Kingston in the arm. Kingston fights up from his knees. He catches Callihan with another belly-to-belly suplex. Callihan rakes Kingston’s eyes and superkicks him. He hits a running forearm to the face for two. Kingston and Callihan throw stereo clotheslines and boots, knocking both of them down. Once on their feet the strike exchange begins. Kingston brutalizes Callihan with slaps to his ears and repeated chest chops in the corner. Kingston suplexes him out of the corner for two. Callihan blocks a yakuza kick with an STO for two. He delivers a Saito suplex. Kingston gets right up and Tiger suplexes Callihan. Callihan low blows Kingston discreetly behind the referee’s back. He nails Kingston with the Jobber Clobber for the pin at 9:14. This was a nice reintroduction for Kingston to CZW. This hard hitting bout is the kind of stuff Kingston excels at and he and Callihan looked like they were beating the piss out of each other. Kingston’s nose was bloody right away after the Jobber Clobber, and this injury actually kept Kingston out of the “Cibernetico Increible” show the following weekend. **3/4


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